Sunday, April 30, 2006

ha ha ha ha ha, i just prank called my mother wooohoooo, I'm sat upstairs doing some trips work on the computer when a voice whispers ' pick up your mobile and ring your house number' which I did and my mum answered the phone:

mum: 'hello-assalamu allyku

me: heeeeeeeeelooooo (in a really growly voice)

mum: h.. h.. hello

me: heeeeeeeeellllllllooooooooooooooo (in an even more growly voice)

mum: HELLO said it really loud this time)

me: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllloooo cough cough cough (I said it even more growly that it made me cough)

mum: look I think you have wrong number, sorry, good bye'

and put the phone down, I'm thinking why did she apologies and she was even polite and said good bye looool

ok I'm gonna go down and growl hello to her and see if she realises it was me

that was funny, just told my day and he's laughing, ok I'm gonna go down and tell her now...


md said...


you need to teach me the art of practical joking!


red head said...

lol.. thas funny.. we should try that at work on Mr B :D

white african said...

mr boobies red head loool

red head said...

lol.. would u like some boobie shake ;)

NM said...

will he ever learn his nick name was coined by a certain white african and not a patient.. LOL!

i think that should be your leaving remark.. and you should end it with

so there boobies

white african said...

lol, yeh man i intend to do more than that lol, but yeh so there mr boobies wil lbe the ending remark

red head said...

boobies is leavin to go liverpool in june!!! woooooooooooooooooo
we wont have to face the wrath of the boobie after that :D

A.Adam said...

that's cool, I like and enjoyed reading your blog, will be back later to read more