Saturday, March 01, 2008

i think i can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

its a slow walk towards it but the light is constantly there :)

thanks dearest bloggers for your brilliant words of advise, its great just typing away how i feel and its even better reading your supportive words.

when people say that life is a journey, they really are not kidding. a journey on a roller coaster of emotions and its funny how fragile we can be at times and how amazingly strong we can be at other times. the mind is seriously a maze that anyone can get lost in, and it needs filtering now and then. trials and tribulations make us who we are, and a clever person will come out with lessons that have been learnt.

idinyah ma taswah....


Motherland said...

Really aldania matswash,but must be living it to the end as God say.Best regardes

MusicLover said...

Bruce Springsteen-Tunnel Of Love

The tunnel of love is a place that once you enter it takes you for the ride...That's what this life is. Believe what you want. Your being taken for a ride...into this tunnel of love...

a youtube comment

This is a nice film about hope

August Rush

same boy who acts in



ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,
Very well put as always. Thinking of you.

white african said...

motherland your right, we work in this life to achive the better life in the here after inshallah.

music tunnel of love? hmmmm interestuing, tunnel yep of love dont know lol.

native im happy your happy that im happy :@)

ibee wasslaam, thanks :)

Muhammedkarikatyrer i Finland - Kom och titta på dessa prophet Muhammedkarikatyr av Seppo Lehto said...

We are all warriors ;) Look at my blogs Muhammed caricatures ;)

Muhammed caricature video from Finland in

Seppo Lehto draws Muhammed as a pedofile pig 2.3.2008 in Tampere Finland

Bruceppqd said...

:) Me.....Happy!

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