Thursday, August 30, 2007

i hate banks

i hate the smell of banks

i hate the having to wait in a que in banks

i hate the fake customer service in banks

i hate the patronising voice they speak to me in banks

i even hate those pens that are attached by a piece of string on the desk in banks

seriously banks are designed for sheer punishment.

actually there is one guy who is extremely nice and makes my life as simple as possible other than him the rest have formed a committee called 'lets bug the living day lights out of white african'.

I'm considering changing banks, so does any one know of a brilliant bank?
you know there is a man who whenever i give him a cheque he asks me a thousand and one questions and there is no need what so ever to ask questions like 'why is it not written in black ink?' 'why is your middle name in initial and not written fully?' 'why are you being payed by cheque?'
none of you business mate that's why? my god i swear i get the same line of questions each time i get served by him, one of these days i may just coat the cheque in super glue and watch him try to remove it of his fingers ha ha ha.
i always put of having to go to the bank, i know know there is the whole online service thing, hmmmm i may just start looking into that, is it safe?


Lady_WildKat said...

i've got laods of exp with online banking, its very secure, no hassle you do what you want with ur money, pay bills, d/d, s/o, payment transfers, check balances, order cards, chq books etc. you can use ur card to withdraw ur money without having to go to bank unless its over your 24 hr withdrawal allowance. as for chq, jeez girl have u not heard of safety deposit chq boxes? you go to the bank, pick up a chq envelope, fill in the s/c and a/c numbers you want the money deposited into, seal the envelope, and drop into letterbox titled Quick deposit!

Anglo-Libyan said...

I once had a massive argument at my bank when I was trying to deposit a cheque!
I kept telling the lady why she was treatin me as if i was a thief when all i was doing is deposit a cheque not get money out!!
I mean if the cheque is not valid then its their business to find out but not by questioning me in the same way they questioned you.

Thank Allah now i do most of my banking online and hardly ever go to the bank (Lloyds-TSB)

Brave Heart said...

yea he is right, why u deposit ur money by cheque :-P
Barclays is the best, give it try.
online banking is safe, i do all my staff online, i never go to the bank

Safia speaks said...

Why, I L O V E banks!

Anonymous said...
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Chatalaine / شاتالاين said...

It sounds like your "friend" at the bank also works at my post office. Every time I go there to buy stamps, post a box or what ever, I get the 60 questions asked with an attitude that I am an idiot and I am wasting his precious time. I am the customer for goodness sake!! He needs to make my life easier!! I keep quiet not wanting to ruffle his feathers so I can get out of there. Next time I think what I’ll do is let the person behind me go ahead and I will wait for the next postal employee that is available. If won't change anything. He will still be there but won't walk out of the post office feeling like a leach on society!

white african said...

i know about the whole quick deposit thing lady but i dont like doing it due to a previously lost cheque when i did it the first time, so now i have a phobia from the darn things, but i will look into the online option so cheers banana

anglo yes it really does seem that the online banking is the better option, as for that lady there are carbon copies of her in every bank :)

brave thanks bro, i will look into the online banking, hmmm barclays...

safia how could you love banks?? come over to britain, my town i will take you to th ebank i use and i garentee that you will change your mind :)

chatalaine your such a nice person, any one else would have prob complained about him or verbally attacked him, you have patience and it sounds like he is abusing that. said...

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