Monday, May 22, 2006

i watched this minin clip of a muslim comedian walking the streets of America, testing random Americans with questions about Arabs and Muslims, in some parts it was so funny walahi, i still cant get over some of the answers lol, here are some of the questions and answers:

comedian: what is the name of the holy month in Islam?

person 1: jihad ( what?? loool, i swear the guy was saying it with such confidence as well bless)

person2: January (loooool, yep in the ahadith it says that if you fast the month of January.... im still laughing)

person 3: December (ok they really like there months over there)

person 4: Mohamadan (never have i heard this before, mohamadan? yep but i gotta give it to him it was close to sounding like ramadan)

a couple of people got it right, which was cool.

comedian: where is mecca?

person 1: isreal (i swear if that was me asking the question to her i probably would have slammed the camera onher head, Isreal???)

person 2: Pakistan (ok better but no not the right answer)

person 3: america ( ok someone please give me a needle and thread i need to stich my sides back together as theve split)

comedian: why do some arab men like to wear turban style hats? (i thought this qs was stupid)

person 1: cause they dont have any hair (ok dont laugh, its kinda true alot of arab men have bald patches especially at the front of the hair )

person2: caus ethey have really really long hair (ok if you have ever seen an arab man with really really long hair please point him out to me)

person 3: to cover there holy spot (??? holy spot, i can see a bunch of arab men at this moment thinking yeh man we be holy, what, holy spot i guess she mis took the bald patch for nur or something)

comedian: what are muslims not allowed to eat?

person 1: beef

person2: cow (i think its impossible for any human to eat a full cow)

person 3: pork ( woooohoooooooo applause people)

one question he asked was are all arabs terrorists? and all of them said ummmm no apart from this one lady who said ummmmmmm no but i only said that for the benefit of the camera, what?

any way i thought it was funny, i kmow there is a couple of them going around, the map one etc,,, but this one was slightly different,if i find the link i will post it inshallah,

guys when is the month of jihad umm i mean ramadan meant to start?....


lostkitty said...

lol where do u find these clips?!!! Very funny - now send it to me! :P

NM said...

yeah i want this clip too, sound hilarious am at work and in need of a good laugh.

I know its funny but on the flip side its the level of ignorance is worrying.. Dawah potential is massive


Post the clip soon as...

md said...

Found it!

red head said...

lol.. that is jokes :D

Lady_WildKat said...

i can only shake my head and feel sorry for these ignoramus trolls. in this advanced day and age in the 'world super power' country, the land of the 'brave and free' that this is what they come out with. i find it more sickening then humourous, as it makes me think what does the future hold with pp like them voting for presidents like bush?

thanks for the link, when i ahve time i'll check it out in more detail.

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