Friday, April 13, 2007

ok you know how i said that this week is turning out to be a horror week, i didn't realise that it would involve a proposal from a 45 year old man.

i swear people, i do not make these things up, for some reason life likes to laugh at me, and most of the time i can find things funny, yesterday was one of those days where i would have opted for a time out.

I'm walking home from work, i swear to Allah minding my own business, keeping my head down and thinking of what to cook, I'm about 5 minutes walk away from my doorstep and i can see some one approaching on a bike but i didn't give them another thought until that is the rider got right next to me and said 'hello' with a big grin on his face.

to which i replied hello and carried on walking, but he was adamant to speak to me and he caught my attention by saying' oh my god i remember you from 2 years ago'


me: sorry? (i didnt remember this man at all, hes bald apart from a few strands of hair, a charley chaplin moustache and thick eye glasses)

man: yes, don't you remember, i saw you at a bus stop and i was lost and i asked you for directions and you helped me out, remember?

me: sorry??? (i had a face that was really expressive, because he realised that i didn't remember at all)

man: you must remember, i told you i was from darna (a city in Libya), i didn't realise you where Libyan until i asked you where you where from?

when he said he was from darna, i instantly remembered, and it all came back to me in a flash, 2 years ago this guy was lost and i gave him directions, he then told me that he was fresh from Libya and didn't know his way about, he then asked me when i had converted to Islam, and i told him that i was born a Muslim to which he asked where i was from, so i hesitantly told him Libya, to which he acted shocked but said he was happy to see practising Libyan girls in Britain, and he acted like a nice 3amoo (uncle) and thats how i treated him like a 3amoo.

i even went home and told my dad how i had helped out a really nice Libyan man who was lost, end of story or so i thought.

2 years later the same guy is on a bike talking to me, so he was asking what i was doing with my life and if i was still Libyan???????? what kind of question is that, its like asking do you still have a heart that beats?

so i was politely answering his questions, he then asked me how old i was, so i told him, and then he comes out with the 'what would you say if i asked you to marry me?'


at this point i felt like i had been slapped across the face, i just looked at him like he was out of his mind,

he noticed and said 'ok, how about i send people to your house to speak to your dad?'

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

i started to walk away...

he followed me on his bike.

i continued to walk away, he said ' please tell me what you think?'

i stopped and asked him how old he was, not because i was interested but because i was trying to remind him of his place, he answered 45, i swear he knocked of a couple of years because he so looked allot older.

i walked away, he shrugged and said ' a person can try cant they?'

when i reached my door step, he cycled past me with a toothless grin.

maybe i am a 3ajooza lol

sometimes i feel like i carry an invisible sign over my head that says freaks and weirdos come speak to me.


Chatalaine / شاتالاين said...

Weirdo? Yep I think you are right? I can't even imagine that what he did is proper even in his mind. If he was truly from the old school and if he was really interested in you wouldn't he seek out your family first before ever approached you much less mentioning such a proposal to you?

lostkitty said...


God bless you! This stuff is just amazing - Allah blessed us with u, and your weird weirdo-magnet lifestyle. Alhamdulillah

And for ur information, yes u do have a sign that says weirdos and freaks come talk to me - its says it right across ur forehead!

a_akak said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
a_akak said...

I would LOL but i wont as although i see the funny side but it seems to have hurt you in some way (even 0.001%) so i am going to be considerate to your feelings :)

i am such a nice person :)

W.A. i hear many many many odd stories about Libyans in Manchester but this one tops them all and he had the nerves to just pop something like that on you? I wish i was you at that second as i would have punched the living day lights our of his sorry 50 yr old body, It really hurt me, do you know why? how stupid this 50 yr old man is and the terrible situation he put you in! ,however, saying that i am sure you must be a wonderful person to have all these guys falling head over heals for you :) and i can assure you u r not a "3azooza Al-shamta" or "3azoozat al-gayla" .......... takecare of yourself and carry pepper spray (although he was wearing glasses) but it may help the next time :P

eternal peace said...

awww well i think the reason why you have so mnay weird things/ppl happening is so that you can make us all laugh!!
i cant seem to publish things on my blog, so might aswell go randomnly looking at other people's! haha

Anglo Libyan said...

May Allah bless you and protect you and InshaAllah you take the right decisions in your life, you are a good caring person and deserve the same in return.

الله معاك ويحفظك

white african said...

chatalaine it was so inappropriate, in the middle of the street with cars driving past, i was so tired, i had like 3 shopping bags in my hand, and to top it all of he was close to my fathers age!!!!

kitty if you can read it then that means you are a freak and a weirdo ha ha ha ha

akak thank so much for your consideration :)

its ok to laugh, i laughed myslef later when i was telling my friend.

to be honest i did have the urge to push him of the bike but i had to contain myself, it was a test of my patience.

i wish there was like a sign or something to warn me that something like this is going to happen so i can prepare myself lol.

eternal glad to offer the laughs lol :)

white african said...

ooops missed your comment there anglo again sorry :)

thank you so much for your lovley dua, truly nice of you and ameen, and i wish the best for you and your children inshallah :)

The Godfather said...


Let's see what your horror week brings you today; remember, it's Friday 13th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

white african said...

godfather nothing so far hope it stays this way :)

The Godfather said...

About 6 hours to go, and then the day is through......that's plenty of time for something to occur.

white african said...

godfather your wishing for something to happen how cruel are you, i swear if something does happen i am so blaming you.

then i will haunt you

mani said...



DaMoon said...

hehehe poor gurl!!!! you've got a stalker, you've got a let's wait and see if he shows up again....hey maybe he did it on puropse "biking" u know! it means I am young and let's hope he doesn't show up on heelys'
rabe ekoon fe 3onk sista

white african said...

lol @ mani...:)

damoon welcome sis and could you imagine if he turned up in heeleys loooooool that woudl be a sight to see.

i swear i was walking home from work today doing a mission impossible walk, trying not to be seen by him, thankfully i didnt bump into him.

MD said...

only you whitey, only you!

The Godfather said...


Don't tell me you believe in all that?

It's all a load of malarky!!!

Brave Heart said...

hahahahah at(hes bald apart from a few strands of hair, a charley chaplin moustache and thick eye glasses), why WA u lost a big chance, he's 45 means he's full of wisdom.the chance comes one time not the end u have funny stories in ur life which will good stories for ur grandsons ya 3zooztna.

white african said...

md long time sis, welcome back to the blogging world :@)

godfather sorry to dissapoint but nothing happened ha ha ha

lol @ brave, stories for my grandchildren is one way of looking at it, could you imagine how teh story wil begin ' kan ya makan fee kadeem al zaman, fee madeenat manchester' looooool

Trabilsia said...

Long time no see !
Hiya dearie !
Is not your fault nor your age it's simple put that these bunch of weirdos/losers are completly full of confidence and believe they are evry woman's dream lol.
I do understand dear I am a mother of four daughters LOL and they get go through your same experience on a nearly daily basis!
I didn't think it'd happen in the UK. I'll share a short experience with you :
One of my friends was doing her Phd in Germaany, all ok except she said that they were very cold people and all.....
Last summer she came home on a visit and got whistles and looks decent and indecent ones.Now you'd think she'd be disgusted eh ?Well she was quite happy and when she told us while we were sipping the afternoon tea at her sister's place ,of how she felt mentally more of a woman due to be still getting MOAKASAT....
We bursted out laughing, splurting out that we always complained of this and really hate the losers who behave in such a manner as they behave with any FEMALE in the same way. whatever the age or race lol. Seemed that our dear friend had forgoten

Sorry for the long comment .
I hope I have cheered you up .
May Allah bless you dear daughter.

NM said...

Ouch! i think the sign should read " if your weird please let me be, i have a week disposition and will start screaming with fear" :)

white african said...

trabilsia long time :)

thank you so much for your words, its good to know that there are others who experince this, its more common in libya and other arab countries but occasionally we do get a sample.

your friend must have really got it bad from teh germans to miss such a thing as mu3akasat looool i guess living in teh ghurba can make you miss every thing about home including what most would consider annoying or negative.

trabilisa you definatly have cheered me up so allah bless you so much and may he always keep you happy :)

white african said...

nm missed you comment sis, im liking the sign, may just carry a real one lol.

Lady_WildKat said...

i'm gna boycott your blog, i swear, i can barely understand the comments, your gonna have to translate for the non-arabs here!
what the heck does the following mean?
* 3azooza Al-shamta
* 3azoozat al-gayla
* rabe ekoon fe 3onk sista
* ya 3zooztna.
*kan ya makan fee kadeem al zaman, fee madeenat manchester'

and if that dont work i'm gonna make a list and ask mama and blag loads about stuff....its not making things up, i just have a vivid imagination when it concerns you...

white african said...

looooooool @ lady wilkat, ok sis remind me tomorrow to translate every thing for you, dont worry bout it, you will get the hang of this and become fluent

mani said...


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ..


I just need to come to this blog to laugh walahe.. the weird and wacky ways of white african. (sick verse!) :D

wildkat dont worry u have the craziest friend to translate the craziest stuff for you :D

salam WWWA

Anonymous said...

I'm not Libyan but I im always approached by weirdos too

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