Monday, June 19, 2006

Fly fly birdie

on Saturday I had my usual girls study circle and as always it never fails to age me greatly or shock me to the extent that I just stand there staring at the girls like there from mars.

I had 2 helpers this time which was great cause the more helpers the better, and for some reason the mosque hid the chairs, I swear there wasn't a single chair in sight, it was like they where kidnapped or something or the mosque incharge was playing a cruel prank, at one point I just stood in the middle of the room and shouted 'ok, ha ha, it was funny but please enough is enough we want our chairs' the only repsonse I got was the girls pointing at me and snickering, nothing new there. I decided to grab a rug, and told the girls we where gonna be more spiritual today by sitting on the floor and being one with the floor, some one muttered something which sounded very much like 'whatever' cheeky kids, I swear sometimes you just gotta bite your tongue literally.

so I gave them a talk on grabbing the many opportunities that Allah gives us in our life and how were always given chances but we never know when our last one is gonna be etc... The girls did listen bless them and even contributed mashallah...

then one of my helpers gave them some scenarios and they had to discuss what they would do in each one and what would be the correct approach and the wrong one and although 10 girls would be talking at the same time we all managed to listen to a certain extent.

then we split them into 3 groups and gave them role plays which they had to act out infront of every one, 10 minutes later we went outside in the courtyard to watch the plays, as soon as we stepped out the door there was a big scream ' NO, DON'T COME HERE, GO BACK INSIDE' what? so I turned the corner and there where 3 girls huddled around in a circle trying to hide something, when I came closer one of them shouted 'STAY BACK, WE FOUND IT FIRST, ITS OURS, YOU CANT HAVE IT', ok that really grabbed my attention, so I ignored her and walked over anyway and kinda pushed her out my way, and saw a sparrow or some kinda bird sat on a tesco bag, and it was shivering like anything, I turned to one of the girls and said ' where did you find it?' she answered ' we came out to play and saw 2 birds fighting, then one flew of and this one just fell'

by now a huge crowd of girls where gathered around, and some where screaming, why do they scream, its not moving, its not even looking at you and she's screaming, stupid pathetic girl, others where trying to touch it and I was telling them off saying you don't know what diseases you could catch by touching it, I told them to go wash there hands, one of the squirts turned around to the girls who touched the bird and said ' oh you guys are gonna die, you've got bird flu, oh no keep away from me' and started running around the courtyard shouting so and so has bird flu and got all the other little ones to do the same at which point one of the girls who touched the bird started running after them wanting to smear her hands on there faces which made them scream and cry, why oh why,

the situation was getting out of hand, I picked up the tesco bag, which made everyone scream, I put the bag under the shade of a tree and told the girls not to go anywhere near the bird, that it was probably dyeing and needed to be left alone and having loads of faces looking down at it was probably gonna shock it, the girls did listen, and we started the plays..

all was going well until one of the neighbor's behind the mosque made an appearance, she was standing behind the wired fence and was talking to one of the girls, I didn't think anything of it, I thought maybe she was complaining about the noise or something, next thing I know the girl runs toward the tree grabs the tesco bag and passes it to the old woman, by now she had grabbed everyone's attention, so all the girls crowded round the fence, the woman then grabbed the bird by the neck and twisted it with a loud snap, she broke the birds neck, obviously this made the girls scream and go running into the mosque, the old woman just stood there and said 'its at peace now, I let it out its misery' ????

my god, before anyone says typical you Muslims are barbaric etc,, she wasn't a Muslim lady, and although the bird was in pain, I don't think that was a way to deal with it, especially infront of so many kids who are probably gonna get nightmares and flashbacks, I don't know what she was thinking, it was like she was enjoying it, freaky, probably buried her husband under the patio or something...


NM said...

OMG!!! Sondes your going to need to councel those girls, poor things.

white african said...

i know, tell me about it, they all looked like they had been through a war afterwards.


snapped its neck??!!
this brings back sum bad memories man................ :(

lostkitty said...

LOOOOOOL! I love ur life!
This could only happen to u!
Its great that ur one of my best friends cos ur life really makes my day! :-)

Anonymous said...

Why Fungus
Why for the love of God

That poor bird!!!!

NM said...

lol! fungus didn't do it, it was so old weird ( and rather mean women!)

white african said...

she was mean and evil, she probably thougt she would fit right in with the muslims what with all the stereotypes out there on us mozlems as bush would pronounce it.