Saturday, March 22, 2008

for the past couple of days i have been moving my things from my room to my flat, and at first it was kinda exciting, fun etc..

yesterday i don't know what came over me, i guess it hit me that I'm leaving the house that i grew up in, and the tears would not stop, walahi at one point i was telling my eyes of

me: right stop it now, stop crying, why are you still over flowing with the tears business.

lets just say my fiance walked in to this scene and bless him did not know what to do lol.

i think he must have thought i had gone mad, i thought i was being quite seeing how i didn't want any one to hear me, but i got caught.

anyway once the tears started it wouldn't stop, and i felt so silly, every one was reassuring me that at least I'm living in the same city, that my flat is a 7 minute walk away from my parents house, blah blah blah.

i know all that but no matter what people are telling me i cant help feeling slightly down with the idea of leaving.

i want to be 6 again...


Anglo-Libyan said...

I am sure it must be difficult for you but do put yourself in your parents place, I am sure they are happy for you but it will be difficult for them to see their girl leave their home, be strong for yourself and for them.
InshaAllah all will go well for you

eternal peace said...

aww be strong sis inshaAllah and think of the bright new life ahead, also look on the bright side your still near your parents and you've got a place of your own some ppl have to share with in laws!
take care wasalam

NM said...

It doesn't matter how happy the occassion is leaving home is always hard!

Gosh I guess i have that to come too...

a_akak said...


You are very lucky that you are still in the same country as your parents, imagine how it must have been for your mother and the many others who are in their situation and those who marry people from different continents and have to travel far away from their parents, so always say “Al-hamid lil-Allah”.

Have you not watch "The Lion King"? and the circle of life? (if not, its the best Cartoon) anyway to a more serious note, This is life

Fe Aman Allah

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Habititi White African,
It's ok to cry. It's just your bodies way of releasing what it's been holding in or perhaps you've been ignoring and not wanting to happen, which is to feel these feelings you're feeling. They are very real and very natural---embrace them sweetie----it's just a phase. Deep breath----enjoy all the feelings you are experiencing. :-) (Big hug)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You must fight the Black invasion of Libya! Currently, these blacks are committing a genocide against Libyans with the help of European hypocrites who want to keep blacks out of Europe but who encourage Libyans to "not deport them but to encourage them to leave." How absurd! With 2 million illegals, no time can be lost! you must force these criminals to leave your country at once if you are to survive and not become a jungle or Mozambique. WAKE UP LIBYANS, you are a threat to North Africa.

DaMoon said... that being said, let's go back to our subject "I am still shocked at wat I was reading"
sweeeetieee, ma3lishii, don't wish to be 6 again plz, that will mean going to school all over again, being a teenager again, dealing with those nasty pimples yuck! so plz enjoy this lovely phase of ur life and inshallah rabe etamem kul shay 3ala kheer o baraka, so taughen up

Lebeeya said...

AKHIRAN!!! The freaking out phase has finally hit the White African :P Hello. You are normal. If you didn't cry about getting married, I would have thought you werent normal :)

Stay strong, it's a difficult time but just think of how you will have your own house that you can furnish and decorate and style :D I think that is the most exciting part about getting married!!

Anonymous, our country is already a jungle, black or no blacks :P

MusicLover said...

that my flat is a 7 minute walk away from my parents house,

No comment :-)

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy

Poor mother now she has to feed an extra person for lunch and dinner. At least your husband does not have to be a guinea pig to your cooking experiments.

white african said...

thank you so much dearest bloggers, anglo its really difficult for my mum, so as of yet i havent broken down in front of her :0)

eternal i know sis, im grateful hamdullilah, and your right at least not living with in laws lol

nm its gonna happen 2 you hun, i guess its only natural.

akak lol your right, im getting a grip bro, im holding on ...

oh and the lion king is fab..

wassalam ibee thank you so much :) i felt better reading your comment.

anon whatever...

damoon thanks sweetie, i resepct your comments as you have been, there, done that and your wearing the t-shirt, and your still iving to tell the tale lol :)

leebeya i was kinda convinced that i wasnt normal myself lol, but the tears came and i guess with them a sense of relief :)

music how do you know that i cant cook already looooooool, cheeky..

DaMoon said... that being said, let's go back to our subject "I am still shocked at wat I was reading" <----this part of the comment was for da wako jacko commenting about libya/africa
don't get me wrong sweetie

LoveLyH said...

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