Saturday, August 11, 2007

one way of de-stressing me is looking at my holiday photos, i get a sense of relaxation and calmness when i look at the captured memories.

whoever invented the camera should have a day of holiday dedicated to him.

so yeh I'm feeling tons better now, i kinda had a heart to heart with a certain person who was pressurising me in doing something that i wasn't totally convinced with and you know it wasn't as bad as i thought it might be, turns out the person was understandable and took it well, so thanks dearest bloggers for your kind words and advice, much appreciated.
any way back to Bangladesh, i love this part of the tour because it really did become so scenic, although getting up so high meant that i puked my insides out, but i can honestly say it was worth it. and as soon as i saw the trail up to the hotel then i knew it was gonna be an interesting night full of bamboo sticks.
the area we where visiting was called bandarban and the hotel was pretty cool, the only one in the area, its no longer allowed to build hotels in this area, this guy was lucky as he built it before the law took effect, it's basically bamboo huts, the best part was getting to the huts, especially in the dark, you have to watch your every step, creatures where lurking every where.
after resting and freshening up we where heading off again in the traumatising mini bus to the highest point in Bangladesh, again the views where fantastic and i managed to climb a tree so wahaaaaaaay:
check out this wonderful greenness, subhannallah:
we then headed to visit a tribal village, these people live a very simple lifestyle, it's easy to maybe fall into the trap of thinking that they probably envy us for the type of life style we live but i would honestly say that we envy there simplicity and contentment, look at how simple there home is:
we came across one of the men of the tribe:
as well as kids (the naked child is a very common sight to see)
interestingly it is the woman who is the bread winner and the man stays at home looking after the children:
after visiting the tribal village we continued to drive until we stopped to take photos of the beauty that is Bangladesh:
we then spotted those hard working ladies earning there living:
on our way back to the hotel we heard gushing water, and was told it was a water fall by the name of shaloprapat, a chance to dip our feet:
and a chance for me to capture more scenic views:
on the way back to the mini bus was a man playing a weird looking musical instrument:
back to the hotel for dinner where i completely made a fool of myself, but that's not really anything new now is it?.


Ever The Idealist said...

when am i gonna see ya? i wana get a chai latte sometime soon ok? wed is my nearest day free. lets do something. hope you are ok and had a cool weekend of relaxation and rest xxx

white african said...

ever why does it feel like absoloutly yonks since i last laid eyes on your somalisim :0)

i agree we must meet soon, our secret code is black sparrow, i will be wearing a trench coat and a grey misreable hat over my hijab carrying a black brief case, obviously trying to blend in with the back ground so as not to be recognised.

this mission is vital always remember that ever and know that goodness prevails and the light will shine.

ok so enough of the craziness, course i waana see you, depends what time wed hun, let me know when your free on wed, we can go for a coffee mmmmmmm coffee.

No1-Honest Enough said...

As i told you befor..You are showing me new side
i am waiting ur flicker album..
you dont` add me yet..!
by the way,i am hibo

white african said...

hey hibo, i finnaly opend a flicker account, how do i invite you?