Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ok I have been meaning to blog about this for some time cause it really makes me feel like screaming...

the worst thing I see around these days is that stupid fashion of wearing the trousers below the backside, belt included, showing underwear to every tom dick and Harry without seeking their permission, if some one wanted to show me their underwear then I would prefer if they asked:

'excuse me I have this sudden urge to pull my pants down to just below my bum and show you my underwear would you mind?'

HELL YES, of course I would mind!!! 'just give me a minute while I pull out my brown paper bag to puke in'

seriously its ridiculous and besides all that it doesn't even look nice, the worst is when there trousers are already at a dangerous level and then they decide to bend down, what are they thinking!!!! Which idiot convinced these people that it is a cool thing to do and why are people sheep following each others whims...

the history behind it is prison, men where not allowed to wear belts incase they decided to go on a suicide mission so because of the lack of belts you would get the hanging trousers affect, at least they had an excuse, what is the excuse of today's mentality???

its actually funny as well because not only is the guys underwear waving hello at you but also some of them are tripping up on their trousers at the bottom and looking clumsy, when I trip I trip with class, when they trip people just think DUH PULL YOUR TROUSERS UP... Also because the back is hanging loose under the backside you get the affect of a baby that has filled its nappy, that's right they look like they have had a big accident in their trousers yuk!!!

the other day I was waiting to take some money out of the cash machine and there was this guy informs of me who couldn't do anything because his trousers where falling down because he had them low to begin with (probably trying to break a record of 'how low can you have your trousers) so he was trying to get hold of his trousers as well as put his card in the machine and was finding it really difficult to juggle these to tasks, for a second he looked at me as if to say 'please help me I am disfunctionate' but the look I gave him made him turn his trousersless backside around.

if there are any readers out there who are advocates of 'releasing the bum to all' then please think again, its vulgar, not very nice and extremely uncomfortable for you, and besides every one is laughing at you now that's humiliating...


The Godfather said...

So is that where the 'low pant wearing' trend originates from; the pen........hmmmmmmmm, interesting.

Well, I guess Hollywood made it into a big big that it has a cult like following.

Not my style though.


loooool.....a longtime coming.

Also...back when homosexuality wasn't a fashion would wear their pants low ('sagging') so as to indicate they were taken (meaning they had boyfriends).

There is a point where u should wear your pant, the lowest it can go is on your pelvic bone. That is a place where your bum-crack aint visible......but please, nowadays its as if they wear their pants on their thighs........I mean c'mon....dats so not cool and unattractive....makes u look like you have a wahsboard bum and that aint attractive......blieve me!

So brothers and sistaz alike (this trend does not discriminate, its universal) wear your pants at respectable level.....and even if u r trying to rebel don't flash ur manky boxers (or in some case....manky Y fronts)

Brave Heart said...

Hi White African
you are right ,but don't forget its a small number of people do that,most of them are teenagers without families.especially Jamaican community.

white african said...

godfather i found the prison thing interesting as well, does explain it as well. hollywood could be blamed for so many things but it still dont give the excuse to copy blindly..

native the homosexulaity info was very interesting, didnt know that so thanks for passing that bit of info, and i agree with you its unatrractive.

brave heart welcome.. i wasnt generalising i know there are loads of men who dont wear there trousers in this fashion but the numbers are growing nad it initially was young teenagers but i see alot of university students from different backgrounds who wear there trousers in this fashion..


You knw WA....back in college when someone was seen with there pants low (by that I mean 'really low') they would pull their pants down.

Now that wasn't a pretty sight (as u can imagine). One time they was this boy who had his pants pulled down and he was wearing teletubby pants (talk about embarassment)....he never put his pants low again.....lool

I think maybe that is what should be done......take some action...lool. if anything it would stop the problem in the short time and spare our eyesight.....lool

So lets think about who we should nominate to do the 'pulling down' of the pants.....lool

By the way u r welcome.....and that piece of info was interesting....
I wonder how many people will wear their pants low if they knew this......?

Trabilsia said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Trabilsia said...

Yes I totaly agree with you white african. Young people should not imitate everything they see.
I mean really !Having your underwear to show is digusting.
Jamaican you say braveheart ??!!
Many young Libyans are wearing their trousers in the same manner !

Anonymous said...

I was going to mention that these man walk around looking like they did a poo in their pants but you said it first :o)
its actually not only teenagers that do it, I have seen men in their 20s and 30s with their pants hanging below the bum and looking rediculous, every morning i see this young guy struggling to catch bus and I always think why dont you pull your trousers up you stupid man so that you can run properly, a friend of mine calls anyone like that Stinky because he said they look so awful you can almost smell their stinky bottoms.

white african said...

native i propose you do the pulling of the pants lol and yeh i wonder if any dudes wil continue to wear their trousers like that after reading your comment.

trabilisia i agree with you sis, loads of libyan shabab are starting to copy this trend ikhsara walahi..

anglo loooooool, stinky thats a classic and your right guys in their 30s are starting to do the same, sad really

Anonymous said...

and do you of females doing the same !? I have seen a lot in here !

Anonymous said...

Sorry ! and what do you think of females doing the same or more !? I have seen a lot in here !

Anonymous said...

i know the REAL reason why guys wear their pants low and its NOT even a fashion excuse...its because theyve had those pants for about ten years grown out of them so if they pull them up theyre jack ups...mmmhhmmm true dat true dat braaap!!

The Godfather said...

Cracking Stuff People.

white african said...

annon same would go for females, not a nice view, actually females tend to go that bit extra with the whole showing the thong fashion nasty!!!! no gender issues, both are vulgar,

weary i would prefer jack ups to fallen trousers to be honest, although both are sights for sore eyes.

godfather the crack thing was that a pun?? (rolls eyes)

The Godfather said...

Sorry, the post was just callin out for it.

Jack ups...LOL!!!! That's a term I haven't heard since High School.

Mani said...


white african.. couldnt stop laughing.. i mean.. hell.. u were preaching to the choir here buddy.

I was thinking exactly the same thing yesterday too I had the most disgusting experience. trying to cross this road in brighton.. made way for this female cyclist.. as soon as she passed by and i glared at her behind.. yep.. what do u know.. flash the crack, courteousy of the laughing cow that invented those skinny jeans.. i was so disgusted i got into this long and inanudated debate with my flatmates about the perverse nature of these skinny jeans and why the hell are they even relation to emo's (emotional rockers etc etc).. damn.. its only in comments that I get to rant so freely lol.. most other time i try to be serious about it..

but yeah.. constant lowering of modesty stanards is a real issue.. wonder which clever entrepenur is gonna make a killing selling see-through tight jeans next..

and if i see a libyan do it.. they better prepare for my verbal assault..


Lebeeya said...

lol.... move to OMAN and you will see worse! No the men here do not wear their pants (trousers) below the back side, No I dont now see alot of underwear action...

hmmm.. then what is it I see that is worse than all thats mentioned above?

To be continued................

Highlander said...

back in college when someone was seen with there pants low (by that I mean 'really low') they would pull their pants down

this is what we should do :P

White African , believe me some Libyans are into this style now as well, scary can you imagine the underwear ? LOL

Lebeeya :P I can imagine what you are subjected to in Oman - the transparent gelabia or robe or whatever they call it there ...sunlight is a menace to the modesty of men :)

white african said...

yep godfather but some people still wear the jack up still that guy of th ex-factor simon summit or other, he's a prime example.

mani lol see through tight jeans, i so hope not, although teh whole lace leggings is making an appearance so no real differenc etheir, we seriosuly need a fashion police.

lebeeya like highlander said i can so see teh whole sunlight and jilbab thing being a major problem, (shudders) if us females have gotta be modest in out clothing then the same goes to teh males as well, transparency in clothing is a no go area for both genders.

highlander hope your feeling tons better inshallah, libyans into this? why oh why? its something unimaginable

Anonymous said...

do you know what W.A. i think that people are just reluctant to pay for that extra material to actually wear clothes that fit...the good ol' united states of..oops sorry.. *ok lame attempt of trying to get a anti redneck joke in there..darn*..well the UK..isnt exactly a third world country now is it? nuh uh...

i hereby declare that anyone whom wears their pants low...must be given a people start carrying your latex gloves around!

another thing about fashion that irates me is how everyone complains about clothes not fitting anymore...i think women just walk past evans without even so much as a blink...

gosh...women want to to be thin like vicky want to be thin like vicky too!!

as for people who wear skinny jeans theyre just looking for an excuse to be ahem...i shall say no more for i may be incriminated... *i kid i kid*

maiuna said...

oh whiteafrican, and as Highlander said, Libyans are wearing this style with their trousers lower than you can imagine!!!it's just disgusting!!!!

The Godfather said...

It seems like it's only the Libbos that are embracing this poor trend. tut tut tut!!!!

white african said...

weary maybe we should carry extra cloth around and chase afetr people that would be funny.

maiuna i agree not a nice sight and enough to put people of their food.

godfather there is a difference between ONLY and ALSO, the libyans are also embracing this trend just as other cultures are, not only so nah nah nah nah nah

Anonymous said...

funnily enough, I was going to write about the same subject in a next article series of Culture in Crisis. if but in a more serious tone and in a wider context. I honestly believe we should take these issues seriously cause i believe wholeheartedly in the old arab axiom "sharr el baleya yod7ek"


The Godfather said...

Yeah Yeah Yeah WA!!!

white african said...

mani go for it bro, if you do write one upo let me know i would be very interested in reading it,

even though we may laugh about this its still depressing, seriously i have loads of experience of situtaions i have been in where i just wanted to scream out in disgust and hold a protest.

godfather you know im right...

piccolina said...

guys my age don't really do that but the younger GOD .. there is one at uni who actually broke the record ..i always say to my friends look at him if any one can tell me how can his trousers hold on that level !!! wallahi i wanna know why don't they fall !! they r so down !!
UNDER wares ..rom the name they should be under so ppl don't see them !!
i'm starting to get used to it for boys but girls ..WONDERS !!!!

white african said...

piccolina even in libya some guys are wearing this fashion? man thats just not right...

MD said...

lol friday morning as i was boardin the bus this stupid guy had his pants hanging half way down his bottom and he almost fell trying to get on the bus.....hilarious...i wanted to pull them down/laugh at him....what an idiot, why cause yourself so much discomfort, and risk falling over because you're too busy trying to get your pass out of you wallet as well as holdig your pants up and getting on the bus
but really why do they do this....
once in the myf the brother made an went like this 'brothers please pull your pants up as some of the brothers are complaining that when some of you do ruku they can see you back/bottom......
what an announcement....

MD said...

oops i just read the comments and have realised that anglolibyan has seen young guy struggling to catch bus because of his pants....perhaps its the same guy...maybe we should meet up and pull his pants down together....what do you think anglo

Anonymous said...

were you trying to catch a bus near Finsbury Park in London md? :o) I see this guy almost everymorning.
I am sure if we pull his pants down that he will catch the bus much much better.

Anonymous said...

Salam Again

Of course, reading a comment from my new blog friends begs a quick read of their profiles and blog topics too. .and I couldn't help noticing MD that you had a post entitled "Uni".. do you do animation too??

This is amazing.. I mean. I have to share a thought with u all.. and this was reserved for another blog topic as well but heck.. write it while its fresh.. I cant help but be proud of so many Libyan female bloggers.. Walahe Mashallah they are really making me feel so proud. Dedicated to their community, dedicated to Islam and how it guides their thoughts and actions.. walahe its enough to make tears flow in happiness..

Here is a leetle request. Asia Alfasi, animator/artist published on my blog happens to be (completely by coincidence i assure u :P) my younger sister. She is searching for other Libyan girls, especially from the UK and Libya who are engaged in activities like hers or have passion for art or animation. Huge plans for a Disney-like production company for professional cartoons that deal with cross-cultural and Islamic issues. I'm sure she would love if some of you got in touch. our family lives in Brum and we don't really hang around many Libyan families..

so yeah.. proud.. really proud..

Hana Agil said...

Oh dear dear God.

white african said...

lol md, i guess they ar emultiplying, maybe the due you saw and teh one anglo saw are brothers? brothers of the 'wear your tousers the lowest that is.

wow mani what a small world, didnt realise asia was your sis how cool is that, she doesnt know me but she has done some work for the muslim youth foundation schools project, and i have seen her comic strips mashallah very good stuff, potential for a big dawah project wud love to get in touch with her.

hana loooooool tahts all i can say

MD said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MD said...

salaam mani

i'm happy for your tears flowing from happiness....walahe i am!but i'm a somali sister not a libyan..if its any consolation we share a continent....

shukran li kalaamik

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