Wednesday, April 26, 2006

we humans are quite the funny race, you would think that the amount of mistakes we make we would have learnt by now, but no we still manage to keep making mistakes and they tend to be of the stupid kind, take me for example, I'm a walking mistake (not that my birth was a mistake or anything astaghfurallah) what I mean is that when I say or do something its usually by accident or just a mistake or cause I didn't think before I spoke an and then later sit down and thing 'god why did I say that' and most people can accept it as being a genuine stupidity on my part others just think WEIRDO.

take Istanbul for example, we had been eating meat of the chicken and sheep variety until it felt that we were a walking takeway seriously I had turned into a chicken shawerma, flower lady had turned into a donnor, am had turned into a kebab it was getting to much, so we decided to take every one to a fish restraunt, change of scenery and smell oh yeh and food variety as well although I still eat meat as I am no fish eater.

so we all climb the stair way to the end of time (loads of stair climbing in Istanbul) and park ourselves on the seats, and as usual when it comes to going anywhere us females always have to visit the toilet, its like its calling to us or something ' come to me, come to me, smell my freshly bleached floors, see how clean I am' lol, so anyway we usually have a conversation before we decide to hit the toilets and it usually goes something like this:

person 1:'ummmm so I wonder what the toilets are like'

person2: yeh, I actually really need to go, I've been holding it in since 3 minutes ago and if I don't go every 5 minutes, i cant bear to imagine what will happen to me'

person3: I know, I have the same problem, hey maybe we should unite a form a toilet visitor society?

person4: wow sounds good, I'm game for that.

me: mmmmmmmmm chai latte, cafe neeeeeeeroooo

person1: oh my god, a tough just occurred to me, what if its the old style toilets like you get in Muslim countries?

person2, 3, 4 (every 0ne): ooooooooh man, eeew

me: some one go investigate

ok so the conversation didn't go quite like that but I have an active imagination, but seriously though, we always have a mini dsicussion as to whether the toilets are the European style or the squatting on the floor and falling flat on your face style.

so a group of 4 decided to go up to the toilet, and the rest of stayed seating, the brothers were not aware of our conversation, they were sat directly opposite us, and although it was obvious that those sisters who left the table where heading towards the toilet, its not something that anyone would announce that is except me...

I didn't mean to, I swear it was a mistake, I didn't mean to blurt it out, I was so worried about the state of the toilet and I was really desperate, so when I saw the girls coming down the stairs I shouted out:

'you guys went to the toilet? how was it?' and a second later I realised I had shouted it out infront of the brothers, and am bless her shouted back ' yeh it was great' loooooool, one of the brothers was like 'ooook, thank sfor letting us know'

I was sooo embarrassed, my face went like a complete tomato and I was in hysterical laughter, and most of the girls were alright with it but 1 or 2 were really shocked bless them.

but yeh, that me putting my foot in it again, I guess I haven't learnt yet, I pray to Allah to always help me and others to think before opening our mouths ameen.


NM said...

aww WAfrican when MM Came back it was the first story she told me and i was mortified for you!

with you its verbal with me its physical disasters when i was in bosnia i wasked into a glass window and almost knocked myself out.. sigh sigh

Lady_WildKat said...
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Lady_WildKat said...

Firstly wow, great site,
but back to the point, WA, all I can say at this point is only you....sigh..... but the thing is we bystanders and occasional participants in your madness now come to rely upon your infamous antics to liven us up!

I remember when we were at uni and the stuff that happened, remember the fake cockroach in the kitchen? pretending to scream on top of escalators as though I was scared of heights, walking backwards down oxford road? jumping into other peoples graduation pictures outside Man Uni? doing the ayatollah chest beat outside uni?......the list could go on, there are so many other crazy things we've done over the years........
love ya

white african said...

my god lady, i completly forgot aboutthem loooool, im gonna be laughing all day now thanks sis for bringing back the memories