Saturday, April 28, 2007

The iPod has taken over our lives and now the sanctuary of the bathroom is no longer safe. The iCarta iPOD Toilet Paper Holder is a moisture resistant iPod dock, charger, and player that transforms into a toilet tissue dispenser. For $69.95, you can rock out (or sit) to your latest MP3s

it's not a joke it's real, you can listen to all the classic's on the comfort of your own toilet dearest bloggers.

my god (smacks head) walahi just when you think that they cant possibly come up with anything else they surprise us with something else.

could you imagine having this in your own home looooooooool, I'm imagining too many scenarios.


mani said...

I ain't buyin it till they somehow find a way to integrate itunes into either hoses or malgee's... :D


Nona said...

very funny.. we will wait to see what's the next surprise then :)

The Godfather said...


I wonder what songs we could listen to.....'What Took You So Long', 'The Bomb', A**e, I mean Hearts On Fire'

Anglo-Libyan said...

lol@ the godfather's choice of songs :o)

what next? I wonder !!

Lebeeya said...

Elotuf! Music in the bathroom??? I would prefer to watch movies :P

a_akak said...

I saw this device on some tv program and apparently they have made a full entertainment system, so lebeeya dont feel bad you can watch "Finding Nemo" again :P

Would i consider one? ..........

Fe Aman Allah

white african said...

lol @ mani, im sure they will come with a muslim user friendly one.

welcome nona, surprises is what it's all about :0)

loooooooool @ godfather, good choice of songs ahem ahem

anglo i dont think i could be surprised any more with anything they come out with.

leebey lol, movies is more of a cozy sofa with a hot choclate mmmmmmmmm

akak full entertainment system? my god, how long do they think people stay in the toilet?

Anonymous said...

Salam WA! Your blogger is published now on Libyajeel website!? Check this

The Godfather said...

You know given enough time, I think I could generate a playlist or album for the ipod....we could call it the s**tlist.

Safia speaks said...

I already have a radio and a flat TV in my bathroom; why would I need an iPod with bad sound on my toilet paper dispenser?

cofman said...

lol @ everything …. Yeah wallahi lol @ everything lol

well … lol, I thought I laughed enough … so I decided to click on the comments and see if I could find anything ….
BOMB …lol

The first word Lebyeeya said was enough to knock me off the chair lol
“ Elotuf! ” LOL

I really can’t handle this LOL
Frankly it isn’t meant for people like me lol, definitely not lol
I love the fact that she got the spelling 100 % correct lol
I didn’t have to read it twice to figure it out lol

Brave Heart said...

i think i read be4 one article said that, to live in comfortable house u must have comfortable bathroom, and there is research says that most of people enjoy reading in the bathroom, then why not for ipod.
me personally i never use ipod and i don't know how to work, did u think ipod can work with Libyan traditional songs or no, i think no,it will exploded

DaMoon said...

LOL brother will be da happiest boy on da face of he takes his homework with him, and back in Canada they have elcd player fe el7mam mayatla3ish bokel hehehe, but I am loving this iPod thingy...I'll make sure my Fiancee knows about it :p
thanks for sharing

white african said...

annon thanks i will check it out :)

godfather lol, only you bro only you...

safia uits so true the quality of sound would be sooooooo bad and no matter what song it is you play the flush will never be a good remix.

cof it is funny i agree, and leebeya's choice of words are always brill.

brave welcome back bro :)

ipods are amazing you can put any song onto it, including libyan traditional song, including gheeta :)

your welcome damoon :) lol @ your brother, i thought it wa sthe girls who where supposed to stay the longest in the toilet