Thursday, June 08, 2006

i asked my brother to walk me to work today as i wasnt in the mood to walk alone and also i wanted to catch up with him seeing as how i havnt spoken to the dude in ages.

so were walking and talking bout things generally, and then we got talking bout Libya which isint strange, but then that lead onto football, and how alot of libyans support the Italian team, now i for one am not a fan of football so generally i tend to end any conversations that begin with the word football but this time my brother had caught my attention to th extent that i ended up waving my arms in true arab form on the streets and ranting on about the topic with a temper that us arabs are also famous for, so this is how the conversation went:

me: ahmed did you know that there are loads of libyans in Italy

ahmed: yeh man, didnt you know that?

me: yeh but i didnt think there were loads

ahmed: yeh they love italy

me: so there are more libyans in italy than in manchester? is that possible?

ahmed: yep

me: dont you think its kinda strange how libya was colonised by italy, and how the italian regime at the time killed so many of the libyans and terrorised them, stole there lands, killed our great grandfathers, uncles, and the great shaheed Umar Al-Mukhtar the lion of the desert etc... yet the libyans have this attachment to Italy?

ahmed: nah, most people dont know there history, and even if they do its all history in there eyes,

me: true, majority of Italians dont know the truth of what happened in Libya anyway.

ahmed: yeh i guess, any way libya is a major supporter of an Italian football team

me: really, like there fans you mean, oh yeh remember how our cousins kept on going on about how italians are the best football players

ahmed: yeh fans but not only that, did you know that they are the number one sponsorers for Juventus.

me: really, how so

ahmed: well if you look at a juventus teashirt they have a sponsoror on the front, the name being tamoil, and they are an oil company based in the netherland and set up by the Libyan state, It is the most expensive shirt sponsorship agreement in European football, costing Tamoil €110 million. There is an option to extend the deal for a further five years for an additional €130 million.

me: what? say walah

ahmed: seriously, dont know how true that is but this is what i heard

me: oh my god, if thats true then thats stupid,

ahmed: why

me: why, i'll tell you why, the wages in libya are non existant, people work all day, some people have three jobs cause the wages of one job is'nt enough to feed a family and provide for the necessary daily things, theres like doctors out there with qualification and who have to work as shop keepers and cleaners (not that there is anything wrong with those jobs) as well as working in the hospital cause there not paid enough, unemployment is increasing, the youth just sit down all day doing sheesha and watching the world go past cause there are not enough opertunities for them, some people are starving, others are living on bread and water, and instead of money that should be spent on the people of the country in improving the standard of living etc... its going to a bunch of guys who kick a ball for a living, what is the world coming to

ahmed: ummmm, yeh

me: subhannallah, its enough to boil my blood, libya is really rich in resources and if the money was to be shared out, then every one would be living a good standard of life, instead many of the libyans are suffering due to lack of money and the money that should be going to them is instead being invested in a game? a game? were is the justice? the italians must be laughing at us, ya rab faraj 3ala al libeeyeen.

ahmed: yeh it is pathetic

me: seriously...

i had reached work at this point, and had to focus on other things, but its been on my mind all day, i just cant belive the unfairness of it all, i pray that us muslims get are acts together, its like emirates they sponsor football as well, come on people, your muslim brothers and sisters are in dire need of help, look at palestine, iraq... allah will ask us about the money we spent, the money we have is not ours its a loan from allah and a repsonsibility, so watch the pennies and where they go....


lostkitty said...

yep - ppl can be incredibly shortsighted and stupid; not to mention really mean! How can u give so much money (if any!) to a pathetic game like football?!! Its a stupid game.
Ohhhh.... so stupid people support it - therefore out of sheer stupidity give those overpaid footballers (and their teams) more money! AHA!

Ever The Idealist said...

hey i like footie! also i think i should be paid what they get paid!!! i love the fact that you have these meaningful chats with your bros it's so cool. last thing one of me and my bros discussed was if white suited him better than black...profound man profound

white african said...

lol ever the idealist, what can i say, i think before you start kicking a ball you gotta sort this flu of yours and STOP RUBBING YOUR EYES, remember your eye ball is supposed to be a white colour not RED, but who am i to speak, im always doing stuff to my eye.


its amazing how people are willing to part with their money on meaningless causes