Sunday, May 28, 2006

It's so amazing how we all have our own personalities, Allah (swt) created us and we have differences in features, like some one would have a bigger nose than some one else, or smaller eyes, or egg shaped face, or heart shaped etc... but generally we all have 2 eyes, 2 ears, 1 nose, 1 mouth 1 head so were the same in that sense but what really makes us different is the personality seriously, compare your personality with your friends or family or even strangers and you will see a difference, but that's not what's amazing, what I find truly remarkable is how kids at a very young age have there own personality, and you can recognise personality traits from as young as 1 years or even younger.

its so cool and at times hilarious, today I had a study circle for girls aged between 9-14 give or take a couple of years and I usually come back with a sore throat from these circles cause put a bunch of girls in one room and you cant hear yourself think never mind trying to get a point across, in the beginning I used to walk in and say 'ok girls, can we settle down, ummm girly can you stop pulling her hair she's in pain, excuse me girl please stop hanging of the chandelier' but that never worked, I had to do it gangster paradise style, you know walking in there with attitude ' HEY, SIT DOWN NOW', and even that doesn't always work, like today, we invited a guest speaker to talk to the girls about repentance and how Allah is merciful, and mahsallah the girls were very good, quite, polite, asking qs at the right time etc... then when the talk was over I decided I would give them a team game to play, but because they had been sat down for like 25 minutes and 25 minutes is a long time in there little world, I found it difficult to quiten them down, but that's when getting to know there personality comes in handy cause you can use it for your advantage, standing in the chair and screaming and pulling my hair until I get there attention will not work ( i tried it) but going to them individually and speaking to them and convincing them to sit down in there own language does for example:

me: hey girly that's a really nice skirt mashallah

girly: oh thanks, I didn't like it at first but yeh its ok

me: so you like it now?

girly: yep its growing on me

me: well it's gonna stop growing on you unless you sit down and listen

she sat down (1 down 30 more to go whoooo hoooo I'm on a roll people)

me: girly did any one tell you that you have a good set of teeth

girly 2: yeh, its genetic

me: oh really mashallah, are you happy with them?

girly 2: hamdullilah,

me: ok that's good so you wouldn't like gaps in your teeth?

girly 2: no way

me: ok sit down then

ok before child health gets involved, this is a joke between me and the girls and they do know my sense of humour, and they really do see the funny side to it, i swear i havent made any one cry yet if anything i leave the room crying, but bless them they are hyperactive and they can talk for England if given the chance, but we can eventually come to an understanding, they give me some of there time and I give them some of my time its cool.

afterwards i went ad's flat she was babysitting, and when i arrived i found her looking after an army including 3 adults (native fememale, md and nm and i was to be added to the list) so yep we were being baby sat by ad ( at one point she was literrally gonna sit on us) but it was funny cause the kids were different ages and they were all so different in there personalities subhnnallah, some are quite in nature, others have killer psycho tendencies whilst others are of the suspiciouse by nature types, yeh kids are mini adults in the making, actually a kid usually has one personality and then they grow up to be an adult and develop multiple personalities so i guess we as adults all suffer from muliple personality syndrome congratulation people....


Ever The Idealist said...

hey hon, lets just hope none of those wonderful kids ever EVER grow up to have my personality as they would have high blood presure and be stressed all the time! poor kidies...jazakallah for the help by the way

white african said...

any time i really enjoyed it, i guess me and kids connect somehow on a one to one level lol, but hey a little bit of stress is good so yeh if they grow to be like you then they are lucky kids

NM said...

Lol! i can't remember the last time i laughed so much! AD if you can survive my taunting whilest your stressed you will have a long and fruitful life inshallah :)

talking about psycho killer kids i can't believe i was scared of a four year old, but she did jump me,and tried to strangle me...

lostkitty said...

I like your way of handling ur Usrah girls. very u! lol

fudgebumpkin said...

Lol at the teeth thing!

Anonymous said...

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