Sunday, April 29, 2007

don't you just love palm trees?

i adore them, they are soooo beautiful, i can sit and watch them all day and sit under a palm tree and read a good book (of course with a tirmis of shahee (tea).

there something about palm trees that makes them so magnificent, i gotta say they are the kings of tree it even has a crown, the trunk ends in a crown of long, graceful, shining, pinnate leaves.

these pictures i have up loaded are of palm trees pictures i took from Libya, Egypt, and morocco, i can go through a whole memory card worth of pictures of palm trees.

i tried climbing one, to be honest i thought it would be easy, instead i ended up getting a massive scratch all the way up my arm as well as palm tree burn on my leg due to rubbing against it when i fell, but did i stop there? noooooooo
i always saw people on tv using some sort of belt tied around them and around the palm tree and that's how the climb the tree to get to the 7atab (dates) so i thought i would be clever and tie a scarf around me as well as the palm tree and copy them, the only difference is they have many years of experience and i have zero experience, so after many a try i decided to give up but only after getting hot and bothered and angry with trying, the least i can say is that white african at least tried.
i did contemplate picking up one of the kids playing near me and throwing him at the dates especially because they where standing watching me and laughing.

don't even bother trying to shake a palm tree, its not even worth the try, those things are powerful and rigid and if you feel that you are able to shake even 1 date off it, no way, those trees don't give up their babies easily. i threw a rock at one thinking maybe i can dislodge a pile of dates, instead the rock dislodged a pile of brain cells as it landed ontop of me, story of my life people :0)

could you imagine Britain with palm trees? walking the streets of Manchester with palm trees on both sides of the road lol.
i remember the first time i went to Libya i was entranced by soooo many things but one image that is stuck in my head is the palm tree at sunset wow, subhannallah, i was awe struck, for some one like me who was used to blossom trees and weeping willows, seeing a palm tree was a cool experience.

and dont you just love those dates, as a kid i hated dates, i didnt understand the fascination that people had when it came to dates, to me it looked like some sort of worm or an insect with no legs, and what used to put me off even more was the fact that when you opened the dates your left with teh surprise of finding nasty little bugs inside, my dad would always eat the date whole and i would always scream 'baaaaaaaaaabaaaa there could be insects inside'
he would always say' ma3lesh protien'
i love dates now but i carry a magnifying glass with me to check out if any little bugs are waiting for me when i open a date.
the reason why i blogged about palm trees is becaus ei recently saw a picture of one and it triggered memories for me.
but i have to say this is tacky, i prefer the real stuff, over stuffed fake Palm trees is not my cup of coffee.
would you have this in your homes?


amena said...

I love palm trees they are the most amazing tree ever!!! Our neighbours have palm trees in their garden, and I just stare at them with envy, all we have is an apple tree (so English hehe) and two other random trees duno what they are! :o) In Egypt our place overlooks a massive piece of land with loads of palm trees and theyre so tall!!! they must have been there for aaages!!!
and the dates, totally agree about them looking like insects, they remind me of cockroaches..eeewwww.. hav to open them up before i eat..i've had too many bad experiences of those tiny insects!!!!

The Godfather said...

Trees are not known by their leaves, nor even by their blossoms, but by their fruits. - Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122-1204)

Dates are fantastic!!!! They give you so much energy!!! I have 5 of them before every Gym Session and every Footy Game!!!! Man, it's like I am on speed!!!!

Brave Heart said...

it seems u were shitna WA, i was the opposite of u, i was scar to climb any thing higher than half meter i think because i was fat.
for trees i like one tree called برسينا that how we called in libya i dont know the real name it's really the queen of trees especially in the spring and the summer.
Walahi i'm exactly like ur father i'm always eating dates without check and my sister and mum always shouting on me about dood and in rmadan on the ftoor i'm always telling them imagine i ate 3 or 4 dood now with the date it will be great idea to تحليل الصيام

for the picture, i'm very lazy guy and thing make my life alot easer i'll go for it, i like this picture but i dont knoww if it can carry my weight or no

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,
Oh my goodness - you give a whole new meaning to being a tree hugger. ;-)

I do love the Palm Tree as well. Thanks for sharing.

a_akak said...

lol, it would be such a funny sight to see you stuck half way through climbing a plan tree (yes it did happen to me :( and i could get down)

The palm tree's are so beautiful when they are properly cared for but could look terrible is not

Fe Aman Allah

white african said...

amena apple trees can be cool, especially when the apples are sour (i love sour apples) try putting salt on teh apple mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

wow palm trees in egypt mashallah :)

cool quote godfather.

dates are energy boosters i can see the wisodm behind opening our fast with them in ramadan.

brave your right i was a shitana looool but it made my childhood interesting i guess.

you poor thing, you didnt have the experince of climbing a tree and falling :)

im gonna find out what this tree you like looks like.

and next time you eat a date please please open it first, brave there could be a horrible creature inside !!!

ibee i guess i do lol i never thought of that :)

akak funny it would be for every one but me lol, i can imagine myself, i have been stuck in so many situations that being stuck half way up a palm tree wouldnt be so bad :)

mani said...

love palm trees

The Godfather said...

Eleanor of Aquitaine was Sir King Richard the Lionhearts's mother.

Khadijateri said...

I hate em! UUUgggh palm trees!

When they are young their sharp, needle-like leaves are dangerous - poking and sticking everything that tries to get by.

Then they get bigger and start to get those awful stinky dates.... dropping off the tree, making a huge mess... and they attract rats.

Sigh... my husband is insisting that in our garden of the house we are building he is going to plant a palm tree... I have sworn that I will poison it or do something, anything to kill any palm tree that finds it's way into my garden!!... I'm probably the only person in Libya that hates those stupid trees....

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest!...phew!

white african said...

mani i'm sure th epalm trees love you to :)

thanks for that god father, how do you know these facts?

khadija looooooooool, i never thought palm trees could be so evil like that, but i hav eto say the end product is lovley though im sure alot of care and cleaning up goes into it.

anything involving rats my mum would avoid so i guess no palm trees for us sighhhhhhh

The Godfather said...

"Warriors of God" by James Reston Junior. A Fantastic Read!

Anglo-Libyan said...

tacky picture, I could never sleep on a hammock, moves too much :o)

I saw a documentary about palm trees in Las Vegas.
it was about those huge twisted and bent weird looking palm trees that they have in hotels, they are actually grown in a spcial place where they are trained to grow into that shape, it must take many years!
There are some palm trees in Torquay, south Devon and in Kew Gardens in London

white african said...

godfather will look into it, thanks for the link.

anglo it is tacky your right, but its unbelivable th eamount of tacky stuff people go for.

palm trees in london? wow, i guess iwth teh change in weather it will live.

Anglo-Libyan said...

forgot to mention :o)

some garden centres in London started selling palm trees, they are specially grown to British climates but do need special care and can be planted in your average back garden.

I have seen many sizes, with a start price of about £600 for a 2 meter tree, prices go up to £2000 and more for bigger trees!

a_akak said...

Anglo? I have a business idea :D

What if i ship a dozen palm tree from our farm in libya? I would sell them for £100 + P.P ............. anyone?

Fe Aman Allah

white african said...

thanks anglo for that, pretty expensive, i guess what is rare to find always has a steep price with it.

i'm liking your idea akak, i think there just might be something there :0)

Anglo-Libyan said...

Ahmed, dont forget it was me first who mentioned the business lol :o)

unfortunately, I dont think we are allowed to import plants here :o(

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