Wednesday, April 04, 2007

yesterday was the first anniversary of my first ever entry into the blog world.

a whole year has gone past people wow.

a whole year!!! how fast can a year go by, it feels like it was only yesterday.

to be honest I'm impressed that i managed to keep it up for this long.

one of the best things about blog is meeting all you bloggers, and being part of the 'blogging community or family', pretty cool stuff.

meeting like minded Libyans is definitely a thumbs up for blogging as well and i am proud to be a member of the this amazing growing community.

i got into blogging through a good friend of mine nm, and since then I've been hooked, so nm thanks sis and hope your having a blast in Egypt.

you know another aspect to blogging is that it has improved my writing skills as well as my spelling which is still atrocious but i have improved so that's something at least.

i wonder if i will continue for another year hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


a_akak said...

Insha allah we see many many years more of you as i truly enjoy reading your blog and especially when there are "crazy mental libyan dudes" roaming :P

Take Care & Fe Aman Allah

Brave Heart said...

Happy blog birth day WA:

we all proud of you,u r amazing Libyan girl, sorry i mean 3ajooza,i think u r one of the few who faces these funny and difficult situations by using ur mind and staying clam.

finally thanks to nm who introduce a nice person to us.

AngloLibyan said...

Happy Anniversary our Dear whiteafrican and many happy blogging returns inshaAllah.

your blog is one of the most intersting blogs here and I am glad that I have been following it since May last year, as a blogging family member I am proud of you and your ever so intersting posts especially the fantastic Haj diary which you could not buy, Thank you for all you have given us and inshaAllah you continue to do so.

mani said...

Salam WA

Great work and keep up the good work sis.


white african said...

thank you akak for your kind words :)

will definatly let you know if any more crazy libyan dudes happen to pass my life with their weirdness lol.

brave loooooool again you managed to make me laugh and i thank you for that :)

anglo thank you so much for your words and for being such an inspiration to us all :)

so long as anglo and the rest of you continue to blog then so will i.

thanks mani, appreciate your kind words :)

Eternal Bliss said...

assalamu alaikum
inshaAllah your in the best of health and imaan
i've come across your blog and have read few entries mashaAllah i loved the hajj diary especially. hope to see you in blogland for years to come!
happy anniversary!

Monday's Child said...

Your name caught my attention when I cam across your blog one day... I am a white african and being african and white in subsaharan Africa is not easy I can tell you!! Anyway, once my attention was caught I have to say I became hooked... I truly enjoy reading about your adventures in life and learning about your faith and feel privileged to count you as a blogger friend! Congrats on the one year anniversary... Masha'Allah!

Chatalaine / شاتالاين said...

Congrats !! A whole year! WoW that is fantastic!!
And you have done a great job of having new things to write about, that's the hardest part of doing a blog.
I wish you many more great ideas!

white african said...

eternal bliss wallaykum asslam welcome and thank you :)

it was a pleasure for me to write up my hajj experince, i hope it was beneficial for every one isnahllah:)

mondays child thanks for your lovley comment :)and its also my privillage to have you as a blogging friend.

chatalaine thank you, i wish the same for you as well :)

Amena said...

HAppy Birthday to your blog!!! one day late..sorry :o) I've missed reading your blog, but i've been doing my dissertation, although it's all handed in now, so I have a lot of reading to do.. hehe.. luv the blog about the lady who thought Tunisia was in Europe hehehe... bless her! :oD

white african said...

amena thanks sis hopefully you will get a first inshallah, will pray for you :)

Lebeeya said...

Oh, happy anniversary!! Your blog seriously rocks girl! You never fail to make me laugh. Keep up the great work & great writing!

We started blogging in the same month.. do you think thats a sign? :P

So March is where all the great people were born and April is where all the great minded people started blogging :P

white african said...

leebeya thanks my sis, how cool is that we began in teh same month, loving the great minded bloggers ahem ahem lol

Highlander said...

Happy anniversary !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep on the good work -

white african said...

thanks highlander :)