Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I'm sat here at work and a chocolate cup cake is whispering things to me
'eat me, eat me, eat me'
I'm ignoring it.

well trying to at least, but the thing is its like a magnet, every time i walk past it emits certain rays that seem to be taking hold of my eyes.
but i am stubborn and i will not fall victim to its evilness, i will not... its a fighting battle but in the end goodness will prevail, and fruit will be the outcome, no high in fat, cream infested, high content sugar thing is going to affect me.

saying that though i did fall prey to a cookie mmmmmmm.


Anglo-Libyan said...

I have been trying all day not to eat any junk, I have been eating a lot of zari3a (seeds) and some fruits, thanks to you, I am going to have a coffee and biscuits now, maybe even go to the shop and buy a choc muffin :os

Hope all is well :o)

Motherland said...

Believe me the chocolate is the sweet devil and we should be victims by donation.

UT said...

Good to hear you're better,Alhamdulilah.

As for the inviting cupcake and chocolate at that , any resistance
is doomed to fail. If the battle is lost as used to happened in my case in the past I would eat it with gusto and forget the crap about nutrious blas.....Now that Ive lost a great deal of weight I have become a health freak, and just put everything out of reach,
ie in the freezer it goes where it wont tempt me :) A fatty I wish to no longer to ever be again.

Heard of the saying ;

May Allah bless you always.

MusicLover said...

You only live Once

Cookie Monster on Martha Stewart Living


Annie Lennox- Why


white african said...

anglo zari3a is fantastic only problem with me is im mista3igla so i always eat it with the gishrah :(

motherland lol @ victims by donation, its so enticing you cant help but get hugged into the arms of sweet food.

ut thanks :0), freezing the stuff eh? sounds like a plan, i may just start doing it, it would be so much of a hassle to defrost it so it would end up staying in the freezer for eternity.

music lover thanks for th elinks, especially the flicker one, fantastic photos :)

eternal peace said...

salaams sis, the cookie looks exactly like the one i munched on yesterday lunchtime!

sis in one of your posts about tea and chestnuts..just wondering how u mkae the tea, i love this arab tea in a resturant near us but i dont know how they make it, i think they add cinamon...and its naturually sweet very yummy:) mashaAllah wondering how u make libiyan tea.
take care wasalam

Brave Heart said...

we live to eat not eat to live :-P

white african said...

eternal its an azda cookie :)

so tea ingrediants, you have probably been drinking mint tea.

we have 2 type sof tea, green tea and classic red tea, you dont put cinnamom with green tea, but it goes with red tea nicely unless you hate cinnamon which surprisingly enough many do, why?

anyway you need tea leaves, water, heat it up, add however many tea leaves according to the quantity of the water, not much is needed, a handful generally works.

let it boil, until you get a nice red colour, add sugar, some add a stick of cinnamon, others turn it off add mint an dthen filter it into a thermos.


brave that quote is associate dwith the majority of the west, for those who can choose what to eat, those who cant it literally is a case of eating to live :)

A.Adam said...

try Pick up, taste it,,, it's my favorite biscuit and for the cakes, I can't resist UT's mom cakes "delicious"

Have a nice weekend :)