Friday, August 03, 2007

well after the shopping, we had to go back to the hotel to rest and pack for the 2nd part of the tour, we where to set out of the hotel at midnight so as to arrive at chitagong for around 6am. i wasnt really looking forward to the drive, our driver bless him had a way of breaking every couple of seconds and you can just imagine how depressing that was for our internal organs.

i prayed that i would sleep which thankfully i did whilst saying the dua for travelling.

i woke up a couple of hours later with a neck that was twisted in a way that no human should ever experince, i'm sure i heard a crack when i stretched lol, the trials and tribulations of travelling, its all part of the experince.

we arrived at the hotel which looked fancy, we just wanted to get to bed as soon as possible which we did and completly zonked out.

woke up a few hours later, freshened up and made our way to 'adventure land':

we where there to have a boat ride on Fous lake and not to experince the rides lol.

when we got out the mini bus a little girl greeted me with a rose:

i wasnt feeling to good that day, slightly dizzy and not with it, so when i walked into the adventure land and saw a big wheel, i thought to myself, i will volounteer to hold every ones bags as there is no way i am going on any rides:

thankfully it was only a boat ride that was very relaxing with beautiful scenery to sooth my headache:
even our driver, uncle karim, had a go of rowing the boat bless:
by the time the boat ride was finished we where kinda hungry so we ate and then made our way back to the dreaded mini bus, we where going to the beach yipeeeeeeee.

a couple of weeks before i flew to bangaldesh there was a flood in chitagong which caused a fair bit of damage, killed 80 people and 800 where missing and apperently when we left a massive mud slide occured in the area killing many, i pray that allah grants patience to those families affected by the mud slide.

i love the sea, its scary and i hate the thought of being stranded at sea, but there is something about looking into the horizion and it can be very soothing and calming to the soul to sit back and watch the waves, i love how big and secret it can be, and i always remeber how every drop in the ocean allah knows about subhannallah.
fishing boats where every where we looked, so pretty
we where not the only ones at the beach, there where some local boys playing football, fisher man
i wasnt the only one looking into the horizon:
i couldnt resist writting my name on the sand, its tradition, a person cannot visit the beach without writting there name:
i have to say visiting the sea made me feel tons better, i completly forgot about my headache so by the time we left i was back to singing much to the amusement of lady wild kat :)

i love the sea:


ibeebarbie said...

Salam White African,

Truly there is something very spectacular about the sea. It gives us life, alhamdullilah.

I absolutely love the picture of the stairway mixed in the brush.

Monday's Child said...

what beautiful photos WA :) Thank you for sharing this amazing experience!

eternal peace said...

may Alah bless and strenghten those ppl in your pics that were begging or living the street life, especially the young children and elders ameen

still waiting for the pics of sylhet inshaAllah..its like tuning into a serial drama:)
jazakAllah khayr for ur lovely pics

Ever The Idealist said...

I always wanted to write my name in the sand and document it. Well done for doing so. Lovely pics, they make me feel like i was there! crazy i know xx

Anglo-Libyan said...

unfortunately, as you must have heard, there has been another flood in that area, Allah help them.

nice photos and I agree with ibeebarbie, the stairway picture is beautiful.

PH said...

Yes, as Anglo said there has been another flood and the other day in the mosque I frequent we prayed for the surviviors and victims, they've even started a donation box for them ...... my god protect them.


LovelyHibo said...

ماشاء الله علي إنتقائك للصور
هكي نبيك ..بصراحة عيونك حلوات في إختيار الصورة المناسبة

عجبوني 2 صور بالتحديد بشكل غريب
صورة القارب الي علي الرمال كان شكله مميز

وصةر الرجل الي ماشي بالبشكليطه علي شاطيء البحر ..الانعكاس كان خيالي و رائع جدا

أختي اني مصره إنك تحطي صورك في ألبوم خاص بيك في الفيكر

وأني عندي ألبوم في الفيكر لو تخشي لمدونتي حاتلقيه

واهو نخليهولك باش تشوفي المجموعات والقروبات كيف يعلقولك علي صورك وتحسي بالرضا :)

موفقه ياأختي والله فرحت بصورك لدرجة ماتتخيلهاش

فأنا أحبك في الله

Brave Heart said...

me too, when i was in bad mood, i took myself and go to the beach in Benghazi, just to relax, seeing ships, boats, people swimming, the power of the see, all these things help the soul to relax

piccolina said...

glas that you are still having fun mashallah
i read most of ur posts and i still can't understand one thing .. how could take a close picture for those ppl who were beggin and the otehrs whom u felt sorry for !!
honestly ! if i were in ur place i would have felt same as you " sorry " but i would never be able to rais my cam into thier faces !!

i love the nature there subhan allah amazing and thanks alot for sharing :)

keep it up ..bless you :)

white african said...

wassalam ibee.

i love that picture as well, we where on the boat and it looked so picturesque amongs the trees.

monday your most welcome :)

eternal ameen to your dua sis, sylhet pictures will come soon inshallah.

ever next time you go to the beach make sure you write your name, if i go to a beach b4 youdo then i will write your name :)

and you where with me on this trip in spirirt :)

anglo i know ameen to your dua, so sad really.

ph ameen, they really are in need of dua and donations.

lovley thank you for your lovley comments :) i have registered with flicker now like you said, so i will soon be uploading pictures and hopefully learning more about taking photos.

brave i adore the sea, i cant swim, but i love to watch it, i kept wishing i had a house next to the sea, how cool would that have been.

piccolina long time sis, hope your well hun :)

to be honest alot of the pictures i took of the people where becuase they actually wanted me to take there photo, so many of them have never ha dthere photo taken so it was an exciting thing for them, especially when i would show them there picture, you should see the smile on there faces.

bengalis are very friendly people and they dont mind people taking pictures, some of them even pose bless.