Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Istanbul pic part 2

i've decided to put some more pic on the blog of turkey, its actually a way for me to look back and smile at the trip and remember the times when i'm not at work being threatend by patients as well as staff, oh happy days, any way enjoy them, i'm gonna put the egypt pics up as well cause they really put a smil eon my face everytime i happen to browse through them, take me baaaaaaaaaack...

this is ever the idealist's shoe next to a foot print we found, i told them that the foot print was from the time of the ottomans but no one believed me, oh well..

some more flowers, subhannallah the colours are amazing...

ok, i was trying to convince them that this toilet was also from the time of the ottomans, but again that failed, but look at it it's soooo big,

dogs, i walke dout of the restraunt and all i saw was what i thought was moving snow which i could handle, but to my shock and horror i realised it was dogs, one of my worst nightmares came true, but alhamdullilah they must have been sucking snow or something cause they didnt show any interest in my direction apart from one which i had to run for my life from, ok so people were laughing at me but who cares, dogs can turn evil and bite and i aint gonna risk it...

some more flowers, its quite funny these flower pic are becoming like a comercial break or something..

ok i thought this was cool, were walking in the evening down one of the streets near the hotel and we come across this shop window selling wedding dresses but what was really cool was that the model in the window was a hijabi bride, how cool is that?

in the market they sell loads of stuff including lanterns, so nice, you just wann take th elot home and hang them everywhere, if only..

the sulaymaniya mosque, on eof my fav...

of course turkish delight, how can any one possibly visit turkey without buying turkish delight?

amazing stained glass affect, many of the mosques had these style of windows..

bursa, a beautiful city although it was cold..

many of the swords on display in the museums had calligraphy all the way down it,

this is one of the sitting areas for the khalifa at the time of the ottamons, we have something very similar in Libya, its called an Arab sitting area (gi3da 3arbeeyah)

a random pepper on a plate, thankfully it did not attack me, (read other blog entry's for explanation)

this is what they call kunafah, they make it with cheese in turkey, i prefer the cream version, much nicer, but this was ok, to sweet though

mmmmmmmmm fresh bread, reminded me of libya and the fact that they had bread in all shapes and sizes and it was fresh thats the magic word FRESH...

more peppers, its amazing how different fruit and vegtables can taste and look abroad compared to our slightly geneticlly modified versions here in britain..

another mosque, i never tire from uploading the pic of mosques..

i love taking pic of entrances and door ways..

ok thats it for now, i'm finding it difficult to focus on the typing so i'm gonna head of to bed and inshallah up load some more pic another time.


Anonymous said...

It was a great time and those who didn't go missed out on a lot.

As they say a one picture is worth a thousand words.

white african said...

yeh it was great alhamdullilah, i luv Turkey, i never tire for it, its also an inspiring country

The Rendezvous said...

great pictures..

Anonymous said...

Absolutely with you it agree. It seems to me it is good idea. I agree with you.