Sunday, March 09, 2008

my mother is one of those drivers who is extremely confident with her driving but only if she knows where she is going.

on the other hand if she does not know her route then all hell will break loose, her confidence gets thrown out the window, and even if she kinda knows the route she will still get panicky and will hold onto the steering wheel as though she is hanging of a cliff and if she loosens her hold then she will fall :0).

lets just say that she has no trust in me what so ever :(

well a couple of times i would be directing her, then i would find my self lost, but no way am i going to tell her that, so i would pretend that i know where i am going completely directing her to the end of the world and back until either i or she recognises a street or building.

she cottoned on to this and from then on does not trust me with directions as she feels that i have no awareness of direction, ooooooooh the hurt and the pain.

the other day i wanted to go to the Lowrey which is shopping complex in salford queys, my mum refuses to drive there as she does not know the route so usually my dad will drop us of and pick us up when where done, on this occasion my dad was busy, so i said to my mum:

me: mama shir rayik kanee jibitlik ill directions word for word (mum what would you say if i brought you the directions word for word?)

mama: min wayn 7atjeebee? (from where are you going to bring it?)

me: theres this website and they have a route planner, you type in the postcode of the where your journey is starting from and then you type in the post code of where it ends, it then prints of a step by step guide of how to get there.

mama: bahee shin dhaminee (how am i going to be reassured)

me: mama man seriously Ive tried it before, just have little trust in me, can you trust me?

mama: (extremely long pause, where she is looking at me and thinking) bahee. (ok)

me: wooooo hooooooo

mama: yister allah

so she picked me up from work, i had printed of every thing, and i was psyching myself up, telling myself 'don't get frustrated when she gets panicky'.

i get in the car, we set of, every thing is fine, we get to the first round about, i tell her to take the first exit, which she does, the area we are in is still recognisable in her eyes, we go past the sainsburys, all the time she is asking 'wayn tawa (where now), i am telling her 'dighree dighree (straight straight), then i knew that a round about was coming so i said to her:

me: mama ba3id ishwayah 7ay jee jazeerat dawaran 9after a while a roundabout is going to appear) i want you to take the first exit.

mama: bahee (ok)

after a while she says to me :

mama: waynhee il jazeera? (where is the round about)

me: its coming

mama: taking a look at me from the corner of her eye then saying 'imshee ya kadhabah, manik 3arfah wayn mashyah (you lier you have no idea where your going)


me: walahi mama i do, matkafeesh, kunee shuja3ah (i do know where am going, be brave)

so eventually the roundabout comes, i remind her to take the first exist

me: mama the first exist

mama: bahee wayn (ok where)

me: tab3ee isayrah albiydah (follow that white car)

mama: wayn (where)

me: there can you see its gone into the first exist

mama: ok

she then follows the car and every one lets out a sigh of relief.

after that the directions went smoothly, we found car park, she managed to park and i was waiting for my praise of how excellent a directing person i was.

it didn't come..

so i said :

me: shir rayak fill dirta, mashallah 3alayah, mish giltlik 3indee il gudreeyah, saga3..(what did you think of my skills, i told you i had it in me)

mama: bahee kawys mashallah, ghair inkhamam fil merwa7. (its good, im just worried about getting home)

talk about an anti-climax lol.

i can safely say that i managed to get home with out getting lost


MusicLover said...

Get this for your mom

and let her read this

Education - Importance of peers

a_akak said...

lol lol lol I was actually waiting for you to get lost or something and in each line i was telling my self "i bet she get lost now" but congratulations you did it :)

Good to see you back to normal :)

Fe Aman Allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

lol very funny :o)

I can sympathise with your mum, driving on familiar roads is much easier.

I have a Garmin (satnav) its quite good and not very expensive, maybe you and your brothers could chip in and buy her one for a special occasion.

do you drive? have you got a licence yet?

Motherland said...

Hi..W. A.

Do not worry about your mom, I am sure she will become good driver ... but without your regardes

ibeebarbie said...

LOOOOOOOL@me: mama man seriously.....
Salam White African, this made me laugh so hard. Glad to know both mother and daughter survived the trip there and back, alhamdullilah.

white african said...

thanks music :)

akak thank you so much for havng trust in me lol ;)

anglo we are actually thinking of getting one, it would make things so much easier but gaurenteed she would still need some one sat next to her to repeat what the sat nav said lol.

i dont have a license but i can drive, but saying that my dad wont let me drive without one, but i cant be bothered with the whole system, but i have a plan, by may i will be starting lessons again inshallah.

motherlamd looooool, thank you i think you may be right,

wassalam ibee, at one point i thought to myself are we ever gonna get home lol.

lostkitty said...

Whitey, i tell u I had the best view of all of this from the back seat - it interaction between u and ur mum was hilarious! (and didnt I say she'd shout at u!?)lol!
Anyways, u didnt tell it all!

Crowded Mind said...

I'm happy to see you happy again i didn't visit your blog since week i guess
I laughed alot about this
'imshee ya kadhabah, manik 3arfah wayn mashyah
seiously mothers looks like each other can't trust us at all

I like what you did mashaAllah 3aleeki brave

fe aman Allah

white african said...

ookitty i cant tell about the parking incident my mum would kill me lol

crowded wasslam :) its true all mothers are the same lol,

brave, i was shaking in my boots lol.