Sunday, April 22, 2007

updated - 23.04.07 - scroll down

it's official, i have one hell of a crazy neighbour...

he's driving me mad, he needs to be sectioned under the mental health act, the dude will stand outside his house (opposite our back garden) shouting nonsense, 90% of the time i don't even know what he's talking about, it's complete and utter nonsense.

i awoke just before fajer to the noise of some dude shouting, he's been doing this for the past 4 days and if your wondering it's the same guy that had his house broken into by 4 people looking for their dog that Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago, now i don't blame those people, the guy probably barbecued the poor dog and ate it and uses its bones to brush his teeth with.

i swear, i hear him shouting at all times in the night, 2 am, 4 am, 9 am, it's getting ridiculous, and he stands out in just a towel wrapped around him!!!! today wa blue towel day, yesterday he had a white towel on, i'm thinking red tomorrow?

i took this picture of him around 2pm just after duhur prayers.

he can stand their for hours on end, i haven't seen any other family members, and no one has the guts to say anything to him, every one is just minding their own business, except me that is, I'm going to do something cause he could bring harm to himself or others, he at least needs assessment.

I've already mentioned before that i live near a mosque, so obviously you get allot of Muslims walking through the alley way or driving through it, he stands at the entrance to his back garden lecturing the Muslims, shouting and what not, like i said he has a really strong accent so i don't even know what he says most of the time but i do hear the occasional word like 'blah blah blah Jesus Christ, blah blah blah, suicide bombers, blah blah blah mecca, blah blah blah masjed, terrorist, blah blah swear word etc.'

and if its not the Muslims then its any living creature that happens to walk past, i swear i have lived here for over 9 years and never once has anything of this sort happened, I'm guessing he moved into the area recently.

if I'm woken up in the middle of the night one more time then i will take a bazeen stick and bash it across his forehead, enough of the shouting dude, some people like to sleep!!!!!!!!

last night around 10pm the guy came out and had a shouting fit like no other, really acting crazy and shouting until his voice became high pitched and then he burst into tears and then cackled in laughter ???

so i contacted the police for our area and told them about this guy, they noted it down and said they would look into it.

this morning at 8:00 am they called me asking for more information, they told me that there have been some complaints in the past including one form the ambulance!! so i gave them a detailed report, i was on the phone for like 15 minutes, the police officer said that unfortunately it's not illegal to shout in your own back yard but he said they will make a visit and speak to him and assess his surroundings as well as himself.

it may be that he may need to be sectioned but that usually takes a family members judgement and not the police, the other option was that they speak to housing association and they could assess him to see if he needs to be sectioned.

that's all well and good but maybe another option is to put a cork in his mouth to stop him making so much noise.


a_akak said...

You fail to amaze me WA,

I think he needs to be check for mental stability lol But doesnt anyone from the mosque do anything? (like teching him a lesson) and regarding the cat, i think he is a very good suspect,

Fe Aman Allah

NM said...

Whitey you have a crazy guy who only wears a towel and shouts nonesense all morning! my goodness, i think you should start shouting back things in arabic and see how he like it!

white african said...

akak i think every body from th emosqye are treating him like a mental person, so every one is just walking past him ignoring him, eithar that or thier afraid lol.

i think you mean dog but im sure hes kidnapped cats as well.

nm lol i may just do that, i will wrap a towel around my face and shout at him in arabic loooooooool im enjoying it already.

lostkitty said...

U know, i read this almost immediatly after you blogged it and just didn't know what to say.... I still dont.

Except... man, the weirdos are even buying houses near you now!

amena said...

Just imagine if he surfs the net one time, and randomly comes across your blog and sees a picture of himself on it!!! LOL!! well, for your sake I hope he doesnt, he seems a little freaky! We have a neighbour like that, well he's not a neighbour, but his kids are with their mum, and i'm guessing he's their father, coz he fights with the 'boyfriend' who lives with them as well, but then at least he has a reason for shouting/calling, or watever he does..but your neighbour..there is no reason..not that we know of anyway!! Allah Ma3ik 7abibti..Inshalah you'll get a decent nights sleep!

cofman said...

hey Waf?

- Al7amdo lillah 3ala salamit el paretnts if back
- I left you a question about the bo7’oor and washag topic , hope you can answer it .. thanks btw

This guy, your neighbour, is he new to the area?
I mean if he such a pain, wouldn’t you think your other neighbours find him as such, and would know more about him?
How long has he been living there?

From what you say, I reckon he’d soon find it uncomfortable living there …, it is possible ya Waf he has some illness …. You’d be amazed – shocked even – if you knew the percentage of people who are completely fit and healthy

A huge percentage have one thing or another … but keep it discreet/ personal / taboo/ etc etc
Plus the fact that, for governments, it saves them money when they release from care such individuals …. including criminals ..

I don’t wish to scare you, obviously not, but if I were in your shoes I’d go and talk with one of my trusted neighbours … but I’d do it in a subtle way … I’d ask indirectly … about our neighbourhood .. any news …, I suggest do not mention him at all unless mentioned by someone else first …

and hey?
what do your parents think?
and what type of area are you living in?

white african said...

lol at kitty, well in that case what you waiting for you should be the first to move in.

amena thank you, i slept ok yesterday no night shouting noises hope it lasts.

how funny wold that be though if he did come across his picture on my blog :), to be honest though he isint aware of his own surroundings never mind teh digital world.

hey coff, well to be hinest i really dont know much about this dude but definatly he is new to the area, the other neighbours just look out the window and thats about it.

my youngest brother told him to shut up yesterday to which i told him off for doing then i scared him by telling him all the different things that this guy could do to him, i dont think he will tell any one to shut up in the future lol.

your right coff there are alot of weirdos in the world, we have quite a few in manchester.

the guy seems harmelss enough, my parents are amused by this more than anything else but you see they sleep in the front of the house so they dont hear anything, where as i sleep at the back so i can hear this guy all the time.

the area we live in is pretty cool and safe, and people generraly get on and live their life and we have a mixture of people from different backgrounds.

actually im going to update this entry because i have spoken to the police.

Brave Heart said...

be ready fot trible WA,i think u can't understand hit talant may be he is singer or actor, u see him free now later u will pay alot of mony to see him in the cinema.
know u have experince with british police and suadi one, good luck

The Godfather said...

Nosiy neighbours are a real pain in the a**e!!!!!!

There is nothing worse than to have your peace and tranquility ruined by them.

Shoot him WA....not ifs, no buts.

white african said...

brave i wish he could sing, instead he shouts all the and its so hard to feel sorry for him because he is sooooo annoying wallahi.

the only way he is going to get famous is through causing damage to a certain white african in manchester or maybe it will be the other way round, i will cause damage to him lol.

godfather tabet has a brilliant water gun so i may just take your advice, i will fill it up with freezing cold water and squirt it all over him hee hee

a_akak said...

Ya Allah,,,,,,,,,

I have come up with the best solution :) as you work in a medical place (conclusion from previous posts....but am i right?) you should get some anaesthetics’(cant spell either :P ) or some tranquilizers and shoot him with a pin full tranquilizer stuff (like the amazon people) :) ..... see "who can beat this idea??"

cofman said...

I really hope all problems/ discomfort you have with this guy is soon over

( .., hey? frankly ….. I wish you didn’t contact the police .. imo )

Anonymous said...

Sister, I think it is better to remove the photo because in case he see it, he might decide to sue you and surprise surprise he will win the case !

white african said...

akak your right i do work in a medical practice, i'm liking your idea bro, i may just do that, problem is we dont stock tranqualisers in teh fridge, but i do have a friend, sort of , who wroks in a vet now she may be able to provide me with some lol.

thank you coff i hope so to for his sake as well as mine, im interested to know why you think i shouldnt have contacted the police? hmmmmm.

annon thanks, but i see it more a having proof of his insanity and my countless sleepless nights becuase of him, in court i would use it as evidence lol :)

cofman said...

Ok waf, you said “ im interested to know why you think i shouldnt have contacted the police? ”
My experience tells me to avoid contacting police unless necessary ….,
Nothing to worry about, none whatsoever, but see how it goes … and get in touch if you feel I might be of some kind of help … you are welcome to contact me through my guest book .. anytime …
Let’s see, as I said I hope all things will be sorted …. But yeah, no need to hesitate .. contact when you wish ..
Good luck

mani said...


salam WA lololol

I cant stop laughing wallahe this is crazy.. your just sooo calamitous shenehada el na7s????..

this no3 of bany adam cannot be stopped.. only taken to his maxmimum limits and hell stop and give up of his own accord... u gotta drive him crazier..

I say kill a few rabbits or even some cats and mice and every day he shouts leave a dead corpse hanging on a tree, or in his driveway or on the door or something.. completely freak him out.. enjoy the breacher of the peace for as long as he has enough will for stupidity and before you either reform him, or drive him totally insane and sectioned... :D yay

police waste ur time.. don't waste ur time..

yana...yanta lol

white african said...

thanks coff really appreciate it :)

my main reason for contacting the police was really to get him some sort of help, the dude does nothing all day apart from stand outside shouting.

its 6.30 am and hes been at it since 5.0am, drastic measure my friend....

i will update you as to whats happening :)

mani, your comment made me choke on my coffee lol, if i start hanging dead animals from his tree the outcome will be that i will be sectioned with him in some empty room where he will shout at me for all eternity and drive me crazy (not that he already has)


Munther said...

The guy must be on something ! Going into your back yard and shouting is not normal, let alone crying and laughing just after a shouting fit !

Mate, I'd approach that nutcase with high caution :D I don't want to lose you now that I've discovered your blog and started to enjoy it ! ;)

Seems like another Cho to me but one of African origins instead of Korean !

cofman said...

Hey waf,
“ i will update you as to whats happening :) ”,
yes .. I do actually like to know when/if more info as a result of your contact ( the guy doesn’t really interest me that much now .. .. no ), but I like to see what & how the police will do – if any – with your initiative in contacting them …
and do it, if you can, somewhere on my page so I know I won’t miss seeing it ..
personally, I feel you have done a great thing … sure, you have … but our world is … well, u know what I mean , don’t you?

..( and, hey? if you have any questions/ doubts … well … I can try can’t I? ) ,, ok, I have finished with this page ….

white african said...

hey munther welcome to the world of white african :)

the dude is still shouting his heart out and causing me grief, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

coff whatever the outcome will drop you a message on your blog, thanks again for your insight, it really is appreciated :)

mani said...

wa.. he dosent need to know its u ..

fling the corpses over the fence.. or sling them over the tree at night.. don't show ur self for god's sake lol

white african said...

mani that didnt even occur to me duuuuuuuuh (slaps head repeatedly)

mani said...


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