Thursday, April 06, 2006

just before going to work, I had to meet a certain Bengali sis and get a cheque for the trips from her and also return her mobile phone as she has this habit of forgetting things, we agreed to meet outside lidl on Oxford road, so I started to make my way there and I get of the 142 bus, start rushing towards lidl and then I come across a cucumber it was just lying there all green and long, so I pick it up and start looking around and just as I was giving up any hope of finding somebody with a tesco bag (the cucumber was from tesco) I spotted a lady in the distant carrying a couple of tesco carrier bags, so I pick up my wet long black skirt and start running like a headless chicken down Oxford road shouting 'hey lady, excuse me, ladyyyyyy' and no response, so im still running, shouting and waving the cucumbe rin the air, and can I point out that a dozen heads are following my every action, pointing at me and laughing.

so I eventually catch up with her, tap her on the shoulder with the cucumber, she turns around looks me up and down, im panting like a dog and saying 'excuse me you forgot your cucumber', she looks at me smiles and says ' oh no your mistaken that's not mine' so what could I say, I turn around and I see some work men staring at me (they were watching my every move), they start clapping, well I did get the urge to bow down but decided not to.

I decided to retrace my steps and I found myself outside tesco, so I walk in with the cucumber, see the security guard standing at the door, gave him the cucumber and this is how the conversation went:

security guard: what's this

me: its a cucumber

security guard: I know its a cucumber, why are you giving it to me?

me: I found it outside your shop,

security guard: ok what do u want me to do with it?

me: I don't know, eat it

and then I walk out the shop.... thats my adventure of the day.


fudgebumpkin said...

Oh dearie me, sunshine - only you could get away with such a piece of perfect well intentioned naievety!

That's a very sweet story, lol

NM said...

White African!!

why oh why

I have such a mental picture of you in your long coat, waving a cucumber :)

I cant believe you have all gone to Turkey without me sob sob...

Pink said...

LOL. that's very magnaminous of u, im sure the cucumber enjoyed all the unprecedented attention it got ;)