Monday, June 12, 2006

i was in london this weekend to attend a meeting and to see some old faces which i havent seen in ages so that was nice, one particular face (my commander in chief) had asked me to bring her a cd of the turkish trip pictures, so i was like yeh no problem, will do and bless her she even sent me a text the night before to remind me, to which i replied its sorted, ive put them on a cd, so that was fine or so i thought.

so i make my way to london land (seriously you londininas how do you live in london its mad) and the journey itself needs a seperate blog, which i will do another time, it involves a certain nm, ad and maimoona. anyway so i get to london on friday and eat out at the famouse edgware road being waited upon by a depressed waitor who didnt know that it takes less muscles to smile than to frown, i was gonna give him my condolences but decided not to he probably would have stuffed a napkin up my nose or something. so we ate and catched up with the londininas and then headed to TH home,bless her, thank you TH for your hospitality forgot to thank you.

next day made my way to the meeting, brought the cd with pic and handed it over to my commander in chief, and bless her she was excited as it had taken me since april to hand it over to her, so she goes to her computer and puts it in and we patiently await for it to load, and finnaly when it was ready it turns out that i hade burnt 1 picture out of hundreds, one picture?? lol, after aplogising like ten times i promised i would get them ready for her, so until then i have put some up for you on this blog to check out, enjoy and again my apologies....

this is a view from the bospherous river,

flowers, there were so many flowers, tulips where everywhere we went

subhannallah some more flowers....

ok, this picture is specially for you my commander in chief, just in case you didnt realise, i'm the one in the blue scarf..
this pic is of the maiden tower, its got a story behind it but i cant be bothered typing it out, i will soon though inshallah...
this is the bospherous at sun set..
this is eminounu mosque, i love this mosque..
inside the one of the mosque's in istanbul, amazing..

another mosque in the lalleli district..

this is the inside of a new mosque near the university, mashallah very nice..

the blue mosque in all it's beuty, tak eme back to istanbuuuuuuuuuul

this scene is from Bursa, we where above the clouds

last pict for now cause i have to go meet someone and i'm not ready yet, anyway i will leave you with my all time fav snack, chestnut hoy chestnut, in libya we call it gastal mmmmmm very nice.


MD said...


Ever The Idealist said...

well done libiyan. you are way cool. i loved looking at the pics all over again. let me know when you are taking the cd to her and i will give mine as well. sos bout the trip but i blame you and nemo for what happened!!

white african said...

lol ever the idealist, let me remind you of some words you said, i asked you whether it was possible to free yourself early from work on friday, you then answered impossible, then looked at me and said unless i..cough cough, i.e pull a sicky, so you planted the idea in our heads you little banana, now dont be shaking your head and denying it, cause i have witnesses,,, ha ha ha ha


I wanna go to Turkey!!!
I wanna go to Turkey!!!
I wanna go to Turkeeeeeeeeey!!!

white african said...

native female this can be easily organised, i will be going next year inshallah, all you need to do is tag along with me, this option is open for any one, so yeh th emore the merrier, cant wait