Tuesday, August 28, 2007

bank holiday weekend zoomed past in the speed of harry potter on a broom stick.

most of Saturday morning and afternoon was spent searching for face paint, every shop i went to seemed to have ran out of face paint, and i was beginning to panic as i had to get hold of some before Sunday as i was responsible for face paint at a charity craft fair.

hamdullilah when i had just given up hope i found a lady who happened to be selling them at a shopping centre, i swear i nearly hugged this lady, who bizarrely enough was dressed as a pixie!

any hooooo so Sunday came and i made my way to didsbury mosque where the craft fair was to be held, face painting is so cool, i used to love it as a child, i would collect my mums make up and draw cuts, bruises and scars all over my face, and all over my brothers face, one time my grandad was visiting and i had just finished painting a bruise on my eye which i have to say did look realistic from far, so i came up to my grandad (allah yar7mu) and said 'jadoo, shufut shin sar fee 3anee?' -grandad, have you see what happened to my eye?

to which he replied 'shinoo bintee?'

to which i said' dharabnee thabet fee 3inee, khalaha zargah oo imnfkhah kubrail dila3ah' - thabet hit me, and its gone blue and has swollen to the size of a melon'

so he reacts by shouting at thabet ha ha ha..

any way, the day began with face paints for the children and ended with a certain md hijacking the face paints and painting the adults faces, i swear i haven't laughed so much in a long time.
weary thank youuu so much for bringing tears of laughter to my face, that took guts to walk out the mosque with that face loooooool.

by the way can i just point out that for those people who say that my taste in shoes is questionable as well as weird, a little girl at the mosque fell in love with my sandals and i caught her wearing them so many times that i had to put them on the top shelf so she couldn't reach them, proof that others share my taste :)
hmmm interesting walk..


PH said...

Seemed like you had fun, I like the face paint on the little girls, as for the older girl she has guts :P.

I'm glad you found somebody who shares your taste in shoes even if she is less than 50 cm's tall :))))

salaam and thanks for the laugh

Brave Heart said...

show us ur face after painting, now explain to me why this little lovely child leave all the sandls and took urs, it must be something weird with u.

lostkitty said...

Lets b clear, no one said ur shoes were ugly... we just said that they were like old lady shoes :-)
Has it occured to u that the little girl may not know any better and didnt infact have an awful lot of shoes to chose from?!

As for Weary - my God I have no laughed that hard and for that long in YEARS! It was hilarious watching ppls reactions and also realising u can guess where someone is from by the way they react!

white african said...

ph she certainly has guts!

the little girl has alot of potential, the fact that she has an eye for my shoe prooves she will grow up with taste and style ;)

brave well unfortuantly i was a coward and didnt get my face painted, but i will soon inshallah, maybe a frog or a witch, i use dto always choose a witch when i was a child, dont ask, i guess wierdness is what its all about.

as for the little girl, im impressed by her choice :)

kitty old ladyshoes, whateva dudette, talk to the hand.

and yes she actually did have alot of shoes to choose from so na na na na na

NM said...

Definately the best sunday in a long time! i hope we are still getting up to things like this even when we are old:)

white african said...

i hope so too dudette :)

WearyTribalNomad said...

haha ladies im glad you had a blast so did i, although ive yet to live it down but i dont care because you guys were all entertained....thats the key thing...reputation...ha i laugh in the face of it...entertainment is my game, name and also what makes me insane!!