Thursday, April 19, 2007

i dedicate this blog entry to my youngest brother.

i have to say that he has behaved immaculately well over the last 10 days, my parents have been away and are due to come back inshallah on Friday from Umrah (i ask that Allah brings them back safely).

its not the first time that they have left me with the responsibility of looking after my brothers, and it is stressful even though they are old enough and are clearly not babies, but still having that responsibility is not an easy thing.

my youngest brother has listened to me through out mashallah, and lets me know exactly where he will be which i cant say the same for his older brothers tut tut. i think with my teenager brother its an independent thing, the whole 'I'm old enough to look after myself' i guess he doesn't like the idea of being 'looked after' or 'baby sat' by his older sister, so questioning his where abouts is like confirming that he is still a 'child'.

i always say i wish i could be a child again but one thing i never would like is to go back to being a teenager, i shudder at the thought...

my youngest brother is set to be 13 in may, i hope he doesn't become a typical moody teenager, so far hes been a cool kid, maybe when they hit 13 they automatically switch, i know my 17 year old brother has teenager issues, i swear i wish they would skip those years between 12 and 21.

i swear i come back from work and i find that the youngest left me little messages like ' i have gone to my friends house, if you need me, then you can contact me on etc number' or he will leave me messages to remind me that he has after school club, or youth club, how cute is that?.

the other day he bought me a coffee mug, the kid knows me well and knows my addiction to coffee, his mug that he presented to me is the white huge one, i swear its a really big mug that a person can drown there mouth, nose and eyes in lol.

anyway that's my sentimental blog entry of the year, but i gotta say its not going to stop me from playing tricks on him, come on people its toooooo much fun although he isn't gullible so its harder playing jokes on him but occasionally i do get the upper hand hee hee hee.

i ask Allah to protect him, guide him and forever keep him happy.


Ever The Idealist said...

mashaAllah he sounds wonderful. I do so adore your little brother as you know = he sounds so grown up and he obviously knows how to behave. have to say your not a bad big sister as far as things go. IA your parents return safe and sound and having benefited from the trip. your dad will probabily have few stories to tell...

mani said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that was very cute his name???


rabbe ywasselhom besalama inshallah.. make sure you tsa7'ne el makla wetfarrshee before they come :D

md said...

Hey dude! i think he did it out of fear rather than love.

Lebeeya said...

Mani, his name is Tabet and he is adorable! (check her older posts for pictures).

I hated being a teenager as well. I think the worst year for me was when I was 13. I just want to cry when I think of all the stupid things I used to do!

Great post and hope thabet doesnt change one bit :)

a_akak said...


After reading this post and have previously read others posts for you, I feel that this post is more emotional than others and i feel its you who doesnt want him to grow older and you would prefer if he said young & cute but guess what they never do......

Insha allah your parents will be back safely and may allah accept there Ummra

PS: the teenage issue will never go :P

Anglo Libyan said...

I have always liked Tabet, MashaAllah a good and very brave boy as you have mentioned him many times before and we must not forget that he has always put up with your tricks on him :o)

he will be a teenager soon so enjoy every second with him but I do hope inshaAllah that he carries on being kind to you.

I couldnt find anything better to add than your last line:

i ask Allah to protect him, guide him and forever keep him happy.
Ameen to that.

white african said...

well thank you ever for the compliment of being a not so bad older sister :)

i think my mother will have more stories than my dad, he has a way of forgetting things bless him.

mani yep like leebeya said his name is tabet (the way libyans pronounce it, we have such thhhh issues, otherwise its pronounced thabit)

ameen for your dua, and today is cleaning day after work groooooan.

md shock shock shock, well i never.... the gloves are off dudett, duel it will be..

i miss you loads by teh way i feel like i havent seen you in ages.

thank you leebeya, i hope he doesnt change too or at least change for the better..

13 does suck, so does 14, 15 16, 17, i liked 18 though..

akak ameen to your dua and thank you :), your right i woudl like him to stay young, cute and the way he is but they change sigh....

as for the teenage issue they gotta invent like a tablet that either turns them into zombies (some would argue that they already are)or makes them angels.

ameen anglo and thank you, your right he has put up with the tricks and teasing bless but that comes with being the youngest.

red head said...

Awwwwwwwwww He's So Adorable Masha'Allah. .

Lol. . Teenagers Need A Good Smack Across The Head Sometimes! So Reminds Me Of My Bro N Sis. . =P

Ever The Idealist said...

i don't think your brother will have teenager issues WA. Wana know why? he has already skipped been a kid and become an adult. give the boy credit - he is emotionally aware of people, he is considerate, helpfull and charming and those things can't be changed by the dreaded teenage years. i truely believe that kids like him (think of Aisha) just get better while annoying ones like say Mano get more annoying is all!

NM said...

Thabaat is soooo adorable, he is usally a little rascal though which is why we love him so. that mug does look huge and how thoughtful of him, me thinkith he deserves a huge hug ;)

white african said...

red head i totally agree, smack across teh forehead loool.

ever mano and hamza yep agree with you there.

i hope he wont have those horrible teenager issues.

nm yeh he does deserve a hug, espceially for that mug, i love this rhyming scheme.


Thabit is sweet and considerate boy, when he saw with my crutch a few weeks back he asked with genuine concern about it....mashaAllah

As for the dreaded teens...they are a right of passage for most people. Some don't go through the it (atleast not in the whole moody and angry at the world way. In Africa when I was growing up there was no such thing as teenager...we move from childhood to udulthood which was more pleasant.

Your lil bro is very cute mashaAllah

white african said...

native thanks sis :)

africa is the best man, child to adult, see that what im talking about lol.

by teh way it was great spending time with zarasis yesterday :)

Brave Heart said...

r u sure u didn't make any jocks on him while ur parent in OMra, i didn't think so.
my younger brother in the old days was saying that when he married and got boy he will call him Brave Heart to apply on him all things i did it for him

white african said...

brave i actually behaved myslef this past 10 days much to the joy of my younger brother, it's mainly because i felt sorry for him.

but now that my parents are back i will go back to my old ways, cant wait lol

cofman said...

Al7amdo lillah 3ala salamit-hom, the parents if already back, or will be soon


interesting topic you talk about there … yeah young ones ..
a lady friend who is spanish has a 10 year old daughter .. . you know something?
I am thinking of writing something about her daughter … there is so much I could say from my brief , very short chats with the young girl …. I have a lot to say …. Ya Waf, believe me, the young girl, in my opinion, one day will be a prime minister – or better even
Oh … the young ones?? we know nothing
( lol, hey waf, I am going to read about that smell thing … and then your neighbour … …. Wish me luck lol plz )

white african said...

coff there back safely thank you so much for asking :)

there are amazing kids out there i swear, and they can be soooo good at answering back that they just leave you gobsmacked lol, i know my brother contiously surprise sus with his antics.

Anonymous said...

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