Thursday, March 06, 2008

a certain patient came in the other day to see the Practice Nurse, quite a friendly lady when things go the way she wants.

on this particular day she seemed in high spirits, smiling and what not.

she went in to see the Nurse, 10 minutes later she left and the nurse was in fits of laughter.

basically she had told the nurse that her 81st birthday was coming up, and that she was not getting any younger and so had decided to start writing her will as she could die at any stage, but her family think its ridiculous of her as shes got plenty of years left in her and shes ill fating herself by writing a will.

but regardless of what her family are saying she will be writing up a will as she feels there really isn't long to go.

she then went on to say that whatever the case, before she ups and leaves this world she will most definitely be having a one night stand!!!!!


my god, no comment....


lostkitty said...


Anonymous said...

thanks for the tea recipe sis, its really quite simple lol feel silly now! the one i had wasnt mint, anyways take care wasalam
eternal peace



My God indeed! What a character!

Just goes to show age aint nothing but a number

**hystericaly laughing as she says this**


Weldemdina said...

looool she sounds like one of coronation street's character , have nice weekend


Anonymous said...

Salam sis,
81 years old? ..hmmm ..but she might include me in the will ..what the heck send, me her address.
Love ur blogg

MusicLover said...

Mis-Teeq - One Night Stand

At least she does not need blue pills "Poor Men"

white african said...

lost kitty you should have seen her.

eternal no probs hun.

native in her case most definatly

weld she does doesnt she lol, actually come to think of it she looks like one of the characters.

libyo-can looooooool,

music lol, cheeky. said...

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