Saturday, April 07, 2007

i was disturbed from my lovely Saturday sleep in, i don't always get to sleep in, rarely do i have that luxury so you can imagine how peeved off i was to be woken up this morning to the sounds of screaming.

usually the early morning sounds are birds, the odd dog barking, every Wednesday the bin men make an appearance with their loud trucks, and at fajer the Libyan men always linger around to talk really loudly 'bahee bahee, khalas tawa inshufuk ba3dayn' (directly behind my house is a mosque, my bedroom window faces the mosque)

usually my window is shut and when it is then no sound pollution enters but because of the change in weather i have had to open it slightly.

other than these noises, the area is usually quite, screaming is not a natural phenomena.

at first when i heard the screaming i ignored it but the screaming pitch kept getting higher and I'm sure that the bird that perches on the tree outside my window fell from the sheer blast of the scream.

so i woke up to investigate, opened the curtain to find 3 ladies and 1 man standing outside the back window of the house opposite mine, one of the ladies was screaming 'wheres my dog, what have you done with my dog?'

another lady was banging on the back door and i really thought it was going to break under all that pressure, i swear sometimes i wish i was objects but at that particular moment i would never trade places with that poor door.

i could faintly hear a man shouting from inside but the words where not clear.

the lady continued to scream 'what have you done with my dooooooooooooooooog?' i swear her screaming was painful to the ears, no wonder she couldn't find her dog.

she then rummages around her bag, takes out her mobile and says 'I'm calling the police, the police, alright?' and then appears to dial and then still in the screaming voice says to the operator 'POLICE PLEASE', I'm sure the nearest police station would have heard her.

whilst this was happening, her 3 friends where lingering around in the mans back garden looking for something, the dog maybe???

what they came up with instead was a pile of bricks, the lady who thumping at the door decides to take a brick and throw it at the back window!!!!

it bounced of, she then gets closer, picks up the brick and throws it even harder, and the window breaks, the sound of glass shattering echoed all over the area, that's when shouting from inside the house began, all 4 people began to break the rest of the window whilst screaming at the man inside, the screaming lady shouting 'wheres my dog? i want my dog? what have you done with my dog?' the man is shouting 'what you talking bout? i ain't touche your dog?

then 2 of them decide to climb into the house through the broken window now i don't know what was going through their heads but that destruction of some one else property as well as trespassing!!!!

more shouting and screaming, noises of things falling down inside the house, the occasional swear word, then the two trespassers jump out the window, said something to the screaming lady, the lady then shouts 'what has my dog every done to you?, why did you say you where going to kill my dog?' then it occurs to her that she had called the police so she starts walking away saying 'well I've called the police so they will sort you out' and then walks away.

the door thumping lady then picks up a couple of bricks and thows them into the broken window with all her might!!!! crazy...

i didnt go back to sleep, i was fully awake and i had a good mind to wear my slippers, walk up to them with a frying pan in my hand and say 'do you mind? you have neighbours who are trying to sleep' i then decided to make a cup of the good old coffee and read teh newspaper.

so yeh that was an interesting episode of my life to wake up to....


The Godfather said...

Having your sleep disturbed is awful...........It's the one thing that gets me livid..........My Ma and Pa steer well away from me when this happens.

What kind of random people are there round your way.......I thought Longsight was the only place for this kind of drama; evidently not!!!

You shuda came out with your Shotgun rather than your Frying Pan and clipped them all!?!?!?

Brave Heart said...

u know WA, there is some thing i can't understand it, all these funny and weird situations happen to u in daily basis, let me ask and thinking , how that come just for u? u must go to cidi abduslam asmer to remove this weirdness from ur way, if cidi abduslam can't help u can ask cidi B.H, he can help

white african said...

godfather we have extremley random people, old trafford is where its all happening. longsight only has the gun shooters :)

i kinda like the image of holding a frying pan, also where am i gonna get a shot gun? longsight mayebe?

brave lol my friends tell me this all the time, and the funny thing is weird things happen to them when there with me.

unexplainable i guess, to be honest i dont think any sort of sidi wil help, unless your a modern sidi brave :)

weary tribal nomad said...

asalaams WA...howzat my chum, ltnc...i see your blog has amassed further stories, seriously im losing the will to write further...i think i need someone to write my day to day events for me, for i forget them the worst story teller ever...ah well...its good to hear that the neighbourhood is still crazy!! hope to see you soon my love!!

Brave Heart said...

is depend in ur jini ,is he Libyan or English, if he is english i promise i can deal with him in a day ,but if he is Libyan this is a problem because i must read on him all the green book to let him go. u can try i promise i'll win

a_akak said...
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a_akak said...

.A. ........... I feel for you and i really feel your pain as i know exactally what you mean :( ........... actually just thinking about it makes me unhappy

get your self some good ear plugs :)

Monday's Child said...

WA... they sound like crazzzy people... I think you are very patient and brave... I doubt very much I could cope to live next to such mad neighbours...

By the way, did you leave a comment for Picolina in my blog by mistake? I got confused lol... it doesn't take much with me lol...

AngloLibyan said...

this is really weird, you know few months ago I was at a friends house in East London, we heard screaming, we went out, the woman next door was standing outside the house shouting at the man inside "where is my dooooooooooog?" at the top of her voice, someone I know tried to calm her down she refused walked to the door, bang bang, the came opened the door hit her really hard on the head then shut the door, she called the police, I left by then and dont know what happened, maybe they moved to Manchester and are your neighbours now :o)
sorry about your sleep!

white african said...

weary long time no see girl, where in the world have you been (liverpool i bet). dedicate a couple of minutes a day for your thoughts and thats one way of remembering your daily events.

lol brave i guess reading teh green book to anyone will make them dissapear, maybe thats teh solution for the iraq problem, read the green book to all the british and american troops and within a couple of minutes they will pack up and leave,perfect.

akak i'm glad you understand, its traumatic isint it? lol.

ear plugs? hmmmmmmm i may just do that, thanks for the tip.

mondays child yesterday was the first time such craziness happened if it wa sto happen again i doubt i would have any patience :)

that message was for you on your blog, why i wrote a different name is a mystery of white africans mind.

anglo that is weird? lol knowing my luck it probably is them, trust manchester to get the weirdos of all teh other cities.

Chatalaine / شاتالاين said...


That sounded like something you would see on TV! The only difference would be that we don't know the ending.
Did the police come?
Did they find the brick-lady and her friends?
What did the judge think?
Did they go to jail?
Or maybe the story isn't over yet? Maybe she will be back next Saturday for another installment?

Will you close your window Friday night when you go to bed?

white african said...

chatalaine it well could be that the next episode wil be next week satuarday, if thats the case then my window is sure to be shut.

looking out my window today, th emans window is not fixed neither has he covered it with anything.

NM said...

Once before i arrived a neighbour died and the egyptians certainly have lungs on them, the girls didn't sleep very well as people kept walking in and out and the screaming would restart now and again throug out the night. Glad i wasn't there i would have wanted to kill someone

white african said...

nm waaaaheyyy hope your well sis :)

i pray that you never witness a 3aza (giving condolences to a person) it can be an extremley disturbing event.

i spoke to the banker today, she seemd really happy seeing you mashallah, i wish i could come see you and alexandria sob sob

mani said...

salam all

sorry bout ur annoying morning WA.. but what happened with the dog??? did he come out in the end?

where was the dog dammit?

cause if there was no dog, and anglo saw the same thing then that's one hell of a ruse to scare someone, break into their house and do robbery in complete daylight, while all other neighbours like you try and not get involved in a domestic dispute and just think about bashing them with a pan instead lol...

how devious..

white african said...

lol @ mani

to be honest i saw no dog and i heard no dog, it never occured to me that it could well be a lie just to break into someones house hmmmm, i swear these theives are disturbed in teh head.