Thursday, April 26, 2007

i feel the need to celebrate, to shout with joy..
to climb the highest building in Manchester and shout at the top of my voice:
'people of Manchester, i have slept for more that 5 hours last night'

yep that's the cause of my celebration, the crazy dude living opposite us has not made an appearance all last night, for the past 5 days people i would fall asleep after 1am and i would be woken up at around 4:30 and walahi i wouldn't be able to go back to sleep, that is until last night where i slept at 11 and i woke up at 5 for fajer and then i went back to sleep and woke up at 9, i feel the need to buy 10 camels in celebration.
i need to say mashallah because i may just give myself the evil eye
you know 2 days ago the crazy dude made me laugh so hard, basically i didn't realise he noticed me looking at him from the back garden, so 2 nights ago, he was making a huge commotion, shouting as usual and so as usual i stepped into the back garden and looked across at him and the sight i saw was seriously funny loooool.

basically he was wearing a hijab, wallahi no lie, he was looking straight at me and he had a t-shirt wrapped in the style of hijab around him head and he kept fixing it and smiling at me, looooooool.
the nigh before at 4.30 he woke me up to the sound of the radio, and he was singing along in a really high pitched noise, it was one of the most worst noises i have heard in my life, i didn't get up i was just fuming with anger in my bed, and then suddenly i heard 2 bang noises and i thought 'my god, one of the neighbours has shot him' so ran to the window and instead of him lying in a pool of blood he was banging his door repeatedly over and over again, see the craziness has progressed..

yesterday i did not see him or hear him, do you think he's ok? I'm going to find out whats happened.

this is a picture of my eye with 5 days lack of sleep.
not a very nice sight, 5 days of sleepless nights people, I'm surprised my eye is still functioning.

at one point i was contemplating going over to his garden and joining him in the shouting, maybe having a competition to see who could get the loudest pitch and shouting nonsense, like 2 days ago he was roaring:


my mum had to stop me from throwing la7am (meat) at him..


flowerlady said...

call the police

mani said...



amazing wa... just amaing :D

have u actually ever considered that he could be your romeo LOL... with u thinking about throwing him some meat rather than a flower

wallahe what a pantomime! LOLOLOLOL

thanks for bursting my cheeks WA


a_akak said...

lol, I think he is just trying to get your attention ;) and it seems he has plus as mani said it seems to be a Romeo/WA situation :P

you going out and screaming with him :).... Yeah that would be good :)

Fe Aman Allah

The Godfather said...

Maybe you should pay him a visit; remember the story of the Prophet (SAW) and the old lady?...

I don't know how people function on less than 7 hours sleep....and you went through 5 consecutive days of lack of sleep? Are you sure boys on bikes aren't paying you a visit from Moss Side?

white african said...

flower i already have, they didnt do anything.

mani glad to make you laugh and god forbid teh whole romeo idea, i shudder to think lol.

akak i would scream with him to shut him up, and as for attention, i will give him attention in the form of splashin him th wfreezing cold water lol.

godfather we actually have alot of bikes in our back yard bt only becuase my brother hamza is good at fixing bikes so every one in the area is dumping their bikes for fixing in our garden.

mani said...

LOL@chavs from moss side..

is it still horrible down there?

mani said...



WA.. ur not the sundus by any chance are u :P

white african said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOL at mani, you have found my true identity.

my god how did you know??

i will have to destroy you now, loooooooooooool

white african said...

mani my god are you hamam?

ibeebarbie said...

I have to wonder what this individual does during the daylight hours. Sleep? If so, perhaps with a little twist of the words - you and your neighbors could "do unto him as he's done unto you". ;-)

mani said...



YES HAMMAMO thats me hehehehehe

sundus you psycho LOLOLOL

hahahhahaa gotta tell asia now lololol

its nice to finally un-mask u sis.. salams to the family... big salams to your dad, Ahmed and thabet :D

you know what gave u away.. scotland :D

mani said...

shall we delete these comments once u read them then :D

Anglo-Libyan said...

that was very funny ya whiteafrican but I am sorry about your lack of sleep :o)

you know when you mentioned the highest building in Manchester, it reminded me of an incident that happened in Manchester last year when i went for a visit (my 1 & only visit to Manchester in 27 years!), I was walking with a friend near the centre, there was this multi story car park in front of us and some police men, one of them came over to us and said stop do not go any further, I asked why?? he replied that there was a man on top of the car park threatning to throw himself, I was really exited :o)
we stood there for about half an hour watching the man scream and shout and the police talk to him, he eventually backed down and went back with a policeman, talk about exitment! I thought i was going to see him jump, even the policeman said to me what a waste of time lol, he really made me laugh.

a_akak said...

i think a connection has happened between Mani & W.A. ???? it seems they go way back to Glasgow?

Just a Question, when were both of u in Scotland?

Take Care

mani said...

early 90's ahmed..looong time ago lolol

mani said...

infact... WA used to beat us up! :D

a_akak said...

Tell you something, I actually studied year 1 and 2 in the Libyan school in Glasgow and that was in the mid-80s :)

I think there was a big number of Libyan families there at that time in Glasgow

Fe Aman Allah

mani said...

ahhhhhhhhh ahmed u telling me u also suffered in the madrsa lebeeya of glasgow??? that school is ancient man.. yeah huge libyan community at that time.. dunno what happened to it though.. Glasgow is not like it is anymore :( :( .. I loved Glasgow....

white african said...

ibeebarbie i gotta say i think you have something there in your idea, i love it, and if the dude re-appears then that will be my next step.

could you imagine if he reports us loooool.

mani :@D , small world and how cool is this seriously, i remember you so well.

i cant belive i didnt recognise you from your photos duuuuuh.

last time i saw you was at the stop the war march, the biggest one in hyde park, and you had cool hair (you still do :) )

please give a massive sallam to your mum and sisters.

i got some stories about you that i remember when we where in glasgow hee hee hee.

oh yeh anglo that sounds like manchester, trust the weirdos to use the tallest building, and wow what an experince for you as a first time visiter to manchester loool

your right akak a connection has been made, how funny and awsome is that :0)

well i was in glasgow from 1983 up until 1994 i think, good times glasgow, i loved it..

mani i loved your mums cooking by the way

mani said...

sorry WA we just grabbed ur comment section :P.. u best reply quick tho :D

a_akak said...

"King Of The Castle"

I beat you to Glasgow lol, We were there from 82 to 87 or 88 (not very sure)

Fe Aman Allah

mani said...

salam WA :D

deffo telling mum and sis as soon as I get some cred lololol.. yep I remember the march was with abdullah at the time.. well.. he left us for qatar he works Aljazeera now.. funky hair (this word funky keeps popping up everywhere) lol.. ahem.. yeah.. so is Ahmad's on hi5 :D :D lolololol

ssshhhhh bout the stories tho :D :D

My mums cooking is still DA BOMB :D

miss your pa and his awesome zarda's .. no one organises zarda's like your pa.. wallahe..

ah well it was great to catch up.. lets no resume masked identities hehehehe

mani said...

sheesh.. I was born 83.. i was still getting beat up by abla zohra beezan in 88 lol

white african said...

loooooooool i keep missing the comments, you sneak them in while im typing, your gooooood.

akak welcome to the ex-glasgow club, and i was also a member of the libyan school, my god i wa sthere around the time you might have been there, small world :)

mani my dad hasnt done a zarda in ages, maaaaaaan i completly forgot bout them, now the maximun we get is a barbeque in our own house, sob sob

a_akak said...

This page is more like a chat room with how fast the replies are getting in

PS: That mean we were is the same school in the same time?

Fe Aman Allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

I know I should be getting back to work but this is even more interesting than EastEnders! :o)

white african said...

looooooool @ anglo.

akak i guess it does bro, cause i went to libyan school in glasgow in around 86 87 so it well could have been.

small world, i guess with libyans when you look deep down, we all know each other

a_akak said...

LOL, well we are only "7ara wo fard" so usually you find some sort of connection between people in libya

Fe Aman Allah

mani said...

salam WA again :D

I was on the phone to mum all this time.. she and asia send BIG salams

In fact mum was very surprised she thought you were married in America and EXPECTING. LOLOLOL I don't know where she got that from.

anyways... its been great finding out who u are. .inshallah we can have the chance to have zarda with ur family again and hear Ahmed beatbox :D

NM said...

Congrats love there is nothing worse then not sleeping purposlessly.

LOL! A Hijabi crazy guy, am warming to this guy he sounds hilarious

white african said...

looooool mani, its not the first time that people think i have jette dof somewhere loooooool, thats hilarious.

ahmed beat box, lol he wishes, the zarda idea nice, inshallah.

nm he would be funny if it wasnt for the fact that he keeps me awak.

dearest bloggers up date, news flash, the reason why its been so quite is because the police came and took him away, they gathered around him and took him away.

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