Tuesday, May 02, 2006

People I just got assaulted at work, my god, ok so its not as bad as I'm making out but it was out of the blue though.

I'm at work and I'm talking to my fellow colleague about the weekend and stuff like that, surgery was relatively empty apart from the locum room which had the mid wife, the interpreter, a pregnant lady and her husband, other than that no other patients. so a guy walkis in and says in a really calm manner ' has anyone parked infront of my house? the car is blocking my way and I cant get out?'

me: what car is it?

man: white vauxhall astra

me: ummmmmmmm, well none of the staff drive a vauxall, hold on a sec will I check with one of the patients'

so I take myself to the Locum room knocked on the door, waited for the midwife to say enter which she did, I opened the door stood at the entrance of the room and asked if anyone had a white vauxhall, the husband of the patient said that he did, so I told him that he was blocking some ones car and out of no where the man tried barging into the locum room, but he couldn't cause I had my arm across the door preventing him for entering the room, it would be a breach of patient confidentiality if he was to enter and also there was a nikabbi sister in there and the mid wife could have been examining her ( she wasn't thankfuly). The guy was determined to enter the room and I was determined to stop him, every time he would shove at the door I would put all my weight to stop him, in the end he got peeved off and smacked my arm and shoved me off the door and barged into the room, all the time th emid wife was screaming 'EXCUSE ME, UM EXCUSE ME, YOU CANT JUST ENTER THIS ROOM' and he looked like he was about to punce on the man who parked infront of his house, he was turning a deaf ear to everyone, all he was doing wa shouting and efin and blinding at the man and saying I've had enough of this, IM gone sort you out.

the poor man was standing there trying to calm this mad guy down, but he was having none of it, he then leaves the room and I stopped him and told him : excuse me you really hurt me back there what was that about? the guy just stands there looking at me and then says ' well I don't f****** care, come to think of it I don't f****** care about anyone, I'm sick of yall'

and marches of banging the door on his way out, mean while the brother who parked in his way is trying to leave the surgery to remove his car but his wife is holding on to him for dear life lol, she's near to tears pleading with him not to go, and hes standing there patting her head (hes a really tall Somali brother) eventually she lets go of him but tags along to him to make sure that he husband doesn't get beat up.

man what a day, my arm is killing me now, I'm probably gonna gave a shiner, no respect for any guy that hits a woman, the dude was crazy, but seriously seconds before all that happened he was the calmest individual ever and then just snaps, he needs anger management.

but you know what really gets me is my Muslim brothers, seriously brothers you gotta learn not to park in front of othert peoples homes, they get really peeved of and also its not good for dawah, that's why loads of people lhave issues with jummah prayers caus epeople think its a free for all, park where ver you want but its not, peopel get sick and tired of it and think theses Muslims always always parking in our space and start thinking even more badly of us, so please park in a safe place even if it mean s having to walk a distance, hey its probably good for you as you brothers may have been over doing iton the take aways and home cooking init?


NM said...

The little freak, the scary thing is that you didn't see it coming!!

i know i shouldn't be laughing but its the way you tell it women :)

NM said...

init indeed!!

i have a perment picture of that women clutching on to her husband and him patting her on the head. awww.. really tall somali bro eh

what a picture.. ppl at work wondering what am laughing at again