Wednesday, June 07, 2006

summer in britain - episode 1

i've been quite good in that i have not ranted and raved on about (a) the heat and (b) the lack of clothing of alot of the humans who choose to walk the streets of manchester.

but people enough is enough, i would say that offically summer started yesterday (06.06.06) and as soon as the sun decides to pop its head out of the hijab of clouds surrounding it, the people go mad, you guys have heard about the disease SAD where people get depressed when they dont get enough sun in there life?, well i'm sure there is a disease of when you get to much sun and the symptoms are:

  • remove all item of clothing apart from belts to be used as skirt's and tops, if were lucky painted on jeans that reveal bum cleavage.
  • men would walk around topless
  • both the above also apply to the extremely over weight who also like to flaunt there 'bits'
  • to walk around with red faces, red shoulders, red chests red etc....
  • walking around with beach flip flops even though there are no beaches around,
  • to continously fix and alter the bra in public
  • to complain about the heat especially when seeing a person who chooses to dress conservativly, 'it so hot, blah blah blah' while staring at the mentally sane dressed.
  • to hear certain people ( muslims) explaining that actually its better to cover as there is no direct contact with sun on skin so less of a chance of burning, and even people who live in the dessert cover up, blah blah whilst smiling and trying not to slap the person in the face for asking 'are you not hot luvvie?'
  • guys and girls instantly feel that they have to attract each other by doing stupid things like dancing in the streets, walking in certain styles, being loud, running through the stupid fountain thing in piccadily gardens. its like watching animals parading around each other.
  • convertible cars... guys feel that they have to drive past really fast, pumping music out load enough to cause a mini earthquake and to have a woman sat next to them, cause that is so masculine and manly (whatever).
  • more to come in the next episode..

but seriously it really does my head in, i used to think that i hated the heat and come summer i would continously complain about how hot it is and i would hate to leave the house and wish the seconds away until novemeber came but when i started travelling and visiting countries that are 10 times hotter than england on a normal day, it hit me that its not the heat that bothers me but the cultrue that comes with summer, its the way people feel that they have to strip, its not pleasing to they eye whatso ever, i'm not asking for people to cover up completely but to dress with some dignity, with some class, with some sense, dont get me wrong i have seen many who dress correctly for the summer and i appluade them, but then again like yesterday on my way to the circle i saw many a sight that will traumatise me for years to comes, and its funny i've lived in england all my life yet i still get shocked each year with some of the sights that my eyes are forced to see.

why is it that people who live in hotter countries dont feel it nesccessary to remove all item of clothing, ive been to alot of hot countries and the only poeple who strip in these countries are the tourists from the west, the natives dont.

i've got plenty more to say about this issue but i will leave it for another blog entry,


flowerlady said...

so what was the traumatic experiance you can't leave us hanging?

white african said...

well i will tell all soon, its just the usual bum cleavage, hanging out of jeans, the usual mess nasty yuk

NM said... have yesterday's after scouts meeting tale to add to this!

if only we could leave every summer all would be beautiful

lostkitty said...

I sympathise with ur issues with the nakedness of the summer madness in people. Its appalling. Firsyl, they burn in their nakedness and go lobster red - now why do they think that is attractive in any way, shape or form? Secondly, bulges. Need I say more?
Thirdly, (and I reckon one of the most imporant reasons to cover up for all nekkeds out there) SKIN CANCER! Hello? Y do people only think short-term? Skin cancer is on the increase, nowadays the average UV levels on the sunny days we have been having are high. Thats increased risk of cancer.
Am I the only one who thinks of these things???

white african said...

tell me about it nm, those hawian things my god, strutting her stuff like she was gods gift to men, my mum is of the same oopinion of leaving britain in summer.

yeh tahnia, i agree skin cancer i was gonna mention that on my second rant you beat me to it banana