Thursday, May 04, 2006

oh the horror, i just walked into the doctros room and ifound something on his desk no people it was nothing rude it was a milkshake from mcdonalds aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, he odesnt know that i know yet but i will make it known to him soon ha ha ha (evil laughter), last time i caught him drinking a coke lets just say that coke has never again eneterd the premises.

on a serious note though, i know its difficult to boycott american goods completly but lets stick to the big ones like coke and mcdonalds, and people its not really much of a sacrifice, in my opinion mcdonals food is nasty ok maybe not nasty but not brilliant anyway, and besides is scally ville, hooped ear rings, tarck suite bottoms, pink, reebocks etc... it brings on a shudder every time i think of it.

ok so some think i may be over board with the whole boycott thing but i dont think i am, i really see my muslim brother or sisters blood instead of coke, like i said i know its really difficult to boycott most stuff cause everything is linked to america, so i boycott the main ones, marks and spencers, mcdonalds, burger king, coke, red bull (not that i drink the stuff, its made from a hormone from bulls testicles yuk).

and for those who think that boycotts dont work, they seriously do and history has proven it so countless of times, bt anyway i pray that whatever steps one takes its done so for allah's sake inshallah


lostkitty said...

U go girl! Aint nothing wrong with what ur doing. I hope u show them whatfor!
The right way is always hard and full of struggle and sacrifice, but as far as I am concerned McCrappy food is no sacrifice. Did u know up to 30% of their milkshake is sawdust?! Its for the nice, yummy texture!
I cannot wait to see u!

white african said...

yeh man, and no way i didnt no that fact you slipped there, thats nasty, mind you i had a friend who's husband worked in a milk factory and h etold her that th emilk thats been contaminated by foreign objects or that sbeen spilled they add flavour to and make it out as being milk shake yuk