Tuesday, May 30, 2006

a funny thing happened at work, well i thought it was funny, i'm standing at reception desk and a somali brother comes up to the desk and says:

somali br: sallam sister, can i have a petition please?

me: petition?

somali br: ya sister

me: petition???

somali br: um ya ya sister

ok at this point im looking at him and a couple of things are going through my head like ' what the hell is he on about? is he talking about the petition i handed out at the MYF about the Panorama documentry on Interpal? i'm not in the habit of walking around with petitions, oh my god have i got one stuck to the back of my jilbab like that time in London? whilst these thoughts are running through my head and whilst i'm trying to see if i have anything stuck to my jilbab it finally struck me like lightning what he must mean, so i turn to him and i ask him

me: brother do you want to collect your prescription?

somali br: petition ya ya ya

me: prescription?

somali br: ya sister

yipeeeeeee, light shone through and we realised what he wanted, i gladly gave him his prescription and he gladly took it with a puzzled look on his face as if to say ' petition thats what i said, she's so weird'

at this point my colleague ran out of the room laughing like a mad woman, and i'm still standing there going 'petition, well i have never heard it calle dthat before, people usually come in and say scription, ibtion, pres pres pres ....ition but never petition, oh well another story to add to the blog i guess loooooool.


lostkitty said...

lol. I was just thinking that I hadnt heard a Sondes Tale is ages and here it is. Thanx

And I miss u! Cant wait till u guys come down!

MD said...

had to say he was somali, you c=just couldn't say 'a brother' walked in?!?

white african said...

md: what fun would it be if i didnt say somali, and besides i knew it would bug sum of you lol

tahnia: yeh man cant wait till i see every1 2 lol

NM said...

LOL! the poor bro... he reminds me a little of our very own White African, always saying strange things :)

white african said...

lol, hey nm i have never called a prescription a petition, i leave that to the somalis wink wink

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