Sunday, June 04, 2006

yipeeeeeeeee, my mum and dad are back, I thank Allah for bringing them back to me safe and sound (they are tired though bless them and tanned - not fair I never tan, I'm sure if I put my self in the oven for half a day I still wouldn't tan), it's always such a nice feeling when they walk through the door, my mum has a certain way of knocking on the door and my dad has a way of shaking the house keys before putting them into the key hole so I always know when there here.

it was really funny cause my youngest brother usually rushes up to them and throws himself at them but this time he was lingering around in the back room and he cautiously came up to my parents and said sallam and hugged them, of course they were surprised at his reception, I on the other hand was not surprised at all, you see the little squirt was expecting a telling off and he was not looking forward to it what so ever.

a couple of days ago I was in the kitchen getting some stuff ready cause one of my mums friends rang to say that she was coming over to say sallam to me and my gran, so I was getting the juices ready and the biscuit's and stuff, I had already sent my brother upstairs to pray maghrib so 5 minutes later he comes down and plops himslef on the seat and watches me, now I new he had something to tell me but waited for him to break the news, eventually he did, the conversation went something like this:

little brother: white African, ummm I was in mamas room and I found a pin and was playing with it and I kinda fell into the bed and the pin went into the bed. (just for you information, the bed he was talking about is a water bed)

me: ......what? what were you doing in her room? What's happened to the bed? why why why why???

little brother: ummm I was playing, I don't know,,, some water has come out..

me: yaaaaaaaaa Allah,

at this point i drop every thing and run up the stairs expecting to see water everywhere, or something similar to blood gushing out of an artery.

I step into the room and cant see any water, so I ask him:

me: there's no water gushing out

little brother: just touch the covers

so I go over to the bed covers and they are soaking wet, I then turn my face to my brothers direction and growl at him, and pretend that lazers are coming out of my eyes. I move the bed covers expecting a small hole, cause seriously how much damage can a pin make? so i'm expecting minor damage when I was shocked to see a big gash, it looked like some one took a butcher knife and just slashed the bed with it at which point I turn around to my brother and say to him;

me: tell me the truth, what were you doing? no way in gods earth was this slash caused by a pin, tell me the truth and I wont shout at you as much and I will reduce the sentence of a lifetimes grounding.

little brother: ...(he was looking at me for some time) ummmm, ok I was playing with the sword and I fell over

me: babas sword???

little brother: yeh...


little brother: you said you wont shout at me ( then burst into tears)

me: I KNOW I DID, IM NOT SHOUTING, (at which point I realised that I was so I just shutted up)

I ran downstairs looking for super glue and couldn't find any, my other brother decided to make an appearance, so as soon as I saw him I shouted:

me: ahmed super glue now

ahmed: wallkum assalam to you

me: asalamu allkum just get some super glue now, your brothers exploded the water bed ( ok slight exaggeration on my part)

ahmed: what? idiot

turns around and comes back after 5 minutes with some strong adhesive glue from a friend of his, so I run upstairs and apply it to the cut and pray that it works, my mums friend decided to make an appearance so I had to go and entertain her.

and I sure did entertain her, I involved Arabic coffee but that's another story, any continuing with this one, she leaves about 11:15 pm and 2 minutes later there was a knock on the door, so I answer it expecting her to be at the door when to my surprise there was this dude standing at the doo he's so tall and so wide that he covering the whole entrance, I swear I could;nt see behind him but the weirdest thing was he was wearing an army outfit a soldiers outfit, I just stood there looking at him thinking ' my god, there arresting me, they have sent the army to arrest me i had the urge to say to him 'is it cause i is muslim?' I was trying to look behind him to see how many more of him there was but couldn't see anything,

all this time he looking at me in a weird way ( I guess my facial expressions were scaring him) so he decides to talk:

soldier: is bush in?

me: ummmmmmmm,,,(I swear for a minute I forgot that my brothers nick name is bush, a name that his friends call him cause of his hair) bush? (I swear he's in the white house, it then hist me he means ahmed) umm no ahmed's not home, sorry

soldier: typical and rolls his eyes ( ok so hes a camp soldier) ok, your his sis right?

me: yep

soldier: I believe you have a situation...

me: situation ( lol it was like the films)

soldier: something about a bed?

me: ha ha ha ha, yeh that's right ( I'm still trying to work out what is his role in all this)

soldier: ok I have this really stong glue that we use in the army, becarful with it, spread it on the surface and cover it with this material, (he shows me the stuff and explains it again)

me: oh wow thanks, that's so good of you,

soldier: bush didn't tell you that I was coming?

me: no

soldier: it figures (and walks away to be engulfed by the shadows of the night)

I closed the door and start to laugh like a mad woman thinking to myslef never would i have thought that would have happened loool.

so I apply the glue and like the soldier dude said, it worked perfectly alahmadullilah, much to the joy of my little brother, but i made him sweat it out cause he deserved it the little banana.

so yep he told my parents and they scolded him but only a little, it was mainly telling him of about the fact that he could have hurt himself etc...

so yep it has been an eventful 10 days while they've been away but also the boys did behave themselves to a certain extent, but I guess life would be boring if it didn't have the mini adventures...


lostkitty said...

LOL!I love ur mini-adventures and the way u tell them!
Thanks for the laugh, love!

red head said...

lol.. omg thas so funny!!

NM said...

Thanks for coming over when i was bed ridden with the ice cream and the water-bed/solider sorry, hilarious was still laughing when you left! am good as new know, back to work yippyyyy..not

white african said...

lol, anytime nm, it was pleasure to visit you, just happy that you were ok after that weirdo kicked you.

been trying to call you, did he take your phone by any chance asits not connecting, dudette you need to text me your number

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