Tuesday, April 04, 2006

today a certain MD kidnapped my sallam badge, the history behind this sacred badge is one full of adventure and danger, well not really, basically I went to London with a Palestinian friend to march for ending the occupation in Iraq and Palestine, and whilst there I managed to stumble across a humble stall that was selling 'the badge' the amazing thing was that it was non-Muslims who where selling it and I just couldn't resist buying one, now unfortunately it did not occur to me to buy more, so I bought the one, and a certain MD saw it and each time she claps eyes on me its 'white aaaaaaaaafrican, please give it to me' and im like ; noooooo, well not until I've out worn it first'.

well that was sorted or so I thought, hmmmmm, today at the open circle, while talking on the mobile, and not concentrating on what's happening around me, 10 skinny fingers surrounded my badge and un pinned it and ran off with it, ohhh the horror, and I am such an idiot I continue to talk on the phone and smile at her and then it hits me, md has kidnapped my badge, so im shouting give it back md, and she's smiling and saying in a smeagle like tone no, and im not giving up, im still standing there 10 minutes later growling smeagle uh i mean md give me the badge, and she like my precious, and can I just note that the badge is no where to be seen, so I say to her md where is the badge? she looks at me, opens her jacket and it was pinned inside the jacket, now what it the use of that, how is the world supposed to see it pinned inside her jacket looool, but I gotta give her credit she gave it back to me without a ransom, although I did tell her that I will give it to her when I come back from Turkey so a promise is a promise.


MD said...


white african said...

yes well.... what can i say md, i have the badge

NM said...


10 SKINNY fingers :)

That badge has so much to answer for! what about the homeless guy!!

Pink said...

it's smeagol!! = gollum - that's scary md, sounds like u have more in common with the Cow than we all thought!!