Monday, November 27, 2006

I have been tagged by native to type up 6 weird facts about myself, that's not gonna be a problem (I think) weirdness is my second name people...

ok so here goes:
  1. singing, certain people will vouch for this, I sing all the time, most of the time I don't even realise I'm singing, what really gets on peoples nerves is that when I have a certain tune in my head I will sing it over and over again and 9 out of 10 times I wont know the full song so its like a broken record singing the same lines over and over again. I remember one time in Libya I was in one of the mini supermarkets with my aunt looking at the shampoos and I saw the sun silk range and the advert tune popped into my head and instantly I stared singing it dum dum dum dum dum durum durum etc.. My aunt runs up to me horrified 'what you doing she says, singing I tell her, she then whispers you cant do that, they might think your a majnoona (crazy) or looking for attention, I was like but I'm not though but still I was dragged out of that shop looooooool.
  2. I have a vast imagination where I end up going into my own little world and forget what's happening around me, I used to day dream a lot as a kid and would make up stories about every day objects, there was a period in my life where I would swallow rice whole and refus to chew it because I imagined that the rice where families and that I would be killing a member of the family if I chewed so I wanted all of them to live and I would imagine the rice rejoicing in my stomach and celebrating I had to stop this when I started getting stomach cramps. I know I know but it proved entertaining to my parents and even now they still amuse themselves by reminding me of my weirdness.
  3. my taste in shoes would have to be number 3, now I think I have an interesting taste and I would go so far as to call it cool (do people still use that phrase?) but yet even though my opinions are important to me people still point them out and comment, well what can I say I guess I'm unique and individualistic and most defiantly not a sheep....
  4. my sense of humor I gotta say is really weird, I can find things really funny that others wont find amusing in the least and I would be up for a joke anytime although it has calmed over the years, there was a time when if I was dared to do something then come what may I would do this dare, now adays I gotta think about it at least 6 times before rushing into a dare and my understanding of the din may prevent me from going into certain dares which proves that I have matured to a certain extent round of applause people... Growing up with my brothers I have to say I did play tricks on them for my own amusement, like the time I put my brother in the oven (it was off, no fire so don't go all shocked on me)
  5. my love of salt, wow I cant seem to have enough of it, sometimes I will put salt on the food even before I taste it which really annoys my mother, but uts a habit and I remember when I was at uni all the brs and srs that used to get takeaways and bring them back to the uni prayer room would bring extra salt so that by the end of the year their was a drawer dedicated to salt sachets only just for MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE... Also cause I'm talking about food and stuf what's really nice is eating crisps and toffee at the same time, really nice, especially ready salted crisps with toffee sweets, try it out some time.
  6. lastly the fact that I drum on doors, desks, tables anything I find myself drumming all the time, I do it even in meetings and I only relase I'm doing it when every one shuts up and looks at me waiting fro me to stop, some habits are hard to kill drum drum drum drum drum drum drum...

I tag all of the readers to blog their 6 weird facts about themselves, go go go go go go...


Anonymous said...

I love your sense of humour and your imagination is cause for entertainment

Ya WA...salt is not good for you so enough

What actually strikes me as wierd is you swallowing whole rice.....(how did that feel like?)

Bottom line though.....I love you WA...wierdness and all :)
U bring colour to our life...mashaAllah

Thnx for answering my tag....

white african said...

thanks sis, i enjoyed doing that it made me think about what people percieve as being weird.

the rice thing, as a kid i remember thinking it was hard work, and sometimes i would forget and chew and when i remeberd i would be so horrified and upset lol.

luv you to native...

Anonymous said...

Weirdness?..check it out.. I was just reading wikipedia and I am now lying in tatters in the UNI Library. I will give you more than six different weird facts about me that are all true..:

1)Failing to pay close attention to details or making careless mistakes when doing schoolwork or other activities

2)Trouble keeping attention focused during play or tasks

3)Appearing not to listen when spoken to

4)Failing to follow instructions or finish tasks

5)Avoiding tasks that require a high amount of mental effort and organization, such as school projects

6)Frequently losing items required to facilitate tasks or activities, such as school supplies

7)Excessive distractibility



10)inability to begin an activity
Difficulties with household activities (cleaning, paying bills, etc.)

11)Fidgeting with hands or feet or squirming in seat

12)Leaving seat often, even when inappropriate

13)Running or climbing at inappropriate times

14)Difficulty in quiet play

15)Frequently feeling restless

16)Excessive speech

17)Answering a question before the speaker has finished

18)Failing to await one's turn
Interrupting the activities of others at inappropriate times

19)Impulsive spending, leading to financial difficulties.

thats all me in 19 points.. its pretty much all I am. I was even gonna write about the excessive spending thingy-ma-jig on the blog yesterday.. only to find that wikipedia had beaten me to it. Heck I only started a blog and writing one to get used to the idea of writing.. to actually get accustomed to a mood where I could sit down and write something without being distracted.

Those were all the symptoms of Attention Defecit Hyperactivity Disorder. Kol 3am wintom bekhair :)

Anonymous said...

that was supposed to be> :(

Anonymous said...

Yo fungus

If I list the six freak things about me does that make me a sheep!

white african said...

looooooool mani that was brilliant, 19 lets see if any one can break you record,number 3 - appearing not to listen when spoken to, i got accused of that at work today so when i saw that i laughed out loud and then got in trouble again.

annon i presume you are flower lady, puuuhlease like i would do a sheep thing, course you wouldnt be a sheep if you did the 6 weird things about you, its insightful, tink of it that way

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

OK 1 by 1
1- singing : i do dandan sometimes, andit does make my friends yell sometimes...cause i stick to it all day, just because it was the first thing i heard in the morning.

2- i used to do that too, like thinking that i should look out for ants while i'm walking cause this ant might be a kid which it's mother sent to get some grocery... pretty wierd huh!

3-ummm shoe taste.. for a moment i thought that you actually TASTE you're

4- yah. i got that too, in some circumstances i burst laughing and then realise it's only me who found the situation funny.

5- well i used to add ketchup to everything including cuscus!!

6- druming on objects.... nah thats my little brother... he drives me crazy.

so you're wierd stuff are actually popular in a way.

white african said...

welcome ema, i never got the ketchup fascination, i had friends who where like that as well, rice, couscous you name it..

the 6 things where just the tip of the iceberg, it was only after i had typed it up that i thought i could have added this thing and that thing oh well, i guess 6 is a start lol.

Brave Heart said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh my god
six just start ,i can't imagine that,this mean your parent are suffering to deal with you,may they scar for putting them in the oven like u did with your brother.
for me i can say
1-i can't be patiant when i buy a book or magazine i start to read this book immediately while i'm walking,this make many problems to me cos all times i bumped on the people on the road or bumped on the trees or fall in wholes,the worst happen if i'm driving.

2-i'm not patient,i like every thing to be done quickly.

3- i divide the people to 2 groups ,first group is the stupid people which they cant understand the live like i'm do, this group is 99%,the second group is just 1%,my friends told me: that is the prove of me been the stupidest one on the earth.

4-i can't resist the food,i can eat,eat ,eat and eat without stop especially when i'm free or if i cant force myself to study.

there are more and more but these are the top

The Godfather said...

No way....I aint getting involved in this.

The Godfather has a reputation to maintain. I'm known from coast to coast like butter 'n' toast.

Besides, I ain't weird like you weirdos! LOL!

white african said...

cool brave, luckily my brother doesnt remember the ovan incident although every one else does oh well no scars there thankfully and my parents are not suffering to much lol :)

godfather come now, many would testify to your weirdness unless you admit you are a sheep which is sad really...

The Godfather said...

Everybody knows that I am not a sheep; I'm a trend setting shephard.

Who says I'm weird? I aint weird; I'm just cool.

NM said...

LOL ;) i don't think 6 was enough of a challenge for you, i know your weirdness is unlimited

white african said...

godfather cool? trend setting shepard? looooool

nm it was very tempting to to put more up but i gotta stick to the request, native said 6 facts so 6 facts it is

Monday's Child said...

mmm 6 weird facts about me... well I don't know how WEIRD these are but this is what comes to mind:

1. I like to speak to people who speak the same languages I do so I can say the word/expression that first comes to my head in whatever language.

2. Most of my friends are around 10 years younger than me.. this is because I have a "weird" habit of making friends with my students (I am 31... they are 20ish)

3. I feel more comfortable being around black people than white people and sometimes have a hard time telling white people apart, especially when they're blond.

4. I always ALWAYS spill whatever I am drinking or eating on some part of my clothes... My philosphy teacher at school once gave me a freudian explanation for this which was very embarrassing (in front of the WHOLE class).

5. I have no job right now, no fantastic prospects, no family of my own (or even a hint of a possibility of one), no real curriculum, I should be worried sick about the future and yet I am happy... in a calm tranquil way.

6. I am going to visit my parents in England in exactly 20 days and I can't wait to see them and hug them and I know they will look even older than last year and it'll make me feel sad for a moment to think that one day I won't be able to hug them but then the moment will pass and I shall enjoy their company for 7 whole weeks! And also enjoy the sea... I hate being landlocked.

Newbie! said...

you put your brother in the oven.....................hahahahah!

white african said...

monday's child cool facts, seriously you find it difficult to tell white people apart looool, we had a teacher at the islamic school who couldnt tell any of us apart cause apparently we all look the same in a scarf..

hope you have a brill time with your parents, which part of england is it your visiting?

newbie it was hilarious at the time still is when i think about it..

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