Monday, September 03, 2007

well this weekend i spent it on the outskirts of London in a lovely scouts base, the aim of the camp was to revive us for the coming scouts year, we've had a break from scouts due to the summer holidays so a person can get lazy starting up again so this camp was meant to boost our energy levels and enthusiasm to start scouting again with the kids yipeeeeeeeee.
we left just after 10pm on Friday, late i know but by the time every one was free, packed and ready to go it was 10, to be honest i was expecting us to get lost about a thousand times and what not, but surprisingly enough we didn't, ever the idealist your a great driver and md your a great navigator so i big you up :)
we stopped at a service station for 45 minutes and then when we reached the m1 there was traffic, the opposite lane was on stand still, seriously people where walking up and down the motor way, stretching there legs and having chit chats with other drivers, a couple of lorries had swerved across the road and caused chaos, i have a bone to pick with lorry drivers, dudes your supposed to drive on the left lane, what in the world are you doing on the middle and right lane, at one point there was 3 lorries on each lane driving next to one another!! no wonder they crashed and caused a stand still that probably took hours to clear, thank Allah we where only stuck for a maximum of half an hour, and our traffic jam was more to do with road works.

any way by the time we got to the camp base it was just after 2am, and the dude in charge of the camp was waiting for us aaaaw bless, i literally got into my pj's, opened my sleeping bag, and slept and woke up the next morning to the sound of people making morning noises, banging doors, shouting 'breakfast is ready', running up the corridors.

after breakfast it was the first seminar about time management, sooooo what we Muslims need, surprisingly enough we started on time :)
but it was a cool seminar and the guy doing it was handing out chocolate to people who where participating, clever dude.
during the break we ventured out and i found a cool tree tent, i soooo want one of these:
then came prayer time, praying outside in the open is soooo wonderful, totally different atmosphere, and can i just point out that you londeners are experiencing better weather than us manchester lot.
aaaaaaw look at how colourful they are, whoever said Muslims are dull should check out some of the dress sense of the sisters, diverse and colourful :0)
after a couple more lectures it was time for an activity, shooting yipeeee, this was our instructor, cool dude:
can i just point out that it was not bullets but pellets, and no scouts or pigeons where harmed in the making of this blog entry.

i had a go myself:
and i would like to announce to the world that i got a bulls eye, bulls eye, bulls eye, check it out: we got the Chance to try out the cross bow, but others decided to do a charlies angel hijabi style:
i got caught cheating, well stupid arrows for the cross bow where those plastic stuff that you have to put the end in water so as to stick on the target, i tried like a thousand times and the damn thing wouldn't stick but just bounce of, so went a few inches away from it aimed and amazingly it stuck, but some one caught me on my own camera, hmmmmm i say payback is in order:
we found such a cool climbing tree, walahi it was so easy to climb and was big enough to fit a few of us:
i would like to congratulate judy for managing to climb to the top of the tree:
i of course couldn't resist taking pictures of trees:
later that evening me and my roomie relaxed by literally putting our feet up, can you guess who had the stripy socks?


eternal peace said...

salam alaikum sis hope ur well inshaAllah, scouts look really fun alhamdulillah enjoying the outdoor life, i get the feeling ur the type of sis that likes an active outdoor life? and u and trees sis lol its like deja vous(is that how u spell it hmm) lol

take care wasalam

Anonymous said...

oh,White african,it seems as you had alot of fun with your muslims sisters.Masha allah.
is That was you up the tree?
Any way,Your so lucky to have alot of wanderfull good muslims sisters.

be happy


white african said...

eternal walykum asslam sis, hope your well.

i really do love the outdoor life and your right i like to be active, as for trees my ultimate love :)

hibo yep that was me up the tree, and alhamdullah i had loads of fun with great friends, join us next time :)

Chatalaine / شاتالاين said...

It sounds and looks like you had a wonderful time! I think it is good for our hearts and souls to get away and spend time like you did with friends and God/Allah.

white african said...

chatalaine i agree, retreats can be very good for the mind and soul, just an occasional break from the repeativness that is life is good for the soul

Hibo said...

You look so Cute,Masha allah

Ramdan kreem.
hey,try to join one of my new bloggers,oky.!

white african said...

thanks hibo :0) ramadan kareem to you to hun