Monday, April 09, 2007


i don't like them, the ones in Britain that is..

theres something eerie about them, I'm not afraid of them i just don't like them.

don't get me wrong i wont attack them or anything, maybe just run into a crowd of them and scare them but that's as far as i will go.

they look so dirty and infested with some soret of pigeon flea.

and why do they leave there mark every where, is it some sort of territory thing, 'i will plop my business to mark my territory? on window perch's, statues, car windows (don't you just hate that?), lamp posts and people'

and they have this walk like they own the world, cocky that's what they are, the whole 'hey hey look at me while i coo and peck at invisible things on the floor, coo coo coo'

coo? what sort of sound is that?

dumb birds, and they always manage to get themselves killed by cats, cars, buildings which they don't see duh! and the occasional window which they fly into loooooool.

they leave behind such a mess of gore and feathers especially the ones that get run over.

and can the sweet Asian old ladies please stop throwing there unwanted chapatis, bread, rice and anything else that you feel to guilty to throw in the bin because of all the starving children in Africa, at the corner of every park, alleyway, car park etc.. it doesn't look nice and it makes the pigeons pooh everywhere.

and as i have to walk every where i would rather not walk through a pile of wasted food that the pigeons play with instead of eat.

i took this picture of chapatis thrown all over this poor tree surrounded by pigeons, and just a few steps away more pigeons who where standing waiting for their turn, they where not moving and they where creepy.

when i was living in Scotland, our neighbour was this old Scottish lady who was obsessed with pigeons, we called her the '7amamah lady - pigeon lady', when her husband died she didnt shed a tear, when a pigeon died she cried rivers, and those pigeons where never grateful, we also had this annoying neighbour who was a couple of years older than me and as a kid he tried to convince me that ice cream was made from pigeon pooh, that ice cream makers would come out after midnight and scoop up all the pigeon pooh that they could find and take it to the ice cream factory.

i have to say for a couple of days i was convinced, i even tried staying up after midnight to spy on the pigeon pooh collectors but never really saw any one apart from old drunken Scottish men roaming the streets.

if i ever meet that kid (who is now a man) i will buy him an ice cream but not the sort that he expects ha ha ha.

next time you see a pigeon stare it in the eye and it will out stare you, there not as thick as they make themselves out to be, be careful..

and some of them have red eyes, anything with red eyes is not a good sign unless you have an eye infection then its not your fault you just need eye drops.

ok that's my rant on pigeons.


a_akak said...

I must say, since i started to follow your blog it has been getting better and better and you managae to put a smile on my face every time so for that i thank you

Now, Those birds ........... god know that i hate animals all together (not in an evil way) but i dislike them, and i agree W.A. that they mess up every where and they leave there droppings ahhhhh

"We are who we are beacuse of what we were" and I think that boy who tried to convince you about the pigeon ice cream has scared you for life lol

Take Care

amena said...

LOOOOL! hilarious! pigeons are scary! and London is pigeon central!!!! they attack you! they swoop down and freak you out! bad pigeons!

mani said...

hate pigeons

Brave Heart said...

whyyyy WA:u the first one i met don't like pigeons, i think it goes back to ur libyan's root :-P

white african said...

akak your welcome bro :)

that little boy put me off ice cream for a long time, but i got over it, but to be honest every time i see pigeon poop i always remember.

amena trafalgar square is pigeon ville, yuk yuk, how do people stand to have them flap around them?

mani tottaly agreeing with you :)

brave seriously you havent met any one else who hates pigeons? my dad is always telling me how the pigeons back in libya are totally different, who knows.

so explain to me how does hating pigeons go back to my libyan roots? :)

AngloLibyan said...

pigeons in Britin do carry a disease and are considered a vermin, their poo contains acid that damages cars paint work and causes cars to rust.
Ken Livingstone the mayor of London has banned the selling of pigeon food in Trafalgar Squre and I think their number is to be reduced as well, another thing they are most certainly not suitable for eating so anyone thinking about that, dont! they are called flying rats :o)

I really liked the ice cream story and the chapati picture, very funny :o)

Brave Heart said...

seriously WA, u first person i met not just hate pigeon but have these funny situations and thoughts, i thought this just happen to in Manchester but even in Scotland.
about Libyan root, all Libyan enjoying " run into a crowd of them and scare them " rather than give them some bread.

me myself i don't care and i don't like any birds or animal, the only animal i take for it is HOLI ALEIAD after we slaughter it not before.

amena said...

Have no idea! and what about those people who stand so still so that the pigeons actually stand on them!! eeewwww!!!!

white african said...

anglo i can see why there called flying rats yuk.

who would want to eat them???

how powerful is their poop? my god, acidic!!! loool, in the wrong hands this could cause major destruction.

brave lol one of the best things in life is running through a crowd of pigeons and scaring them, bread naaaaaaaah, bread is for throwing at ducks in the park.

7oli, a libyans best friend :0)

white african said...

ooooooh amena missed your comment their sorry :)

i know why woudl some one do that, stand perfectly still while a million and one pigeon surround you, thats putting yourself at risk of being pecked to death!!!

bleeeeeeeeeeeeeee said...

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Monday's Child said...

great pigeon rant hahahaha... I can't stand pigeons either british or otherwise.. they are CREEEEPY and yes they are so diseased... they are worse than rats

white african said...

mondays pigeons are probably related to rats, soe kind of distant cousin twice removed lol

The Godfather said...

I guess you won't like, or haven't seen, Alfred Hitchcok's 'The Birds' then?.........

lostkitty said...

It is a well known fact that Englnad-based pigeons are evil.

The ones in London r super-evil. they are not scared of you and they will even sometimes play "chicken" with you. How ironic is that? (on so many levels!)

You know how kids run and pigeons and try and scare them and make them fly? I kid you not, I have seen pigeons fly into a group of people and make them run. They are enacting revenge!!! How freaky is that?! And I swear, I'm not lying.

Pigeons are definately rats of the sky - and they carry many diseases.

Ur right whitey - we should be careful...

white african said...

godfather you know i have heard alot about this film and i am ultimatly a horror film fan and as of yet i havent watched it, i want to though.

kitty pigeons playing chicken looooool, that should be filmed and put on you tube

NM said...

Pigeons are a delicacy here in egypt

lostkitty said...

pigeons r a delicacy in many places - but not these rats! Ugh!

white african said...

nm egyptians love pigeons but british pigeons are different, definatly not edible lol

eternal peace said...

i've known people in this country eating pigeons, they even sell it in some asian shops!

Lady_WildKat said...

with what eternal peace has just said its true. when we were kids there was a guy who grew chickens, turkey, pigeons etc and he came round with them in his van. mum picked the ones she wanted, he took it to the backyard, did the whole Allah hu Akbar bit and after killing the fowl and de-feathering gave it to mum, so she cooked it and we ate it.
so i've had British, specially grown pigeons and its a acquired taste, not really to my liking.

otherwise hate the damn flyin things

btw the white stuff itsnt their poop its their urine. some random fact i know...gross i know.

white african said...

eternal i know and i still cant belive people eat them.

wildkat trust a bengali household to find means of eating pigeons slaughtered right at your doorstep lol.

aquired taste? must be, those things are freaky.

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