Wednesday, April 11, 2007

i have a feeling that this week is going to be horror week, every thing is acting creepy including children.

yesterday i felt like i had walked into a filming of a new horror film being filmed at my work place.

the day started normal enough, normal for me that is. by mid afternoon a family walked into the reception, it was a Saudi family, the father announced that his wife had an appointment and then sat down with his 5 children mashallah.

nothing out of the ordinary there.

the weirdness and abnormality began when all 5 children (the oldest being 6, the youngest 3 they where two sets of twins) stood up and walked towards the reception window, 2 boy twins stood at the reception window,

one child went to a side window that's mostly covered by a calender with only a little section of window showing into the reception.

the two at the desk just stood staring at me, not blinking, here is an idea of what it must have looked like for me.

the kid on the side window was staring at me, he was freaky cause i could only see his eyes nothing else, i thought i could out stare him, but he never blinked, here is a picture of the desk i was sat on just to give you an idea as to exactly where the kid was watching me from
now isn't that freaky?

i was laughing at first but when they didn't move i began to laugh hesitantly and walahi i didn't know where to look so i thought i would turn around and give them all my back.

so i turn and i find the other set of twins standing in my office directly behind me, i swear i nearly dropped my cup of coffee, the freaks scared the living day lights out of me, then one of the girls raises her hand and points at me whilst staring????????

she continues to point at me through out, i give her my back and her siblings are still stood frozen at the spot staring at me,

i couldn't take it anymore so i ran to the office and closed the door, my colleague was like whats up with you?' so i told her and she laughed.

laughed?? i had 5 zombies at the reception and all she could do was laugh.

i swear those kids where not real, they where things dressed up as kids.

any one watched children of the corn? its a horror film and I'm sure these kids had walked right out of that film.

maybe some one was playing some sort of practical joke?

when it was time for them to go, the Father had to literally pull the pointing girl away and even whilst being dragged, she was still pointing at me, whyyyyyyy????

why was she pointing?

i swear i honestly thought that yesterday was going to be a fairly normal day, nobody expects to be pointed at by kid who really was an alien dressed up as a kid, I'm convinced, no other explanation...

I'm sure when i looked out the window there was a flying saucer leaving the skies of Manchester, or it could have been the window in desperate need of washing.

those pictures where like some sort of crime scene looooooool, hey maybe i can work for CSI, i can be the photo lady thing...


lostkitty said...

Only u, only you!

Freaky and funny.

Gotta love ur life!

AngloLibyan said...

whiteafican, I swear to Allah that I thought of the CHILDREN OF THE CORN as soon as I started reading your post then you mentioned the film :o)

you are right, very freaky and for some reason only Arab/middleeastern kids do that!

btw your keyboard & mouse are exactly like what I have at work HP/COMPAQ

Brave Heart said...

i wish to meet these lovely children, they make my day, at least there is someone can take revenge from you,i think pigeons, ur younger brother,that Libyan shikh must read this post to feel comfortable. ;)

a_akak said...

i think W.A. you have been watching too many horror films lol or you never know maybe these kids had the 6th sense (naderhum makshoof) lol lol lol or i know do you watch "The Ghost Whisperer"? are you seeing dead people

Sorry if i was insensitive ....

white african said...

well what can i say kitty? my life is full of weirdos :)

anglo i dont understand the fascination that they have with staring lol.

anglo not only do we share a similarity of being libyan and british but we also share the same computer at work :0)

lol @ brave, its takes alot more than that to get revenge, the question though is why would anyone want to take revenge? hmmm

white african said...

oooops akak misse dyour comment there, i admit i have watched alot of horror.

oh my god akak if they could see dead people that means im dead!!!!!

i am the walking/working dead aaaaaaaaaaaaah

Brave Heart said...

it's difficult question WA, how can i answer.
may be to satisfy him self or may be he is weak

lostkitty said...

ur not dead just daft :-P

Monday's Child said...

That was soooo funny!!! and sooooo freaky!!! They were probably fascinated at your outstanding professionalism and that's why they stared so much.. each one was probably trying to memorise every detail about you so that they could hold you up as an example for their own future!!!! How about THAT for an explanation!!

white african said...

brave there could be a hundred reasons, god knows??

kitty daft?? i am now pulling up my sleeves, await sir kittylot

monday i'm loving your explanation, now it makes sense why they acted this way lol

amena said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! OMG!! FREAKY KIDS!!! u poor thing! i'd have been traumatised!! i shudnt have read that post u starting a work plaement in an after school i'm freaked out! :oD

white african said...

amena dont worry bout it, most kids will ignore adults these kids where like one in a million.

Lady_WildKat said...

babe, i'll get me and DizzyB as grown up freaky twins to stare at you and seriously freak you out.....altho i do tend to stare at you in sheer astonshiment at times a) because of the freaky things that happen to u b) the freaky things YOU do and c) sometimes your just plain ole crazy, hun and thats why we are are sisters (i dont care what u say mama and baba said ur the adopted one not me so there :oP

white african said...

wildkat you and dizzy where those twins who would terrorise adults, admit it, just admit it..

Lady_WildKat said...

i admit it, i admit it! i know we were hellions! ask Ketchup how bad we were one day. in fact just ask y mum, she will tell you nothing has changed much!

Noor said...

OMG that was sooooooooooo funny, lol. You had me cracking up. I really like your blog mashAllah. Ramadan Mubarak. You should join my forum for muslimahs. Its called Cafe Muslimah and heres the link ukti:

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