Thursday, November 30, 2006

I had an eye test yesterday, for quite some time now I cant make out the number on the bus, kitty can vouch for this, seriously I would be convinced that it would be the number 86 and it would turn out to be 142 for example, the last eye exam I had was something like 1996, ages ago, the optician reacted when I said that, other than he had the same facial expression through out kinda like keanu reeves acting, no expression what so ever lol.

I had to pay 18 pounds for my eye test, the end result is that my left eye is weaker than my right eye and that I will need glasses for reading from a distance etc.. If I continue to wear the glasses then my eye sight will improve eventually, he gave me a prescription and I am expected to get me a pair of glasses yesssssssssssssssssss

what you gotta understand is that since childhood I have had three wishes (saving the world, becoming a artist, world peace etc,, are not part of these wishes, they where always on a different wish list). To put it quite simply as a child I wanted:

  1. glasses (soon to have inshallah)
  2. braces
  3. freckles

yep that's correct, braces, I just think they are so cool, I had a friend who had braces and she had these little elastic bands that she would attach to her braces, and she had colored braces wow, I used to get paper clips and open them up and shape them around my teeth so that it looked like I had braces, I cut the inside of my mouth really badly doing that so never try that experiment out it really hurts!!!

now it costs a bomb to have braces fitted cause I'm over 18, which sucks, its like over 500 pounds to have metal fitted to your teeth and probably even more to have it in different colors.

the whole freckles thing is so cool, I think they are so cute and sweet and I used to wish I had them, I once got my mums kohl and dotted my whole face, when I looked in the mirror I scared my self, it looked like I had hundreds of black heads instead of freckles, my mum told me off for wasting her eye liner, I tried it with her lipstick ended up looking like I had a severe allergic reaction to something, there was a stage in my life where I thought if I sat under the sun for ages I would develop freckles, I just ended up getting heat stroke, no freckles and no tan cause I never tan, not one bit, it took me years to realise that.

now I need to go glasses shopping, hmmmmm should I get dame Edna style?


Anonymous said...

I can provide you with free pair of braces if you like but I do not think it is good idea at this age !

The Godfather said...

HA HA HA!!!! Ur blind as a bat!!! Ur gona get badly dissed from me now. Ur glasses are gona be so big and thick that they're gona be sponsored by AutoGlass!!!

Braces...I remember when I had them.....I first had them in School, but took em off cos I coudn't be bothered. Come college, my teeth weren't straight at all. To this day I remember the advice of one girl; she says, 'Zeb, you wanna smile on your wedding photograph.' That's when I figured...and I braved the braces through the rest of college and much of my undergraduate years. The result, Alhamdulillah, my winning smile!?!?!?


Monday's Child said...

Re glasses: I recommend you find a glasses shop that has a 2 for one deal and get a serious "normal" pair and a funky Edna style for feeling cool :-) Good luck!

white african said...

annon i am up for the braces, seriously, you can never be to old, any way i aint old lol

godfather he said i have good vision i just need to wear them when i need to see the bus number and things like that, any way i dont have to answer back to you so bllllllll (tongue sticking out)

see you where lucky you had braces growing up, i didnt so not fair..

dont take th emick out of freckles ok..

mondays child thanks for that advice, i may just do that lol

The Godfather said...


piccolina said...

oh i have a long story with braces !!!! i had it on for 3 years and i removed it to use the kind that u can take off when u eat ..u know coz my wise teeth grew after i had the perfect shape and after all that pain mouth became the same old one !!! i feel bad especially for all the money ..and now i have to take them off ,operations !! i've done one and it hurts so bad ! so as u can see i'm running away from taking the rest off then i'll have to have the brace again !!
so since u dream about it what do u say about switch place ??

MD said...

wise teeth eh?....i'd like some of

white african said...

piccolina i will swap with you gladly, so when do we exchange ourselves lol

md we all have the ability to have wise teeth its about maturing one self ha ha ha

Hamza-x said...

Don't believe the opticians they are liars,they told me the same and the result is that i can't see without the glasses now.
i think u must work in holywood as a directer cos you have high ability to imagination

Brave Heart said...

they told me the same ,the result is i have a glass for every day.
any way i think you have the sole of the artiste.and i guess u r Pisces

white african said...

hamza you have a cool name my brother's name is hamza :).

so they are liars hmmm its a conspiracy i new it lol, they want us to keep coming back for more

i dont work for hollywood but i will inshalah for islamicwood (there is no such thing yet that is)

brave heart, i love the idea of being an artist (so cool) i'm not pisces by the way, although i dont believe in that stuff i wa sborn late september so i am supposodly a Libra.

Highlander said...

White African :P
I had the braces, I have the glasses and I still have the freckles ......

Go for it girl !

white african said...

woooohooo highlander, you are everything i wanted to be as a child :)

maybe in hajj if i pray for freckles, Allah will bless me with them..

Anonymous said...

What is about Laser eye treatment !? If you want the braces to be fixed in your mouth, you need to come to the clinic ... do you need them coloured ? what colours

Hana Agil said...

So to sum up, your ambition in life is to be a geek and a bully's bait?

Am i the only one finding this a little ironic. I sort of understand the glasses, but BRACES? braces are hideous. freckles are just spotty.

Thats just begging to be bullied in your school years whitey.

Hana Agil said...

So to sum up, your ambition in life is to be a geek and a bully's bait?

Am i the only one finding this a little ironic. I sort of understand the glasses, but BRACES? braces are hideous. freckles are just spotty.

Thats just begging to be bullied in your school years whitey.

Anonymous said...

WA.....u dont want glasses....they are a me I knw. They are a pain......but i guess now u have no choice....welcome to the world of the

Freckles.....I'm not too sure about them...

Braces.....nah....I don't like the taste of metal

Anonymous said...

salamat sister ... Have you seen this .. I liked it but I do not know if you will ... Well done

white african said...

annon where is your clinic based, in manchester?

hana aint no one can bully me, let them just try..

native i was relying on you sis for the support lol

annon thanks for that, i did know about it, didnt realis they where going to put it on the net!!

NM said...

YAY! welcome to the world of the visually challenged, i have been there since i was 14.

You will now have some hilarious stories to tell when you really become dependent on them.

I am having to part with my contacts for each so sometime during this months i will be going glasses shopping too.

oh the joys of wearing glasses in winter, condensation ;)

Marhaba whitey

NM said...

On second thoughts, i have freckles. not too sure what i think about them they have simply been there since i can remember although they challenge my somaliness...something else eh.

I have decided to forever play with nationalities now! whereever i go i will half of that and half something else ;)

what fun i am going to have!!

white african said...

thanks nm that was a lovley welcome, cant wait to join th ecult of glass wearing