Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I've not blogged in some time, I was in Turkey for 10 days and came back yesterday, alhamdullilah it was lovely and I was intending on blogging about it to my hearts content but as soon as I reached England i.e London I get a phone call from work asking me, actually let me re-phrase that, not asking me but ordering me to come in to work as soon as I arrive in Manchester.

now I was in no mood to work, all I kept thinking about was my bed, I swear I was sooooo unbelievably tired and I'm one of those people who cant sleep on transport, and we hadn't slept the night before cause we had to be at the airport by 3.30 am so there was no pint in sleeping, and we didn't sleep much throughout the duration in Istanbul cause we where always out from morning up until about 9pm and then we would sit in the hotel lobby and drink apple tea till the early hours, so yeh I was tired and th elast thing on my mind was work.

my theory is that my manager wanted revenge, why? because he wasn't happy with me in going to Istanbul but I had already booked it from LAST YEAR that's 2005 and he had plenty of time to find some one to take my place, but the thing that really gets to me is that I was only taking 4 working days of, 4 DAYS!!! because one day was bank holiday Monday and the other day was good Friday so work was closed on those days but still he wasn't happy, so calling me on the day I get back from Istanbul and telling me to work was his way of revenge, evil evil evil evil.

I swear I walked into work with my luggage not just my holiday ones but also the bags under my eyes, and he didn't say a single thing to me - probably scared cause steam was coming out of my ears- although I wear hijab but still, and then an hour later he calls my room and askes me to come into his office, so I walk in and he says is any one at home? I replied I don't know seeing how I haven't been home yet, why do u ask? He says 'well I would like to drop your suit case of at your home so u don't have to carry it back'. Well what did I reply? I told him that I didn't want his help and that I didn't want him to do anything for me and yes I'm sure I would rather carry my suitcase even with my teeth so thank you but no'.

I guess he was feeling guilty but I don't care, I'm never gonna forget this, I cant believe he did that to me, he cam back from holiday and he took two days of to relax before having to come in and he makes me come in frustrating or what....

any way I will blog about my trip to Istanbul some time soon but at this moment in time I'm fuming and letting out my anger through this blog.


NM said...

salam women!!

i am developing some serious issue with your practice manager!! mean spirited little *****

getting those abdi's on to him offer is still open

p.s Bosnia was gr8, made some excellent friends, can't wait to go bk

NM said...

salam hon. its AD
i cant believe he actualy said that. man is such a bleep! i realy feel that a session with a fist would make him a better person.
anyways well done you for keeping quite for the duration.
what do you plan on doing to get him back?
i agree with NM i would happly get my abdi on him (he would agree as he thinks you are weird in a good way!!!) cant wait for the blog about the trip.
especialy the bit bout Taj been left behind and the 'how was the toilet' comment you made!lol


Wat is wrong wiv ur boss white african?
I think he cud do wiv sum major asswhoopin!! I am offerin my shady contacts to ruff him up a lil'....while still dressed in their prison jumpsuits!!
Lemme knw......the offer is limitless at the fink about it yea..

white african said...

loool, you guys are amazing, its nice to know that i can always get my sistas to sort some people out, be prepared i may ask you soon to kick sum ***

MD said...

whaaaa? are you serious? you mean he made you go into work at 5pm on, when NM told me i thought she meant he made you come in the next day......may Allah make him kinder ameen.
maybe he just missed you :)

MD said...

i forgot to add, now that ur back from turkey that 'salaam' badge belongs to me..mwahahahahahha

white african said...

loooooool md, i had a feeling you would remind me about the badge, dont worry its yours, i guess it always was i just found it hard to part with it sob sob sob

NM said...

it unfair that i wasn't there when the salam badge deal was made.. dufus

white african said...

i have given her my badge, its official, the death carridge is awaiting me good buy dear world and blog friends said...

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