Friday, November 17, 2006

it's official, yesterday i payed the rest of the money for Hajj so inshallah i will be leaving on the 20th December to perform Hajj, so exciting..

i have had the injections, got my menengitis certificate, took 4 passport sized photos, handed in my passport and now awaiting the visa.

I cant belive i'm going, i dont think its really sunk in yet, probably when i'm at the airport i'm gonna be like 'my god i'm gonna be a going to mecca'.

everyone keeps asking if i have started preparing, can you guess what the answer is:
thats right i have'nt, i am so a last person, so probably the night before i'm gonna be rushing around like a headless chicken, and my mum is going to give me the same lecture:

' how many times have i told you not to leave things till the last minute, you are so like your father, you have so not inhertied that habit from my side of the family'

which is quite funny cause my parents are cousins, granted distant by like loads of generations but still same surname lol.

i'm supposed to get loads of things cause people have been giving me all sorts of tips including my mother who has been twice, at the moment whats the top of my list of priority things is an a-z book of hajj, i wish someone could publish a 'Hajj for dummies' edition, now that would be cool.

also i need to get loads of cleaning products like bleach, wipes etc.. i've heard loads of horror stories about toilet situations and stuff, i so do not want to risk it, i swear if i could i would carry a portable toilet in my suit case..

my little brother (he's 12) is coming as well and i have had extreme great pleasure in teasing him about his ihram, i swear its so funny, i keep giving him different scenarios of his ihram falling from him and leaving him butt naked, in the begining he would ignore me but now he screams 'MAMA TELL HER' and my mum would tell me to stop to which i do but then later i would bring it back into the converstaion hee hee hee.

im kinda worried about myself behaving because i have this habit of laughing and i'm hoping that i can control myself and hold my laughter when i see things that desreve to be laughed about, also i can get really peeved off with peoples lack of consideration which apparently happens alot over their, so people i need your duas and i will most definatly be praying for you all.

if any one wants a particular dua then let me know, you have about 4 weeks....


The Godfather said...

Nice who you're going with? Thabit is going too?.....LOL, ur cussing him about being left butt naked...LOL!!! I can just imagine it.

I just found out recently that my lot are goin too (shows how much I am in tune with my family) Big Bro and his wife are goin.

Now remember this.....during your prayers, in your prostration, at the time of Tahajjud, in the Holy Masjid of Makkah, make dua for me by name.....that Allah helps me succesfully complete and pass my Ph.D.

Oh yeah, and do the same on the Day of Arafat too!!!!!

Oh yeah, and make any other nice duas for me.

white african said...

lol godfather, inshallah will do..

who is your family going with? were going with didsbury mosque that is me, my mum, dad and little bro

The Godfather said...

Dunno who they're goin Uncle sorted it out..he's goin with em.

Colonel and Che are goin again? MashAllah, God Bless Them!!!!!



I pray that you benefit from this pilgrimage, that all your sins are 4given and your intentions are made pure...ameeeen

Pray that Allah eases our affairs in the world and strengthens our iman. That Allah grants us patience and helps us exercise tolerance in this world. Pray that we are also able to go on this journey in our lifetime.

I pray that Allah brings you all back to us in sunny Manchester safe and sound...ameen thuma ameen!

I am gonna miss you when you leave! :(

white african said...

native a big ameen to your beautiful dua, thanks for that sis.

wish i could take you with me sis..

lol godfather didnt realise you had names for my parents as well...

Anonymous said...

Sister please make dua'a for me to get Zauja Saleha and Thuria Saleha... Allahoma Atena fel donia Hasana and fel Akherah Hasana wa gaena athab Al-Narr, Ameen !

The Godfather said...

Indeed I have. You see, by default everyones Pa and Ma are referred to as Colonel and Che.....but ur Pa is known to me as Gabar. In my e-mail address book and in my phone contacts he is saved as Gabar.

Lebeeya said...

That is great news mashallah!

Hajj mabroor inshallah. Please pray for me. Please pray that I die a shaheeda and I go to jannah :)

Ozzy4freinds said...

May Allah Accept your Hajj and be pleased with you. Quite often we forget that its not only a compulsory pilgrimage (on those with the means)but is also done to achieve Allah's pleasure.

Just to take one thing off your worry list, toilets in the Haram Piazza of both the places are kept VERY clean. There are 2 X 2 floors of women's only toilets on either side. But remember UK style toilets are only there in the Special needs toilets, so a good idea would be to act as if you got a limp and go into them. Jokes apart, you can go in the special needs one as authorities there are pretty understanding.

Creation said...

May Allah accept your Hajj ...

white african said...

annon ameen to your dua and will inshallah pray for you and the rest of the muslim ummah.

godfather who is gaber? i presume he is a charcter from some where?

lebeeya ammen to your dua sis and i will most certainly remmeber you inshallah.

ozzy thanks so much for your tips and if you think of anything else please drop me a comment cause im in need, love the whole limping tip lol, and you are right about achieving allah's pleasure.

creation ameen, thanks for that,,

The Godfather said...

Yeah, he is.....Gabar Singh to be precise.

A villain from one of the greatest Bollywood films ever made.

One of the lads back in the day saw your Pops and remarked that he looked like him.

As soon as he said that I cracked up....ever since then, he has always been referred to as Gabar.

Trabilsia said...

Haj for Dummies is something I need a copy of as well, so you are not alone lol.

white african said...

a villian???? godfather tut tut tut,so have you gott a pic of this actor dude?

trabilisia maybe some one will get inspired and write one up, you never know???

The Godfather said...

You have to understand....back in the day we all used be damn scared of your Pops....he was seen as someone whom you wouldn't mess with. Hence, the name was fitting....even more so since he resembled him. I'll try and find a pic for you and send it you.

white african said...

godfather it seems that you scare easily lol

lostkitty said...

i wish I was going - Insha'allah one day I too will have this amazing chance.
I hope that you enjoy it, and it is everything you hope it is and more. May Allah shower your hajj with blessings and mercy;and grant you forgiveness.
Please forgive me for any hurt or anger I may have caused;and please pray for me while on your Hajj. Pray for my forgiveness;and my success in this life and the next, Insha'allah.Make dua, I get there soon!

The Godfather said...

Me...scare easily? Never. (Has your Pops been tellin you stories about me?...LOL!!!)

white african said...

ameen to your dua kitty, and you aint done nothing for me to forgive and i will certainly inshallah remember you.

godfather my dad hasnt told me any such stories but now i have the urge to question him, i guess you have dug a hole for yourself.

The Godfather said...

Oh dear.

Anonymous said...

I hope InshAllah everything goes to plan and goes well and please remember Duaa for my children Aida & Amir, please pray that they recover from their Asthma & Eczema.
Haj Mabrour InshAllah to you and the family.

white african said...

anglo thank you for your comment, and inshallah i will remember and pray for you and your lovley children, may alah forever keep them safe and healthy

piccolina said...

lucky u mashallah , i wish i can go :( but i guess the time is not now !!
so just stand infront of the ka3ba and say " ya rab lu will finish her study fast and giv her the one thing she is wishing for " don't worry i'll be thinking of this thing all the time .sorry i can say it here lol
yalla inshallah u'll have a ncie hajj and may all eytgabel minik :)

white african said...

piccolina thank you so much thats very nice of you and inshallah i will say thi sdua for you infront of the kabbah.

red head said...

Haha. . I Remember When We Went For Umrah A Few Years Ago I Was Teasing My Bro Too Bout His Ihram Falling Off. . And He Used To Get Scared Too Bout Being Left Butt Naked :p

white african said...

lol red head, i think i have given my brother a new phobia, its called post ihram trauma lol

Lady K said...

A.A Babe
i know i've vanished off the face of the earth but i've got my reasons,which you know. anyways here's my 2p worth;

i think you mean pre-hajj trauma you've not got there yet!

What Zeb's referring to is the villain in an old movie called Sholay, if u had beady eyes you would have noticed it on the stage background when we went to the theatre! its was in big letter with the requisite pic of big B and Gabar! lol

as for dummies guide to Hajj, there is a great book called Hajj made easy, get it from World of Islam, £8. its got a rope thingy which you can tie around your waist or hang from your neck, its laminated cards so it wont get messed up even with you dropping food all over it, lol also i have making the best of Hajj i think its called, its a big book but really in depth and clear about what you should and shouldnt do. now if only i could get round to reading it! im trying have post-its and note book ready for it.

oooh how exciting....altho how i'm gna rein in my temper, now thats why i have you! you always make me forget whatever it was even if i dont want to, lol
love ya
K x

white african said...

lol lady k, thanks for the tip on the book, will def look out for it inshallah, and your right aboutthe whole pre ihram trauma lol, he tried on the other day and i so took th emick out of him, you should have been there.

the whole temper thing, dont worry bout it i will tickle you when you get angry and your temper will vanish, either that or you kick th eliving day lights out of me.

Lady_K said...

do not even consider tickling me, becos you know perfectly well all you will be gettin at the end of the tussle is bruises and possibly broken limbs! just make me laugh its better for you and for me! plus i'm the good Sondes, ask mama, ur the naughty one. she agrees with me ;o) so dont make me look bad in front of mama and baba, i wanna keep my rep, lol

Anonymous said...

Asalamualeikum wa rah matulahi wa barakatu.
Inshallah hajj mabroor(good willing it will be an accepted hajj)
I hope everything goes as planned Ammen
Pray for me and my family when you are outthere

wa alikum asalam wa rah matulahi wa barakatu

√írange Juice™ said...

Asalamualeikum wa rah matulahi wa barakatu.
Hajj mabroor inshallah.
I hope everything goes as planned Ameen
Pray for me and my family when you are outthere

wa alikum asalam wa rah matulahi wa barakatu

Hajj mabroor inshallah.

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