Thursday, June 29, 2006

Every Tuesday evening I go to the mosque in town for the Tuesday study circle, and I always try without fail to attend the circle unless I'm not in town, this week, although I was on the premises I didn't get to hear the talk at all.

majority of the time I was in a meeting for the schools project, then I was on the phone either talking to people or trying to get hold of people and cause I'm with 3g, reception can be a major problem so I ventured outside to see if that would better things, so when I finally ended my telephone conversations and began to walk toward the entrance of the mosque, a man approached me and the first thing I noticed was that he was man of the street, he was homeless and was in bad need of a wash, I instantly thought he was going to ask me for money, the conversation went something like this:

man: excuse me, can I ask you a question?

me: (ok wasn't expecting that) um yeh sure, how can I help?

man: well I've been standing here for 10 minutes reading what's on these posters

me: ok, (the posters where stuck to the window of the mosque, there basically an introduction on what islam is about and the pillars etc...)

man: and I tink that what its saying is buuutifuul (written the way he pronounced it) absolutely buuuutifuul, im impressed by it and I could see myself accepting this, but wot I don't understand is ow could summit so buuutifuuul be linked to those 4 dudes who blasted themselves in London?

me: slight laugh (ok I don't why I laughed) yeh I see your point mate but what you gotta understand is that you have to differentiate between Islam and Muslims, because the actions of Muslims are not necessarily what Islam preaches, and unfortunately what those guys did if they did indeed do what they did (I had to say that cause I have my on theory as to who really was behind the attacks in London) goes against what Islam says,

man: oh right,

me: for example, would you say that Christianity is a peaceful religion? and that some of the teachings are beutiful?

man: yeh yeh I guess although im not convinced by most of what it says

me: ok, but would you agree that the IRA contradicts what Christianity teaches?

man: yes I see where your coming from

me: ok so I will not judge a religion or in the case of Islam a way of life, due to the actions of a few people.

man: oh yeh I totally agree wid you, thats why I came to ask you cause wanna do my research before I pass judgemnt.

me: that's good

man: yeh yeh, im impressed, i'm gonna go to central library tomorrow to do me research and if im convinced den I'm coming back here to speak to people

me: well your welcome anytime

man: tanks, you know summit I'm a homeless geezer I am, and I see a lot on the street, people can be right evil and its rare to come across good people, like yesterday for instance, some idiot smashed a bottle over my head, dats why I may seem scratched up

me: my god, that's horrible

man: laughing, yeh but don't you worry I got im back

me: ok what did you do?

man: I stabbed im with this ( he pulls out a metal fork from his jacket pocket)

me: right... (worried look on my face)

man: don't worry he aint dead or nuttin just scarred for life

me: ok, any way...

man: yea yea sorry for keepin you luvvie you been right helpful, nice talking to you

he then offers me his hand to shake and I have to say it was the grubbiest filthiest hand I ever saw, I said bismillah and shook his hand
and with that he turned and walked away..

I stood there smiling remembering that Allah swt really does guide whomever he wishes...


lostkitty said...

I am so glad u wrote up about this!


SubhanAllah.........Allah really does guide whomsoever he wishes. It was great reading this......

NM said...

I most be rather emotional today but that was buuuiful indeed! wouldn't it be great if he became an myf regular may Allah guide him... ameen

and WA hats of for shaking the guys hand, brave :)