Monday, May 08, 2006

when you are living your life you don't realise that's its passing us by, that that second that just went by wont ever come back, that the words you just said you cant take back, that action you did you cant reverse, the memories are just memories and every passing moment is a moment gone and its another moment to be added to our book that will be handed out to us on the day of judgment.

scary yeh, I know, and what's got me thinking bout this is time and how fast its going, I swear when I was younger (still young people) it seemed like time was not going as fast as it is now subhannallah its unbelievable, Monday comes and we groan that we cant wait till Friday and a blink of an eye lid and hey presto its Monday again and it really is a sign that the DOJ is nearing.
I cant remember what my earliest memory is but I can remember me way back as a kid and I am now a mature adult ( yeh right) and its not gonna be long before its bye bye earthy and a lot of the time is spent messing about and I complain that there is no time but Allah gave us plenty of it its just that we don't organise our time very well, Bin Abbas narrated that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said“There are two blessings which many people lose: (They are) health and free time for doing good. so true what do we do when we have free time - nothing beneficial.
there'sres a lot of good quotes out there about time: "Guard well your spare moments. They are like uncut diamonds. Discard them and their value will never be known. Improve them and they will become the brightest gems in a useful life."-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

what's triggered these thoughts? a dear friend of mine had her aqid this weekend and it was lovely mashallah but every time i would look at her it would hit me that time has gone by alot of my childhood was spent with this dudet friend of mine and we would joke about who we were getting married to and what age and blah blah blah the usual stuff us girls talk about, and when finally it happend i realizedsed that we had grown up and it got me thinking where did all the time go between us joking and growing up and now....

i kept asking my self this weekedn have i done justice to the time given to me? have i earned my jannah If i were to die? have i have i have i.... it was only yesterday people that i was holding my fathers hand as he was taking me to my first day at school, it was only yesterday when i crashed into the wall after trying to cycle for the first time, it was only yesterday when my first tooth fell out, it was only yesterday that i started high school abd i can say this now but what i wont be able to say is it was only yesterday that i was put down to lay in my grave because then its to late for 'it was only....

Waste no time on situations that aren't worth your precious time. Allah, may I recognize pettiness for what it is and move on so that my imagination doesn't take over and give pettiness more value than it deserves."



Ameen ya Rabb!
We do need to use our time on more beneficial's actually something that I have thinking about a great deal lately.

The end is near....the Q is have we done enough to protect us from the Jahannam.

Thank WA for reminding me not to waste my time on pointless things. And to kick a procrastinating habit which I seem to have acquired recently.


NM said...

Subhanallah, time is so precious and we don't realise, this monday i went to see my uni friend, she gave birth 2days ago!! i can't believe it is a MOTHER!! Subhanallah i remember when our only worry was meeting our next deadline who she is responsible for little life!!

lostkitty said...

Jazaks for the reminder sis. Time is indeed precious and I, for one, waste too much of it. May Allah give me the wisdom and strength to utilise each second for the best, and for His pleasure alone.Ameen.