Monday, March 17, 2008

the other day i ventured into town to do some shopping, i cant stand shopping when its busy, i remember as a child my mum used to complain that she gets a headache from shopping, i would look at her with shock and think 'my god, how is that even possible', now i am echoing my mothers words.

i just want to either have a remote like that stupid film 'click' and just put people on pause, so that i could have less of a hassle time shopping, one time i went shopping and i had the biggest urge to shout out in a really loud voice (which by the way i have the ability to scream really loud) 'GO HOME PEOPLE', but i stop myself, as the lady next to me is shouting out that Jesus is her saviour and that we are all doomed and no one is blinking an eye lid, so if i was to shout then guaranteed people will NOT look my way.

anyway the point is i had gone to shop, and by the time i had finished it was approaching rush hour, and i had something like 6-7 bags in my hand, i managed to find a seat on the bus, when my phone rang, it was my mother telling me off for not doing something i was supposed to have done (more on that on another blog entry) so after apologising and trying to explain, i told her i was coming home and i would speak to her later.

then my phone rang again, and i become lost in a conversation of listening and contributing, i barely noticed the fact that my bus stop was approaching, so i said to the lady next to me in a panicky voice 'i gotta get off'

she just carried on looking straight ahead !!!

me: excuse me i gotta get of'

no response, for crying out lady my stop is approaching.

me: um excuse me, lady, i seriously need to get off,

she then looks at me and says 'i thought you where on the phone'

which i was but who says 'excuse me lady i need to get of' to a friend on the phone???? she gave me a dirty look, stood up and muttered under her breath.

i was desperately pressing the stop button, the bus driver stopped, i started walking towards the exist, and typical me, fell flat on my face on the bus with so many eyes looking at me lol.

the funny thing was i was still having a conversation on the phone, and the person i was talking to was oblivious to the fact that i was lying down flat on my face on the bus.

by the time i stood up, collected the 10 million things that had fallen out of the many bags i was carrying, a few minutes had gone by, not a single person asked if i was ok or helped me :(

the bus driver was tapping his finger on the steering wheel clearly sending out messages of 'you are keeping me waiting' to me.

i swear people when i got of the bus, every single person on that bus was looking out the window at me, i had the urge to do something but good Muslim girls don't swear. instead i smiled and carried on talking on the phone.

now wasn't that an adventure.....


enlightened spirit said...

it seems that the earth magnet fall in love with u.

NM said...

awww fungus, walahi i can picture that image in my head so clearly...bless i have to admit though the first reaction other then semi-covering my hand with my face out of embarrassment for you was to laugh :)

No one says are you okay any more walahi its like people have lost the ability to get up and just ask someone if they are okay and if you are the one that asks everyone looks at you as if your strange. Like YOUR the one breaking a social norm. weirdos the lot of them

Still hilarious thou

Weldemdina said...

hamdela 3ala salama, and next time you turn your phone off :) .
That lazy driver should got off his backside and helped you as you fell while departing his bus as for the rest of them well .... some people don’t want to help cause they think they might offend you! especially if that person wearing Hejab etc. but in general people inside big towns or cities in general don’t care if you are alright or not, 7sel '7er .

MusicLover said...

fell flat on my face on the bus with so many eyes looking at me lol.
the funny thing was i was still having a conversation on the phone

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I do not drive and I use the bus system like you do. I think you learned your lesson, try use IM or SMS instead and it is private.

You will enjoy this article, specially parents as I send it to my sister.

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lostkitty said...

no one was looking at u.... they were just waiting to see what happened next. Afterall, u had entertained them thus far!! lol

white african said...

enlightened your right, its a magnet that keeps pulling me down :0(

nm i hate bus life, it really annoys me, and people are so damn cold seriously, still though trust me to entertain every1 how sad.

weld thank you and your right i generally dont make a habit of talking on the phone on the bus, but i had to in this case.

music thanks and sms is really way better, i can vouch for that lol

lost im going to pinch you

a_akak said...

you are the most unlucky person as if I was on that bus I would have helped but what can you do

I also hate hate hate shopping but you need to do it sometimes but about the rush hour thing ,here in london its even worse but except for the gentleman called 'me'

Do you some deal with falling and climbing trees?

Fe aman Allah

white african said...

akak what can i say the floor must ave some sort of attraction towrads me lol.

as of yet i havent fallen of a tree to the floor hamduliilah

and i can imagine london being crazy walahi, i dont know how you survive you and anglo,brave men :)