Friday, March 21, 2008

i have an announcement.

i have been very quite about this but i think its time I mention it.

ok so here goes....

I'm getting married in 2 weeks time.

yes I'm being serious.

in exactly 2 weeks time.

the count down has started.

it wasn't a last minute thing, its been going on since my trip to hajj i just have kept rather quite about it. its just the idea of getting married freaks me out some how and i have only just come round to the fact (though its all my decision and hamdullilah im happy), in my year of engagement i have banned people from saying the w word in my presence, the w word being wedding lol, so i knew that eventually the date of the wedding would approach but i didn't realise how fast, subhannalah time flies.

so yeh on the 3rd of April inshallah i will shed my past life and start a new one, not that I'm gonna change or anything, seriously new brides really peeve me off, like being married means having a stick, actually i wont finish that sentence... anyway they need to lighten up and that people who are not married does not make them inferior anyway the point is i realise that responsibility is attached with marriage life and etc etc but white african will hopefully remain the same in terms of her personality and sense of humour.

now the ranting will begin, i swear i am going to keep an online diary of all the craziness associated with preparing for a wedding.

I'm being told off left, right and centre from every one for not stressing

'inganik barda' (your so laid back)

'walahi ti7tagee shwayt 7arara, ta7rkee' (i swear you need to be more motivated, move it)

'timbalah' (lazy)

see its not that I'm lazy i just think why should i make myself stressed and all panicky, and so what if i haven't sorted out my hair and make up yet, or if my bouquet is not ready, or if or if or if or if, the list goes on.

everything will be ok inshallah.

anyway the journey has been rather interesting to say the least.

it had its ups it had its downs, moments of total confusion, moments of sheer 'my god what am i doing', moments of excitement, moments of exhilaration.
I've laughed, I've cried buckets in fact, I've ran around the room and i have sat down in the corners, its been simply crazy.

my mother bless her has sorted most of the things from like 8 months ago seriously, she is well organised, i on the other hand have a care free kind of less stressful look on things which seriously annoys my mother.

i love how we can have full blown arguments about the colour of confetti.

anyway i have come to the conclusion that when a girl gets married its not really her wedding, its her mothers wedding, so my turn will come when i marry my daughter of, see that's how things work...

and don't get me started with invitation list, see this is how the conversation starts:

mama: nasayt ni3zim fulana blah blah (i forgot to invite so and so)

me: mama please, i don't even get on with this woman

mama: la kayf, ma3gulah mani3zimhash? maho fee sanah, garn blah blah jitnee fil 7awsh it zoor feeyah, lazim ni3zimha (what, how can i not invite her, in the year so and so in the century blah blah she came to visit me, i have to invite her)

me: mama ok ilee itshufee (ok mum whatever you want)

mama: bahee, sa7batik mitakda tibee kilhum ijoo? (ok your friends, are you sure you want all of them to come)

me: mama of course, i would rather my friends than some of the people your inviting who cant seem to stop gossiping about every aspect of peoples lives, so yeh all my friends are coming.
mama: ok habibty i didn't mean anything I'm just considering the numbers, remember the place doesn't take more than 350 guests.

me: ok, so lets knock of a couple of your friends starting with blah blah blah

mama: la 3ayb, miskeena shin daritlik (no that's rude, what has she done to you)

me: mama that's not the point

mama: bil3aks it7ibik wajid oo deema tasal 3alyik (on the contrary she really likes you and shes always asking about you)

me: ok mama ok.

and that's how its goes day in day out.

and don't even get me started with the invitation cards, when i went to Bangladesh last year i decided i would get my wedding cards from over there as they are cheaper and they have more of a variety.

so that's what i did, but i didn't get them printed as i didn't know the wedding date and the venue and all that business, plus it needed to be printed in both English and Arabic so i brought them back empty inside.

it was such a hassle finding a printer that would do it for us, either they needed no less than 6,000 to print, imagine 6,000 invites lol, or they couldn't do it in Arabic, so the cards got ready last week Tuesday, slightly late, but like i told my mother better late than never, she just gave me a look as if to say 'don't open that mouth of yours'.

ok I've ranted denough for now, till the next entry.


MusicLover said...


Procol Harum - A whiter shade of pale

nusaybah said...


libyan. said...

Congratulations, i have been following your blog now for more than 2 years, lets say a silent reader. But really, congrats.


Mabruk sweety!
Laid back attitude is the way to go....4real.

Beautiful invititation cards! MashaAllah

Jzk Allah for the was nice seein ya sis :)

Much luv!

maiuna said...

Congrats!!...i think you are doing Great, and everything will be fine, inshallah ( as you said ;))

PH said...

مبروك و كل شيء علي البركة

Khalid said...

mabrook, i wish you a happy marital life..

Anglo-Libyan said...

Alf Mabrouk
May Allah bless your marriege with good health, happiness and healthy children.

wishing you and your husband to be the best that life can give inshaAllah.

Brave Heart said...

763559835 Mabrook
wish u loads of happiness and lots of children ;)
I think wedding in 20 years time will be e-wedding so no worries about the number of invitations :-P

red head said...

Mabrouk!!! =D I Think U Shuld Stick Ur Wedding List Up On Here. . & Get People To Give U Ideas. . Although Roo Roo Wont Approve =P

UT said...

Elf Mabrouk!

Wishing you a life of married bliss.


enlightened spirit said...

alf alf alf mabrook, happy prosperous life forever inshAllah...

we at least know by now why that phone conversation did't stop while u r lying down flat on ur face on the bus ;)

LoveLyH said...

Wish you New Happy Life.


Weldemdina said...

Many Congratulations to you.

Lebeeya said...

Alf Mabrook to you and your man!!!! All the best with the wedding arrangements and wishing you a happy marriage life.

Keep us posted ;)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,
MABROOK! You sly one, you. :-) I wish you and your groom a wonderful life together, inshallah.

a_akak said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh BANG "Breaking News"

WOW WOW WOW :D Mabrooooooooooook and 1000 MaBROOOK to you and your mother :P ... oh yes and the groom :P (we are always the last to be involved) anyway I pray and wish for you all the happiness in the world and may everyday be a blessing and may you both make each other happy

Fe Aman Allah

Crowded Mind said...

2000000 Mabrooook
enshaAllah things will be fine

Fe aman Allah

DaMoon said...

mashallah, u sure know how to keep a secret ;) hehe alf mabrook sweets and inshallah rabe etamem 3li kheeer, and love da attitude, no need to stress out cuz it's all gonna be history :p
rabe ehanekum ya rabb

white african said...

thank you so much every one, you guys and gals are all so great, and ameen to all your duas.

its an intersting time at the moment.

im still stress free i thinnk, hope it lasts :)

NM said...

oh my god i see a glimps of my life in the next 3plus month in this so going to get to be told off all the time then! Ah well, i forsee a lot of weekend getaways in store :)

Cogratualtion love, although we the "friends" have known for a long time its been beautiful! MR M is lucky guy and am sure he is over the moon he has finally got his woman!

eternal peace said...

salaams sis many congratulations I pray Allah SWT binds yours hearts in goodness and love, making you companions in good in this dunya and akhira ameen
I hope when the time comes the rest of us also have the laid back attitude like yours coz i've seen brides get so stressed that it spoils thier wedding day!
take care wasalam
P.S looking forward to seing the wedding pics on your blog lol

mani said...

MABROOK WA!!!! :) the woman-hood rite of passage is upon us! allah ybarek ur wedding and bless u with thorreya el sale7a.. salams to all family :) :)

white african said...

mani, eternal, nm thanks and ameen to the lovely duas.

nm i look forward to watching you travel on this journey hee hee

MaySoon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MaySoon said...

Wow I'm very late.. see I am commenting on wedding day :oD .. 1000 mabruk bel rafah wal baneen inshallah :o)

11:15 AM

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