Friday, August 24, 2007

have you ever wanted something so much that your willing to risk the health of others in order to gain this want?

i know a lady who is pregnant and who is starving herself in a form of protest as she has been kept on a waiting list for accommodation.

she is not a happy bunny at the moment and she is determined to get what she wants from the council so she is black mailing them through her pregnancy, she refuses to eat, harming herself and her baby. now i don't know about you but i personally find this behaviour rather selfish and i get really annoyed when i hear things like this, i don't understand the concept of risking someones health for personal reasons!!!

if you want to do something to your body then so be it especially if your in the right frame of mind, i remember a couple of years ago a man protested about being sent back to his original country by sewing his mouth together to ensure starvation, not a pleasant sight but its his choice at the end of the day, and he was sane enough to come to that decision.

this lady on the other hand is in danger of damaging her baby (which by the way she does want to keep) for the sake of a 3 bedroom house, last time i saw her, she didn't look to good, and her health is getting affected, i mean when a woman is pregnant she goes through allot anyway usually needing iron tablets due to lack of iron in her body, dehydration sometimes due to vomiting, heart burn, aches and pain, the list can go on, so it doesn't really help matters when you starve your body from what it needs to make her survive as well as the baby growing in her.

she has every one bending over backwards because of this starvation business, and the sad thing is that no one is impressed by her actions, instead people are rolling eyes and expressing there disgust, the council have yet to comment, i don't think there buttons have been pushed far enough, clearly there not budging and inch and to be honest i don't blame them.


Anglo-Libyan said...

its well known that some women in the UK get pregnant just so that they can get a council house with not much thought about the babies well being.

this woman is selfish and I would go as far as accusing her of child abuse, I doubt that the council would get much notice of her except probably take the baby away from her if the baby survived.

white african said...

extremley selfish, the funny thing is that this woman portrays the image of being a practicing muslim, now i would never accuse her of not being so but what i do know is that her actions concerning this particular issue are far from islamic.

red head said...

she came in the other day to see the doc. . and then when she came back out with the interpreter she made another appt a week later. . then as soon as the interpreter left she comes back and tells me to cancel it. . i was like :o