Thursday, April 03, 2008

on Saturday 29th of march (also leebeya's birthday, happy birthday sis) it was my henna.

i got to dress up, i got to dress up, i got to dress up wooo hooo.

i dressed up in a Libyan style dress called the 3abroog, i don't do gold, so silver it was all the way, Bedouin style :)

the day before on Friday, we spent all day preparing the hall, the theme was desert style, tents, etc... so the stage was prepared, and i thank Allah that i have amazing people in my life who dedicated their time to making sure it went smoothly.

although my family are all in Libya and its sad that they couldn't join in the celebration by being here, Allah has blessed me with an extended family here in Manchester of friends mashallah.

anyway i woke up sat morning, actually i hardly slept the night before, i just couldn't sleep... so 8ish i was up bright and early, went downstairs had breakfast, took my time drinking the morning coffee mmmmm.

then i watched die hard 4, I've been meaning to watch that film for some time, so yeh die hard 4 it was, i actually enjoyed it.

then it hit me that i needed to sort my self out as i had to be at the hall for 5:30, but i was calm and collected hamdullilah.

through out the day i would bicker with random different members of the family about every thing under the sun, seriously on topics that i don't even remember but what i do recall is that every one seemed to have there own opinion on matters and every one had their own defense lawyer to back up their arguments lol.

so eventually i get into the car, on a funny note i was still wearing my pjs, hey i needed to be comfortable as i was gonna be wrapped up bakalva style.

anyway i get to the hall and mama bless went straight to the kitchen and prepared the bukhoor, now every one knows how much i love the stuff....

and the place looked so cool, here are the before pic thanks to a great friend who took snaps of every thing..
the stage before with all sorts piled on to it

the props:
the tables where prepared:
the cake table:
and when the cakes came:
chocolate of course:
the food was a mixture of couscous, imbatin, borak, of course imsayr mmmmm:
as for me, it took a while to wrap me up in all my gear but i eventually got there though i wouldn't stop fidgeting, cant show the full pic as I'm not hijabified:
the henna arrives
tradition is to put a piece of gold on the palm of the hand and place the henna on top:

an ending with green tea mmmm
and that was it, it was a fun night hamdullilah, i didn't actually put any henna on that night, a few days later i decided i would henna, i love the stuff.
anyway my dearest bloggers, I'm sat here sat morning typing away, mindful of the fact that in a few hours time i will have to leave home,
i will up date you soo inshallah with how the wedding went.
remember me in your duas.


PH said...

Mabrouk to you and Mansour and thanks for sharing the photos, even though I would have preferred a picture of the couscous instead of the imsayr :P.
By the way whats with you watching die hard on the day of your Henna ? are you venting out your tension :P.

salaam and mabrouk again

enlightened spirit said...

I like the idea of libyan scent being smelled in Manchester.

the colors of ur dress was wonderful.

Alf mabrook , wraby ykamel 3le 7'eer .

Anonymous said...

aww mashaAllah sis thats a henna party with a difference the bedoin style! very diffferent to our bengali style mehendhi/henna partys! cant wait to see how the wedding went, inshaAllah our du'as are with you, have fun sis:)
eternal peace

Crowded Mind said...

mabrook sis white african
mashaAllah every thing looks great masha Allah masha Allah
mabrook again
Fe aman Allah

LoveLyH said...

مبرك ياغاليه
ليك ولي منصور وان شاء الله حياتكم كلها سعيده وربي يزرقكم دريه صالحه يارب

اول حاجة الحظتها انك مش من طرابلس
لعاداتك وتقاليد عائلتك
الباين من صورتك وانتي تحني انك طلعتي زي القمر والباين ان منصور كان محظوظ بيك
اني بنقول لمنصور دير بالك عليها راهو غاليه علينا

مبروك ياحبيتبي

Anglo-Libyan said...

may Allah bless Sondos & Mansour

us Libyans in the UK know how to keep our traditions going, probably even more than in Libya, good on all of you.

I can actually feel how proud Abu Whiteafrican feels, I am very happy for you, you are one of the brightest nicest Libyan daughters anyone could wish for, its a happy occasion for the Manchester Libyans, enjoy your wedding, inshaAllah all goes well.

Brave Heart said...

76647 mabrook WA
now: where is our قصعه
قصعه in English is a plate full of rice and meet that serve in the wedding party ;)

MusicLover said...


Augustin Hadelich - Chopin

UT said...

Simply lovely !

Elf Mabrouk....lovely pics thanks for sharing .


Lady_WildKat said...

salaam sugarplum had a great time as i was very privelleged to be a part of the Henna. you were perfect bedouin doll, u looked soooo beautiful mashaAllah i was tempted to scrunch u up and put u in my pocket on the way home but alas my pockets weren't big enuff....
Eternal peace there were enuff Bengalis ('m a adopted Libyan now and Sondes is part Bengali) representing... as Sondes went all traditional Libyan me and my sister went all traditional Bengali... but Sondes was radiant... literally you could see the the nur coming off her... love u babe

p.s just a sneak spoiler...sondes outshone the sun the day of her wedding MashaAllah...she was so calm and beautiful....her and my new bro looked stunning together, MashaAllah...May you always remain that happy, InshaAllah....

ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African aka Sondes :-),
Mabrook! Thank you soooooo much for detailing this event as it's not something I've personally experienced but hope to one day participate in. May Allah bless both you and Mansour, and may your lives together be amazing.

lostkitty said...

awwww - ur henna was as beautiful as u.

u r now on ur honeymoon and i miss u!!!!

Weldemdina said...

******** Alf Mabrook ********

eternal peace said...

by the way you've been tagged so please see my blog for details!

Projetor said...

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Highlander said...

1000 mabrouk ya WA I'll wait for the wedding pics. I am so sorry i missed out a lot on blogs.

Khalid said...

I wish you and Mansour a happy twinkling marital life, enjoy it to the max.

Anonymous said...

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