Friday, April 27, 2007

Man pulls passenger jet with ears

A Leicester man is hoping to walk into the record books after pulling a passenger jet with his ears

Manjit Singh, 57, pulled the aircraft 12ft along the apron at East Midlands Airport, at Castle Donington in Leicestershire, reports the BBC.

He will now send off video footage of the record attempt to be verified by officials at the Guinness World Book of Records.

The Jetstream passenger plane weighed approximately 7.4 tonnes.

Manjit already holds 30 world records, which include pulling a double decker bus with his hair and lifting 85 kg with his ears.
Speaking after the record attempt, he said: "I don't feel too bad, I have a little bit of pain around the ears but I'm ok.
"I feel really, really pleased that I've managed to achieve this and am very grateful to the people who made it possible."
The attempt raised money for his charity Manjit Fitness, which aims to get children living in his native Mahilpur, India involved in sport.

whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? what is the point? i don't understand what would make a person do this.

his next achievement is pulling a hotel using his front teeth only.

you know for some one who has been straining his ears, he doesn't actually have floppy ears, where as our Libyan grandmothers have been wearing a bit of gold in their ears and you can easily swing from their ears that's how floppy they become.

i mean what is this guy expecting, peace prize??????????

i feel the need to do a similar thing, with my hijab i will attempt to carry 10 million people and hold them for a period of 10 minutes, now that's a sight to behold looooooool


Ever The Idealist said...

LOL!! Sis you have a way of making me laugh till I almost choke on my breakfast. I gotta read your blog after breakfast from now on IA.

Men are total and utter weirdo's as we already know. Some are just worse than others. I can't believe this will be his life achievement.
The hijab thing? I would sponser you £1 to see you do it. Maybe make it 11minutes tho eh?

Anglo-Libyan said...

well if you manage to do that then you will get to be on the BBC as well :o)

you know I heard about this man and his ears on a radio show yesterday and they were discussing how he managed to pull a 7 ton plane with his ears, then someone rang the show and said to the presenter:

Do you know how this man managed to pull this plane?

Presenter: No!

man: it took him many EARS of practice!!

I know its a bad joke but I liked it :o)
as for why he is doing it? I have no idea and can not see the point of having strong ears but perhaps there is something here for our grandmothers, start practicing pulling airplanes then you wont have floppy ears :o)

mani said...


LOL@floppy ears..

cheers WA

a_akak said...

I read about this guy in the newspaper yesterday

Well he got all of us talking about him? thats something plus he has the honer of being in W.A. blog

Fe Aman Allah

white african said...

ever one of the most horriblest feelings is choking on dry toast.

only £1 you miser loooooool.

anglo loooool as sad as that joke is its actually really funny it made me laugh out load, thanks for sharing :)

and you could be right about pulling planes with ears it could well be the cure for ear floppiness.

your welcome mani :)

akak yuor right my god i just gave him more attention than he deserved looool

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,
You know one of my passions is trying to figure out what makes human’s tick. For the most part there are more similarities than not, but in this case I’m going to have to work a little harder.

LOL @ floppy-eared Libyan Grannies

Who knows, perhaps his ear strength came from years of listening to his wife blab all the time.

Perhaps he could earn his own Acronym and add it to the following list”

ADD = Attention Deficit Dysfunction

FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions (which seems to be a multitude in his case)

HOH = Hard of Hearing (As a result of pulling one too many planes)

OCD = Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (YOU THINK?)

TCFH = Too Crazy For Himself

lostkitty said...

look people are just weird.... and most of them know where you are at any given time. Thats how they all find you or how stories of these weird people finds you.

Live with the weirdness, tis your Qadar! :-D

white african said...

wassalam ibee loooooooool that was brilliant love the FAQ and TCFH.

i'm thinking of faxing him over these syndroms, the dude may not be aware that he fits into these categorise.

lost if i was ever to meet this guy i would ask him a thousand questions as well as challenge him to lift a mountain using his big toe.

Monday's Child said...

hahaha that's so funny, as I was reading your blog the word that cam in to my head was "whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" and then I saw my thought reflected in your words!!!! It was a funny moment!!! I always think that whenever I read stuff about people like this man "whyyyyyy?" don't people have anything better to do with their lives?? jeje... nice joke anglo by the way... it definitely made me giggle!!

NM said...

freak is all i have to say!

eternal peace said...

one of the freakiest record breaker for me is the woman with the longest nails, subhanAllah it was soo disgusting how can she keep clean woth those things!!!!

Ever The Idealist said...

I will have you know that I am not a miser WA. It's just that £1 is a lot for a nurse to afford and seems excesive for the mere task of transporting 10 million people was it?
Pick something harder and I will give you my hard earned money!!!!

white african said...

monday is really is a case of the whyyyyyyyyyyyy lol.

nm freaky and crazy, i feel the need to give him a nick name

eternal the lady who your talking bout is crazy, her whol elife is based around those nails, she cant do anything, and yep its disgusting, imagine having them manicured loooool.

ever you cheeky banana, i will have youknow carrying 10 million is hard work, let ssee you try it b4 you scoff at it, say next week monday at your flat, i will bring the 10 million ok

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