Friday, March 14, 2008

i wish i could play the darbuka.
my brother hamza can play 100 times better than me.

we have 4 darabeek (is that how you say darbuka jama3?) for all the good it can do, they just sit there staring at me, mocking me, pointing at me, knowing full well that i want to play as good as how the musicians on Arabic t.v play.

seriously have you ever watched them, there fingers move at the speed of lightening, its not human no matter what any one says, they are from a land in another galaxy called darbuka land and they are transported here to play in concerts, trust me that's how it works.

i have tried to play at the speed that they play and the result is a swollen hand and a noise that is enough to wake the dead.

i remember one time at a friends wedding, i was given the darbuka (why? as of yet know one knows) and i decided that i will try my luck, the result was my hand going through the darbuka, i had ripped it some how!!!!!! i swear it was some one playing an evil joke.

my face went so red i could have easily camouflaged myself against the red carpet, and all i could do was apologise and blame it on the fact that it was poor quality not that made any one forget, my god i seem to always commit some sort of trauma at weddings.

so yeh i want to play like a professional.



I wanna play the darbuka too!

MusicLover said...

Zakir Hussain - The Speaking Hand

Santana 1971 Montreux Jazz Festival

Gamal Gomaa at Byblos 10/10/07

Crowded Mind said...

I can't do it too
its hard
fe aman Allah

Amina said...

yeah i know what u mean..i luv it as well but can't play

white african said...

native waaaaaaaaaaa at the despair

music thanks, your so cool with all the links, how do you keep up

crowded it is hard, difficult in fact, actually an impossibility, i give up :(

amina its a frustrating matter not having the required skill lol

blackstone said...

i can kill a darbuka! dont get me started!

white african said...

not fair balckstone, how come you get to have skills and the rest of us dont huh?