Saturday, April 14, 2007

i think summer is here

i don't like summer, i love winter..

but saying that the other day i had to walk through 2 parks, i needed to drop of a cheque somewhere and to get there meant walking through trees, people walking dogs, kids playing football and every one generally enjoying the sun.

why do i feel that this is an occasion to write about, well because i haven't actually been to a park in a very long time, shock shock i know.

when i say long time, I'm talking about years.

so walking through 2 parks reminded me of when i used to visit parks all the time and you know what dearest bloggers its actually nice....

i felt inspired and took some pictures, and i made a vow that this summer i will visit my local park as often as i can with a good book, a tirmis full of shahee, my sun glasses, and just enjoy global warming.

the older generation would smile and say things like 'ooooh isn't it lovely today?' and one lady went so far as to say 'don't you just love life'.

i think the suicide rate in summer decreases....


Brave Heart said...

me the opesit i dont like winter i feel as i'm dead person, but in summer the life is different, espically parks and the greenenss.the best park in summer the hyde park it's amazing.
don't forget to take h, او تفاح نعناع with the shahee.

DaMoon said...

awww, how pretty, mashallah, u should take pic's of da trees every 5 days and start comparing em and see how green they get. I used to watch da trees get greener back in Canada....ok enough that sounds boring but it is fun to it's like someone has nothing to do but watching da grass grow between his/her toes...but u r right, u should enjoy it more often :o)

a_akak said...

Each has its good/bad things, as in winter sleeping is much better especially when its cold and raining outside :) but in the summer the day is longer and you can go out and have fun unlike winter where the only fun is to sit near a heater

PS: I lile damoon's idea and i think you should take the pic and as BH said, dont forget the Na3na3 and watch out for any flying crazy libyan dudes (as when W.A. is involved there is always a libyan dude around the corner)

Fe Aman Allah

white african said...

brave of course i will take na3 na3 with me, shahee isisnt the same without it.

hyde park is ok but then again i hardly ever get to go, maybe this summer.

damoon i'm liking the idea of the tree picture taking, may just do that, it will give me an excus eto go to the park so thanks sis :)

akak i agree sleeping in winter is so great, i dont sleep much in summer waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

actually libyans do like going to the park, im going to have to find a secluded spot some where :)

amena said...

I love winter!!! esp when it gets dark really early! ppl think i'm weird when i say that to it? :oD never spent a summer in England, but i kinda would like to experience it...the past few days have been nice. I just love the way everyone strips off just because of a bit of sun! and it might not even be warm! what would they do if they go and live in an arab country!!! today, I went out with my sis, and some guy goes to us, 'aren't you hot?' just because we wear hijabs! hehe...bless their little minds! :o)

mani said...

love the summer...
haven't had sun in ages.. Winter sucks here
ugh WA u and ur Mancunian ways.. brrrr how can u stand the greyness of this country.. I wished I was a squirrel that could sleep through the winter months and wake with the bees...

white african said...

amena your not weird your unique like me :)

to be honest i hate summer here so your lucky you get to leave in the summer, i prefer britain in winter.

mani lol, you would officially be the first libyan squirrel.