Tuesday, August 14, 2007

does it not really disgust you to think who might have sat on the seat before you on the bus, or whether the person who touched the door handle before had washed there hands or not, especially the toilet door.

it doesn't help when you see such examples right in front of your eyes.

take the other day for example.

me and kitty where standing at the bus stop waiting for the wonderful 15 bus, as usual chatting about something or other (obviously intelligent conversations) when i noticed a sort of splashing sound next to me, so i turn ever so slightly to my right and low and behold there is a man urinating not far from where i was standing openly in front of all to see, amazingly people where looking out for the bus so no one noticed apart from me and i was in complete shock and only managed to turn around to kitty and say to her 'oh my god, did... did you just see that?' to which she made a disgusted look and announced that the bus was here.

but before we could actually board the bus, Mr. Urinate, decided he had first dibs on getting on the bus and not only that, decided to touch every single thing on the bus with his unclean hands, touching the door, the seats that he walked past, the metal poles, you name it he placed his fingers on it.

that's why it triggered the whole, 'who in the world sat in my seat before me?' thought.

some one should invent disposable covers for seats.


Anglo-Libyan said...

what a major nightmare??

to be honest, yes it does disgust me, that is why I have a phobia of public loos and thats why im always enquiring about toilet conditions where ever you travel.

another thing, when shopping in supermarkets, i never pick up the first item on the shelf, always go to the second or third row :o)

I keep touching public places to a minimum if I can help it.

Chatalaine / شاتالاين said...

I guess we could all stay home in our safe germ free homes. But that just doesn't work for me. I love to travel!!

Think about the beds in hotel rooms. Who sat on those blankets last? Oh they wash the sheets... but that is it, just the sheets and pillow case. There is still the blanket, bedspread and chairs they go from one person to the next.
I once stayed in a hotel many years ago where everything was made out of tile! Yes even the bed but wait. There was a matress on the bed and used sheets!! I ended up pulling out all of our dirty clothes and spreading them all over the bed so we (husband and 2 children) had a place to sleep.

We just need to remember to protect ourselves the best we can and let God take care of the rest. Funny, that applies to all things doesn't?

Brave Heart said...

how cool the jangle life is :-P :-P

white african said...

anglo it never occured to me ever about the whole supermarker thing, my god, the list is endless of the possibility of germs aaaaaaah.

thanks for the tip :0)

chatalaine im the same i couldnt possibly stay at home all the time :)

the whole hotel room thing really bothers me each time i stay in a hotel, my friend once caught something from bed sheets at a hptel and since then i'm wary.

your last sentance is so true and thanks for that reminder :)

brave it really is a jungle out there lol

No1-Honest Enough said...

شوفي لو بتفكري فيكل شيء بهالطريقة حاتوسوسي وحاتبدي تتفكري هل ايدي الناس الي سلمتي عليهم نظيفة او لا...ووين كانت ايديهم قبل مايسلموا عليك

اني مؤمنة بأنه مافيش حاجة حاتصيرلنا الا بأمر الله وقضائه وقدره
"قل لن يصيبنا إلا ماكتب الله لنا"

فلهذا الواحد يدير الي عليه ويخلي الباقي علي ربه
يعني مايوليش موسوس و يبدي زي المريض النفسي الي يغسل في ايده اكثر من 10 مره في 5 دقايق

ديري الي عليك وادعي ربي يحفظنا ويحمينا

واسفة لو كلامي ماعجبكش

white african said...

hibo thank you and please dont apologise, what you said what right, alhamdullilah i havent reached a stage where i wash my hands a thousand times a day, but at the same time when i see things like that man then i cant help but wonder.

its the yuk factor that makes my skin crawl.

dont worry i wont let itreach the paranoid stage :)

Living Away said...

really, i never thought about that even after living almost 6 years in the usa where they have anti-bactericide for absolutely everything.

i don't think much about micro bacteria/virus/germs world because it's an in vain battle. it's too much to care about!
generally speaking, i'm not sure if everybody washes hands after pee or something else at home, universities, groceries, bookstores, churches, restaurants, and so on!
i'm not sure if the grocery guy gets my food with one hand and get my money with another, since nothing is dirter than money!

it isn't a easy situation at all, but a man peeing down the street is something beyond germs! it's an educational problem what is very hard to fix it up!

well, is our home a free germ/bacteria environment? i heard that hair brushes, sponges, towels are full of those invisible things!!

a_akak said...

just try to think about it as that makes life much easier :P

fe aman allah

white african said...

living away the whole money thing really is a major contribution for germs and do you know in hospitals, researchers found that the doctors pen is one of the primary factors of spreading germs interestingly.

i guess when you really start thinking about it, a door of 'what ifs' opens up and our lives would be alot more difficult to live.

on the whole what we cant see we shouldnt worry about :)(i try to convince myslef)

akak, do you mean try not to think about it? :)

NM said...

urgh! the only time i had the "pleasure" of seeing a man urinating was in Belgium behind an alley and i was only wondering around there because i was lost...urgh i hope to god never to witness such a horrendous sight!

white african said...

nm poor you, it really is a horrible sight, but most men at least have the decency to do it in a corner somewhere out of teh way, regardless of how disgusting it is, this particular man did not do it in a corner but instead right beside me for all of manchester to see, now that is traumatizing.